An American in Paris (1957)
directed by Vincente Minnelli

Zero for Conduct (1933)
directed by Jean Vigo

A-Z Favorite Films 3

American in Paris— Gene Kelly & Leslie Caron dancing to Gershwin tunes,
Blue Angel— Marlene Dietrich as Lola brought her international stardom,
Citizen Kane— Orson Welles' dying word Rosebud was the film's puzzle,
Devil Is A Woman— Marlene Dietrich as Concho, temptress extraordinaire!
Enter the Dragon— Bruce Lee's greatest martial arts film & most profitable,
From Russia with Love— my favorite James Bond film starring Sean Connery,
Graduate— Dustin Hoffman excellent acting with Simon-Garfunkle songs,
Heaven Can Wait— Don Ameche thought of going to hell as his life reviewed,
It's a Wonderful Life — Stanford Theatre plays this sold-out film at Christmas,
Jules and Jim— Jeanne Moreau's trio love based on life of Beatrice Wood,
Kismet— loved Howard Keel singing "Baubles, Bangles, and Beads",
Lust for Life— Kirk Douglas played Vincent van Gogh's love for painting,
Morocco— Marlene Dietrich fell in love with French Legionnaire Gary Cooper,
Nashville— celebration of country & gospel music with dozen of stars singing,
Oklahoma! — Rodgers-Hammerstein musical "Oh what a beautiful morning",
Psycho— Hitchcock's scariest movie with Anthony Perkins at Bates Motel,
Quiet Man— John Ford won Best Director Oscar for this romantic drama,
RoboCop— killed officer Murphy made into a cyborg to track down his killers,
Seven Samurai— Kurosawa's Samurai helped villagers ward off the bandits,
Tootsie— comedy of Dustin Hoffman playing a woman to find a lasting job,
Umberto D— De Sica's favorite of all his films of poor man coping with life,
Viridiana — Luis Buñel's beggars made a mockery of Christ's Last Supper,
Waterloo Bridge — romantic meeting between Robert Taylor & Vivien Leigh,
X the Unknown— science fiction horror film of radiation monster from cracks,
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow— funny Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni,
Zero for Conduct— boys at boarding school rebel against repressive teachers.

                              — Peter Y. Chou
                                  Mountain View, 11-7-2021