Rabbit Resting on Fox

White Bunny in Florida

Bunny Hugging Deer

White Bunny for Easter

My friend Rudy calls me "Peter Rabbit"—
so for this Easter Sunday, sent him
some photos of bunnies to celebrate
this holiday of Christ's resurrection.

Easter is close to renewal of Spring—
robin redbreast is singing in the trees,
buttercups and poppies are blooming,
air is filled with the scent of promise.

A cute white bunny in Florida
ready for adoption with a dozen
in the neighborhood wanting this pet—
who will win the prize of its affection?

A baby rabbit can't find his mother,
resting on a fox— warm and cozy.
Lucky the fox is asleep, but when
he wakes up, you may be his dinner.

Another bunny found a deer for its
companion, hugging it for comfort—
you're safe, he won't eat you, and
two of you may remain good friends.

As Santa Claus symbolizes Christmas,
the Easter Bunny represents Easter,
colorful eggs children love to hunt
are gifts from the spirit of Spring.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 4-4-2021