China 3400
Paul Yú-Pin (1901-1978)
(issued 12-7-2001)

Germany 821
George Marshall (1880-1959)
(issued 1-15-1960)

China 4319
Hu Shih (1891-1962)
(issued 9-28-2016)

Dad's Friends on Postage Stamps

Leaving Hong Kong on PAA Airlines
the plane stopped in Canton to pick up
Archbishop Paul Yu-Pin. Mom breathed a sigh
of relief when he boarded: "With a man of God

on the plane, less chance we would
be shot down by anti-aircraft guns."
On the reststop in Hawaii, Dad takes
a photo of us on the beach, telling

my brother, sister, and me to stand up.
Archbishop says "Children loves to play
with seashells— Take the picture now!"
That photo is on first page of Mom's album.

He arranged scholarship for my sister
to study at Mount Saint Mary High School,
was first Chinese to be appointed Cardinal,
and died at the election of Pope John Paul I.

In "Memories of Hu Shih" poem, I tell about
Dad's friendship with China's greatest scholar
in the 20th century, my meeting with him as
10-year-old, his amazing discovery at Cornell.

Found January 17, 1952 letter from
George Marshall to Dad at U.N. in Paris,
thanking for his December 31 telegram
wishing him "Happy Birthday". They became

friends during their meetings in Nanking
in 1946 when Marshall was sent to China
to negotiate peace between Mao & Chiang.
My fond memories of Dad on Father's Day.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 6-20-2021