Alexander Nevsky (1938)
directed by Sergei Eisenstein

Zobra the Greek (1964)
directed by Michael Cacoyannis

A-Z Favorite Films

Alexander Nevsky— "white" symbolic of evil after reading Moby Dick,
Beauty & the Beast— Greta Garbo said: "Give me back the Beast!",
Children of Paradise— mime-artist Baptiste has pure love for Garance,
Day the Earth Stood Still"Klaatu Barada Nikto"— magic words for Gort,
— Fellini's masterpiece of dream inside of dreams is longtime favorite,
Fantasia— loved Mickey Mouse as the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Dukas,
Gone With the Wind— liked Clark Gable in this epic drama of Civil War,
High Noon— "Do not forsake me, oh my darling on this our wedding day",
Ikiru— Watanabe built children's playground after he has cancer,
Jaws— most recognizable music at the start of a movie,
King and I— Yul Brynner's "Shall We Dance" is a classic!,
La Dolce Vita— after night of decadence, angelic face comes at dawn,
My Fair Lady— "I could have danced all night and still have begged for more",
North by Northwest— one of the greatest spy-thrillers of all time,
Of Human Bondage— Bette Davis stoled show from Leslie Howard,
Pinocchio— Blue fairy made him a real boy after rescuing Gepetto from whale,
Queen Christina— romantic music touching bedpost to remember this room,
Roman Holiday— Audrey won Best Actress Oscar in her first film,
Sunrise— won first Oscar for best film & best actress in 1929,
2001: A Space Odyssey— Ending of "Baby in Bubble" is like reincarnation,
Ugetsu— Pottery worker came to mansion & loved a woman who is a ghost,
Vertigo— replaced Citizen Kane as greatest film ever made in 2012,
Way Down East— climax on floating river of ice is amazing to watch,
X-Men— mutants with supernatural powers with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine,
Yankee Doodle Dandy— James Cagney won Best Actor Oscar for his dancing,
Zobra the Greek— Quinn taught Alan Bates Syrtaki dance at the end of film.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 10-28-2021