Balloon on top of Armadillo Willy's
1031 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA
(Recalling an event that occurred circa 2010-2012;
2021 photo montage with restaurant photo in Photoshop)

Tilting Balloon at Armadillo Willy's

After visit to Los Altos Library,
my friend Connie drives me home.
As we pass Armadillo Willy's,
balloon on the roof is tilting—

Gust of wind has broken the ropes
tying it down to its moorings—
another whiff, it will tumble off
the roof unto the busy streets.

Intersection at San Antonio Road
& El Camino Real has the heaviest
traffic in the Bay Area— and now
my mind runs wide as if writing

a screenplay for disaster movies—
"Giant Armadillo balloon topples
over and between cars, drivers can't
see traffic signs and are honking

as cars bump into one another,
everything going out of control—"
Connie yells "Stop! I'm laughing
so much, it's hard to drive."

I stop my imaginary rantings,
but am giggling inside with
the Armadillo balloon bouncing
and soaring with no end in sight.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 6-6-2021