Boy Dreaming in Sleep

We Create a New World

every night when we're asleep
with effortless ease like gods—
director, producer, actors,
script writer, all bundled in one.

What an amazing dream world
fashioned with cast of thousands
fighting battles, building pyramids,
meeting four mythical creatures—

riding giant tortoise across the sea,
on the unicorn over mountaintops,
the dragon through misty clouds,
reborn in fire with the phoenix.

Where is a tape to record all this?—
talks by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ,
boat trip in the Amazon jungle,
space flight to distant galaxies.

Never worried about the budget,
cinematographer's shots perfect,
no need to memorize the script
or concern to win the Oscars.

Why can't our life be like this?—
many of our wishes unfulfilled.
Sage says "Reduce your desires
to experience the Cosmic Self."

Be the Witness-Self in dreams—
When the tiger chases you,
have no fear, just be the tiger,
let it devour you for its meal.

Few can do this except the sage,
being everybody all at once
always in harmony at peace
like the silent cinema screen.

Ramana says "the waking world
is illusory as our dream world,
both made of the same mind stuff"
Rishis can replicate this world

and make it disappear at will—
dream world vanishes when we wake
to this waking world we feel so real,
but it's a living cage— now wake up!

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 10-21-2020