Yellow Dahlia

Yellow Ice Plant

Yellow Zinnia

Yellow Tulip

Yellow Rose

Yellow Bananas

Yellow Bell Pepper

Yellow Pumpkin

Yellow Squash

Yellow Corn

Yellow Lemon

Swiss Cheese

Yellow Waffle

Yellow Egg Yolk

Yellow Sun & Sunspots

Yellow Sunshine Rays
Yellow: A Celebration

Walking home on Montebello Ave at sunset,
cumulus clouds have glowing yellowish hue,
and across the street a Ginkgo Biloba tree
in bright yellow dress as if going to a ball.

Now color yellow is swirling in my head—
butter on yellow waffles and corn on the cob,
bananas, yellow bell peppers, yellow squash,
lemon, yellow pumpkin, and Swiss cheese.

"Yellow Rose of Texas" ringing in my ears,
yellow tulip, yellow ice plant, sunflower,
yellow dahlia, yellow zinnia, daisies,
and dozen more yellow flowers appear.

Recall the yellow Mongol pencils used
writing cursive letters on ruled yellow pads,
yellow "School Crossing" sign, boarding
a long yellow bus for going to school.

Yellow egg yolk symbolizes the sun,
and nobody got it right in Robert Bly's
workshop on "Mythology and Fairy Tales",
the Sun's rays are always shown in yellow.

The Toucan has a giant yellow beak
while Golden Whistler has a yellow breast,
52,000 yellow rubber ducklings floated
down the Danube starting from Budapest.

Yellow canary can sing well and serves
coal miners detecting carbon monoxide;
cute to see yellow baby ducklings following
mother duck on the street or in the waters.

Red, blue, yellow are primary colors,
also colors in the rainbow— my kitchen
dining area wall was painted yellow in 1970s
to inspire my cooking and doing good work.

Banana slug is slowest moving creature on earth,
Topps #9 Wings: XF-91 in yellow background,
a Yellow F-104 Starfighter flew at 1500 mph, as
Beatles' Yellow Submarine prowled ocean floor.

Pete Sampras served at 130 miles per hour,
no wonder tennis balls are yellow to see them,
likewise we have Yellow Cab taxis, so you can
hail them in heavy traffic— praise to yellow!

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 10-31-2021

Yellow Ginkgo Biloba

Toucan's Yellow Beak

Golden Whistler
Australia 408 (1966)

Yellow Canary

Ducklings Following Mom

Yellow Rubber Duckling

52,000 Rubber Ducklings

Yellow Banana Slug

Topps #9: XF-91 Jet
Yellow Background

F-104 Yellow Jet

Yellow Submarine

Mongol Yellow Pencils

Ruled Yellow Pad

Yellow Tennis Ball

School Crossing Sign

Yellow Cab Taxi