Tannu Tuva #51
Reindeer (1934)

Tannu Tuva #52
Hunting (1934)

TannuTuva #53
Camel (1934)

Letter T: Trip to Tannu Tuva

Trip to Tannu Tuva— Feynman's dream
on his "To-Do List" to Outer Mongolia—
Travel back in time with a yak buggy
through tough terrain to get you there.

"Lightning-Struck Tower" in Tarot
Card 16— top bricks tumble to ground
killing the ego, but Soul is not touched,
treads through trial & remains tranquil.

Turkey at Thanksgiving dinner
with family together at the table—
tuna salad, tasty turtle soup,
tangerine juice, tapioca pudding.

Turn of the clock— tick tock, tick tock—
it's twelve twenty-two, we're tardy for
train to Tanglewood for Tannhäuser
conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas.

Thesis title "Trinity's Mystery"—
theme of Three-in-One & One-in-Three.
Go to a Temple or Totem Pole— Open
Third Eye with Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching.

Thick twigs of Tanbark-Oak & Tuliptrees
Traversing through Tarwater Trailhead—
Tweedledum & Tweedledee danced tango
and Turkey Trot with you and me.

Tycoon can't control typhoon flooding
Tampa as tidal waves trashed the town.
Pray to Thor the Thunder God to tame
storm & Thunder-bird to stop the rain.

Poets Tu-Fu, Tennyson, Tagore,
Artists Titian, Tiepolo, Turner,
Musicians Tchaikovsky, Toscanini,
Dancers Twyla Tharp & Paul Taylor

take me to a Tuscany Tavern
for treat of buttered toast & tea,
discussed PB's "Tyrolean Talks"—
transporting us beyond twilight time.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 9-28-2020