United States 1428: Alligator
(issued 6-12-1971)

Australia 713: Zebra Finch
(issued 9-17-1979)

A-Z Animals Zoo 3

Alligator— "see you later" teenage slang when parting,
Beaver— busy building dams shows you're industrious,
Cheetah— fastest creature on land at 80 miles per hour,
Donkey— Sancho's companion Dapple in Don Quixote,
Emu oil moisturizes your skin healing aches & pain,
Flamingo— plastic ones popular on American lawns,
Grasshopper— jumps 20 body length without using its wings,
"Hippopotamus Polka" popular music and dance in 1850,
Ibis— bravery during hurricanes as last ones to leave,
Jackal— mentioned in the Bible 14 times as "wild dog",
King Cobra— kissed by priestess snake charmer,
Llama— Inca deity dressed as multicolored llama,
Moose— Seal of Michigan shows an elk and a moose,
Newt— eye used by witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth,
Opossum— nocturnal animal plays dead when threatened,
Peacock— courting with colorful eyespots in its feathers,
Quokka— "world's happiest animal" with beaming smile,
Rhinoceros— Dürer did famous woodcut not seeing one,
Turkey— traditionally eaten at Thanksgiving holiday,
Upland Sandpiper— starred in film with Elizabeth Taylor,
Vervet Monkey— kept as pets in Egypt 1st century AD,
Walrus— Beatles song inspired by Lewis Caroll's poem,
Xantus Becard— bird's call is a mournful seeeuuuwww,
Yellowfin Tuna— large ones caught weighed 400 pounds,
Zebra Finch— loud boisterous singers — beep, oi!, a-ha!.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 10-7-2021