Buddha in Nirvana


Westerners dislike Nirvana
whose meaning is extinction,
not knowing Buddha is teaching
the eternal by extinquishing our ego.

Surely something is better
than nothing, so our lives
are spent getting more & more—
bigger cars, bigger houses.

"To be enlightened" Wang Yang Ming
tells us "we must reduce our selfish
desires— having less & less—
purifying our mind like gold.

When gravity overcomes
momentum of the Big Bang,
the universe shrinks to a point
of no dimension where everything

becomes unmanifest— no need
to wait billions of years for
this to happen as we experience
Emptiness each night when asleep.

Wei Wu Wei says "Pure Consciousness
is the non-being of deep sleep...
The Void is not a black abyss,
but Mind Itself is the Void."

Paul Brunton writes "Unmanifest
is the ultimate reality"—
background of all creation
like silence before the music,

blank canvas before the painting,
empty page before the poem—
Buddha awakens our mind to
the Void that is Nirvana.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 10-13-2020