Snow White

   Hungary 1339 "Snow White"
    (issued December 1, 1960)

Seven dwarfs in search of Snow White
Went into the forest of the night
Onto the village and through the town
Up the mountain and then back down
They circled around and around
But nowhere was the princess found.
Tired and wearied they went to sleep
And dreamt a vision vast and deep
Seven chakras along the spine
Rainbow colors simply divine
O mirror, mirror, on the wall—
Who is the fairest of them all?
"Not angel, fairy, nor the queen
The fairest of all is unseen!"
With pure heart and tranquil mind
The greatest beauty one will find
Seven knowers in search for Light—
The Awarer One is Snow White.

    — Peter Y. Chou
         Boston, 12-17-1978
         Mountain View, 12-12-2021