COVID-19 Virus

Schools Closed

Fields Closed

6 Feet Apart

Where Are Our Heroes?

Bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu—
pandemics killing one third
of Europe's population—
50 million people dead.

But those were the days before
penicillin— so how come
coronavirus is spreading
like wildfire— no end in sight.

Every state in the U.S.
infected after outbreak in
Wuhan, China with Spain
and Italy devastated by

increasing cases of death.
Parks closed in California—
practice Shelter-In-Place with
six-feet distancing outside.

Sports, concerts, movies cancelled,
restaurants and stores shut down
to prevent crowds gathering
passing on this deadly disease.

Where are our heroes in this
hour of need— Louis Pasteur,
Florence Nightingale, and even
the plague healer Nostradamus?

Perhaps we could be like those
Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
or Ramakrishna in trance and
wake up when this nightmare is gone.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 4-7-2020

France B59: Louis Pasteur
(issued 5-9-1938)

Belgium B234: Florence
(issued 4-1-1939)

Monaco 2303: Nostradamus
(issued 9-1-2003)

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus