Carl Hubbell

            Carl Hubbell
      1933 Goudey Baseball Card

Strikeouts— 5 in a row
against greatest sluggers,
baseball Hall-of-Famers.

Carl Hubbell did this at
New York Polo Grounds
in 1934 All-Stars Game.

These five hitters had
.329 batting average
& 2218 career homers.

But left-handed ace
with a nasty screwball
confounded them all.

Home run king Babe Ruth
with 714 lifetime homers,
went down swinging.

Lou Gehrig who doesn't
strike out frequently
also did likewise.

Jimmie Foxx with
534 lifetime homers
could not make contact.

Al Simmons continued
this trend in second
inning with frustration.

Joe Cronin tried to knock
one out but swung at
empty air like the rest.

"King Carl" has pitching record
with 24 straight wins, but those
5 strikeous made him a legend.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 4-25-2021

Babe Ruth: 714 homers

Lou Gehrig: 493 homers

Jimmie Foxx: 534 homers

Al Simmons: 307 homers

Joe Cronin: 170 homers