Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Austria B50 (issued 4-24-1922)

Joseph Haydn

KDFC's "Ultimate List of Top
Classical Music" shows 250
favorites polled from listeners,
but Joseph Haydn was left out.

Called "Father of Symphonies"
composing 104 of them and
"Father of String Quartets"
with 68 to his credit.

He was a friend & teacher
of Mozart and a mentor
to Beethoven— influence
in Vienna was immense.

Symphony #82 nicknamed
"The Bear" dancing in streets,
Symphony #83 with clucking
sounds nicknamed "The Hen".

Symphony #94 "The Surprise"
with sudden kettledrum stroke
out of nowhere— written
to wake up his audience!

"The Miracle Symphony #96"—
a chandelier fell from the ceiling
of the concert hall, and none was
hurt as they rushed to the stage.

Symphony #101 "The Clock"—
"tick-tock" rhythm throughout
the second movement— popular
with the audience to this day.

While listeners ignored Haydn,
he appears at #221 in this list—
"Variations on a Theme by Haydn"
composed by Johannes Brahms.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 4-15-2021