Buddha's Sermon: Neti Neti: Not this, Not this

The Letter N: Neti Neti to Nirvana

Neti Neti to Nirvana
Ananda noted Buddha's talk—
Zen Master Nansen said "Nothing
is better than Don't-Know Mind."

Nostradamus predicts the future,
Newton discovers laws of motion,
Napoleon conquers most of Europe,
Nabokov writes his novel Loilta.

Joe Namath wins Super Bowl III,
Pablo Neruda writes Love Sonnets,
Florence Nightingale's amazing nurse,
Nausicaa is most enchanting woman

in literature, helps naked Odysseus
healing him from his nightmares—
nice nourishment of nuts & nectar
better than Peter Pan's Neverland.

Basho's Narrow Road to the Deep North
inspires me to explore Nepal, New Guinea,
Newfoundland, New Zealand, Niagara Falls,
and Albert Dürer's House in Nuremberg.

North by Northwest & Notorious
Hitchcock films nibble our nerves;
I need to navigate in nature with
Native Eskimos in Nanook of the North.

Visit Naples, Nikko, and the Nile
rather than New Orleans, New York,
Newport, and Nantucket if you wish
to experience enlightenment.

Indra's Net is cast high and wide—
jewels mirror each other far & near,
Navaho's Peace Chant with noble
blessings keeps us safe everywhere.

Nagarjuna and Naropa guide us
chanting ninety-nine mantras
before November's New Moon
so we ascend to the North Star.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 9-17-2020