Kent Taylor

"Boston Blackie"
TV Series (1951-1953)

Lois Collier

Boston Blackie

"Enemy to those who make him an enemy,
friend to those who have no friend,
Boston Blackie"— favorite detective
I've watched on TV in the 1950s.

Played by Kent Taylor,
he had no powers like Superman,
or sleuthful skills like Charlie Chan,
but tuned to this show every week.

Chase scenes on rooftops
down crickety fire escapes
to dark alleys— Bang! Bang!
bullets ricochetting on trash cans.

Thieves made their getaway
and Blackie needs to find them
again. Diamonds stolen from
jeweler were pawned for cash.

Suspense from these episodes
was not what made me tune in,
but Blackie's sidekick, Mary,
played by Lois Collier with beret.

She was in Jungle Woman movie,
but in this TV series, Lois helped
Blackie solve some of the crimes,
better than sons of Charlie Chan.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 5-22-2021