Guyana 329g: Armadillo
(issued 3-2-1981)

Vietnam 1073 Zebra Shark
(issued 8-1-1980)

A-Z Animals Zoo 4

Armadillo— "little armored ones" digging with sharp claws,
Buffalo nickel— United States 5¢ coin minted for 25 years,
Chimpanzee— Jane Godall researched on them for 60 years,
Duck— Donald and Daffy Duck are popular cartoon figures,
Elk— state animal for Utah and on flag of Michigan,
Frog— Basho: "The old pond. Frog jumps in. Plop!",
Goat— Greek god Pan has horns and lower body of goat,
Heron— long beak, neck, legs, and up to five feet tall,
Ibex— wild goat from Egypt & Sudan with curved horns,
Jack Rabbit— lost race with tortoise in Aesop's Fables,
Kingfisher— Polynesians believed it controlled the seas,
Lobster Quadrille— "Will you come and join the dance?",
Mourning Dove— peace symbol of Wisconsin & Michigan,
Norfolk Terrier— love people, children, and make good pets,
Octopus— escapes predators squirting a cloud jet of ink,
Pelican— symbol of Christ whose blood saves the world,
Quagga— extinct zebra with half of body without stripes,
Robin— sacred storm-cloud bird to Norse thunder god Thor,
Squirrel— most widely seen animal after dogs and cats,
Toucan— yellow beak and mascot on Fruit Loops cereal,
Uguisu— Japanese bush warbler with beautiful songs,
Vizsla— Hungarian hunting dog named "searcher",
Woodpecker— hits its head 20 times/second against trees,
Xolmis— white bird with black wings & tail in Brazil,
Yeti Crab— discovered in 2006 covered with furry hair,
Zebra Shark— nocturnal and resting on ocean floor.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 10-17-2021