French Southern Antarctic: Albatross
(issued 10-1-1959)

Madagascar 273: Zebu
(issued 2-10-1946)

A-Z Animals Zoo 2

Albatross— walking awkard, majestic in flight,
Butterfly— Greek symbol of the soul,
Camels provide water in caravans,
Deer— eyes so docile and innocent,
Eagle— national bird of United States,
Falcon— 240 mph dives fastest creatures on earth,
Gorilla— Koko knows sign language & 2000 words,
Horse— Secretariat fastest in Triple Crown,
Iguana— inhabits Galapagos Islands,
Jaguar— power symbol in Mayan civilization,
Kangaroo keeps young ones in their pouch,
Lemur— lives mostly in Madagascar,
Magpie as thief in Camille Saint-Saens' opera,
Nightingale— poets love its beautiful songs,
Owl— wisdom bird of Minerva,
Panther paced back & forth in Rilke's poem
Quetzal— national bird of Guatemala,
Rat— first animal in Chinese Zodiac,
Snake— loses skin for rejuvenation,
Tortoise in Nigeria lived to 344 years,
Uakari— bald-headed Amazon monkeys,
Vampire bat— evil in West, lucky in China,
Wolf— played Red Riding Hood's grandma,
Xoloitzcuintli— hairless dog from Mexico,
Yorkshire terrier— dog in Wizard of Oz,
Zebu— humped-back & sacred in India.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 9-26-2021