"Odysseus Meets Nausicaa"
The Odyssey, Book VI

Zeus Juice
Energy Drink

Odysseus Throwing Discus
The Odyssey, Book VIII

Zeus Juice

Premium energy drink—
Menthol, eucalyptus,
peppermint, jasmine tea,
spinach & kale extracts,
kiwi, lemon and lime,
carbonated water,
bubbles of oxygen,
secret "x" ingredient—
Zeus Juice— favorite
of Olympics champions.
No wonder they're sold out.
Need to order a case next time.

But there's a drink
of another kind
catalyzing the mind—
The Odyssey's Chapter VIII
in Scheria, Odysseus challenged
by youth to wrestling, javelin
throw, long-distance running—
He declined: "I've lost my men
to shipwreck, and am too tired
to compete with you folks now."
Then Athena whispered "discus"
and Odysseus threw it double the
distance of those younger men.
Princess Nausicaa, the most
beautiful woman in all of
literature, wished to marry him,
but he was already married to
Penelope, and need to go home
to Ithaca, and King Alcinous
gave a ship to take him home.
I cite this story when falling
behind taking nature photos
while hiking with Connie.
Then whirl around as if
tossing a discus, and
jog far ahead. She hates it
whenever I energize myself,
drinking my Zeus Juice.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 9-20-2021