Bighorn Sheep on Mountainside

"I Have a Terrible Headache"

confided the Bighorn sheep
as he roamed into my sleep,
showed his power & prowess
in his herd so to impress

many females on his dates
and his saavy in finding mates.
They called him "battling ram"
his head butting— bam, bam, bam!

His fame on the mountainside
echoed in towns far and wide.
They came to Circus Big Top
to hear his crackle and pop!

Now he's tired and wearied
all exhausted and drearied.
He arrives for a back rub
and relax in a hot tub.

He asks me about his fate—
I teach him to meditate
to reduce his body pains
so he will feel well again.

Breathe in blessings everyday
Breathe out stress to go away
Breathe in joy, calmness & peace
Breathe out tension— Be at ease.

He brings me goat milk as pay
for weekend's healing and stay.
Now that he has seen the light
no need to show might to fight.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 8-22-2020

Bighorn Sheep Fighting

Circus Big Top

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Bighorn Sheep Meditating