Hu Shih (pp. 3-24)
Philosophy East & West
Vol. 3, No. 1 (April 1953)

Hu Shih

D.T. Suzuki (pp. 25-46)
Philosophy East & West
Vol. 3, No. 1 (April 1953)

Memories of Hu Shih

When the telegram came to the dorm
at Columbia, my roommate thought
it was his, but it was for me—
accepted to Cornell Grad School

Teaching Assistantship despite
my poor grades— thought those
recommendation letters from
chemistry professors helped.

Now I'm wondering— 70 years ago
in 1951, Dad took me to visit Hu Shih
in Manhattan. Never have I seen so
many books lining anyone's apartment.

Hu Shih called me "Little Professor"
and Dad told me to say "Pu Kan Tang"—
("Thank you for your generous flatter").
Didn't know he was a great Ch'an scholar.

No one could challenge D.T. Suzuki,
the foremost expert in Zen— but he
did in Philosophy East & West
like rams locking horns in battle!

When his canoe capsized in Cornell's
Beebe Lake, he had an epiphany in
founding Chinese vernacular language
and revolutionized the ease of reading.

Hu Shih loved Cornell, and Ithaca
appeared often in his dreams— my seven
years there were the happiest of my life—
I thank Hu Shih for his kind blessings.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 6-12-2021

Baker Lab, Cornell University
Postcard circa 1950

Hu Shih's canoe capsized
in Cornell's Beebe Lake

Hu Shih & D.T. Suzki
Suzuki's visit to China, 1934

China 4319: Hu Shih
(issued 9-28-2016)