Mauritania 141: Aardvark
(issued 7-6-1963)

Nyassa 170: Zebra
(issued 1-1-1921)

A-Z Animals Zoo

Aardvark— first word in the dictionary,
Bears— Goldilocks met three of them,
Cat in the Hat— favorite children's book,
Dog movie stars— Lassie & Rin-Tin-Tin,
Elephant Barbar travelled the world,
Fox— best friend of Little Prince,
Giraffe— a wizard in basketball?
Hummingbird— wing-flaps 80/second,
Impala leaps 33 feet to escape,
Jellyfish existed 700 million years ago,
Koala looks like a living Teddy bear,
Lion— in Finland's coat-of-arms,
Monkey played music box for coins,
Narwhal— tusk is like an unicorn's horn,
Orangutan in War of Planet of Apes films,
Panda loves to eat bamboo shoots,
Quail— state bird of California,
Rabbit— popular as Easter Bunny,
Swan Lake— Tchaikovsky's ballet,
Tiger Tiger burning bright in the night,
Umbrellabird— deepest songs in birds,
Vulture preys on carrion and the dead,
Whale— largest animal of all time,
Xerus is an African ground squirrel,
Yak milk nourished monks in Tibet,
Zebra's 43 mph faster than the lion.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 9-25-2021