Israel #1485: Spinoza
(issued 8-27-2002)

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Baruch Spinoza's Ethics
read at Columbia (1960)


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Read Spinoza's Ethics (1677)
at Columbia, and his last line
on the wise and ignorant man
had me sobbing in tears—

"But all things noble are
as difficult as they are rare."

Studying chemistry, the words
"noble" and "rare" conjured
up the noble & rare gas Argon
resembling the Greek argonauts

who accompanied Jason in quest
of the Golden Fleece. Noble gases
have their electronic shells filled,
symbolizing a sense of fulfillment

and perfection, similar to the sage
who is free from desires and
blessed with peace of mind,
witnessed seeing Paul Brunton.

His most devoted student
Anthony Damiani, before closing
his bookshop, shared with me
an inspiring quote from Spinoza—

When he read "all things noble"
I cried again, knowing the quest
for enlightenment will require
a whole lifetime with all my heart.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 3-22-2021