La Belle Ferronnière (1496)
Saar #B114
(Issued December 10, 1956)

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
France #682
(Issued July 9, 1952)

Mona Lisa (1517)
Germany #687
(Issued April 15, 1952)

The Letter L: Leonardo at the Louvre

Mona Lisa, La Belle Ferronnière,
St. John the Baptist, Virgin of the Rocks
one-third of Leonardo's artworks are
here at the Louvre as he died in France.

Well-lit lamp for the Labyrinth—
Lots of luck fighting the Minotaur;
Legends of Lorelei on the Rhine
capsized sailors with loss of lives.

Freemasons' lunch at Lexington Lodge—
leg of lamb, red-leaf lettuce salad,
lobster, and lemon merengue pie,
listening to "The Lark Ascending".

Two L's in their names— Lois Lane,
Louise Lasser, Lotto Lehrmann,
Loretta Lynn, Louis Leakey,
Lou Little, Lydia Loveless.

Louis Lambert— Balzac's novel leading
to hundred more in La Comédie humaine
about a boy genius lost in mysticism—
inspired my own search for illuminaton.

Leslie Caron in The L-Shaped Room,
Bert Lahr played the cowardly Lion,
Vivien Leigh in Look Up and Laugh,
Sophia Loren starred in Lady Liberty,

Leo & Libra are lifelong lovers,
like Lancelot and Guinevere—
Apollo chasing Daphne that
she turned into a Laurel Tree.

Lapiz Lazuli necklace for the
High Priestess with lavender,
lilac and Lady's Slippers
flowers in her court garden.

Went to the library for lecture
on Orpheus playing the lyre—
music lifts me over the ladder
and I'm liberated in levitation.

Learn and let go is life's lesson
taught by the sage Lao Tzu that less
is more— May your love be luminous
and lofty, lifting to the lodestar light.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 9-16-2020