Empty Shelves in Supermarket

Panic Buying & Hoarding

            "for his hoarding went to hell""
            — William Shakespeare
                King Henry VI, Part III, II.2.48

Canned goods, eggs, toilet tissues—
Gone, gone, gone— empty shelves
at Safeway, Walmart, Whole Foods—
panic buying everywhere

as coronavirus death
mount worldwide and here in
Santa Clara— schools closed
and quarantine ordered

bringing out worst behavior
in human greed and hoarding
more than they'll ever need,
neglecting the greater good

even bragging on Facebook
and social media of their
stock pilings of essentials
cleaned out in all the stores.

For Taoists, less and less
is better that more and more—
goodness is so simple:
always to live for others.

Einstein shunned successful ones
who got more than they put in
and praised a man of value
who gives more than he receives.

    — Peter Y Chou
        Mountain View, 3-24-2020

            Panic Buying

          Hoarding Buying

            No Toilet Paper

            Shelves Empty