COVID-19 has pushed our whole world
to the brink— School classes cancelled,
Olympics and sports games delayed,
libraries and restaurants closed.

Hard to breathe with face mask on,
social distancing keeps us apart,
everybody is feeling negative,
something positive in its letters—

C is for Contemplation—
After attention, concentration,
meditation, it is the next step
to samadhi or enlightenment.

O is for Omnipresence—
one of the attributes of God,
as well as space that's everywhere,
home to this expansive universe.

V is for Visionary—
Dante and Saint Bernard,
Rumi, William Blake, Balzac,
all have this cosmic sight.

I is for Inner—
Our senses keep us to the outer,
our heart to the inner that grows
from an acorn to the mighy oak.

D is for Discovery—
All discoveries are fresh like
the New World found by Columbus
& first man-made flight at Kitty Hawk.

19 years for Metonic Cycle—
with 235 lunations,
Potassium's atomic number,
and 19x19 squares in Go.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 3-23-2021