Giant Rabbit at Giants Game

          Alex the Giant Rabbit
      at Giants-Marlins Game (4-22-2021)

San Francisco Giants playing
the Miami Marlins allowing
fans with COVID-19 shots
into Oracle Stadium.

Aaron Sanchez pitches 2-hit
five scoreless innings
as four relievers pitch
no-hits against the Marlins.

Jake McGee strikes out
the side, saving the game
3-0, for his seventh save
beating the Miami Marlins.

Curt Casali catches his
fifth straight shutouts,
a franchise record beating
four shutouts set in 1901.

But the television replays
did not focus on these heroes,
but a giant rabbit in the seats—
Alex Rabbit was the star by far.

Therapy bunny of Kei Kato
is four-months old and
will grow three times
bigger over four-feet long.

The Rally Squirrel won 2011
World Series for Cardinals,
Will Alex the Giant Rabbit
help the Giants win another?

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 4-24-2021

Giant Rabbit at Giants Game

Aaron Sanchez pitches 2-hit
5 scoreless innings against Marlins

Jake McGee strkes out the side
to save the game 3-0

Curt Casali catches
5th straight shutout games

Alex Rabbit in Seats

Flemish Giant Rabbit
15 lbs & 4 ft 2 inches long

Topps 2012 Baseball Card #93
Rally Squirrel helping St. Louis Cardinals
win the 2011 World Series against Phillies