Project 2: Composite Images to Tell a Story
William Cavada: Adobe Photoshop Overview (LINC073-W)
Peter Y. Chou (June 22, 2017)
Project 2: Create image composition that tells a story
• The image must be a composite of 3 or more images.
• It must tell a story or advertise a concept.
• Cut-outs should be very smooth and life-like.

Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)
Ramana Maharshi was one of the greatest sages in the 20th century. He was introduced to the West by Paul Brunton's A Search in Secret India (1935). Ramana was self-enlightened at age 17 and went to Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamalai, South India, where he stayed all his life. After Brunton's book, visitors all over the world came to seek his spiritual guidance. When Ramana died on April 14, 1950 at 8:47 pm, the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson saw a comet streak across the sky and disappear behind Arunachala Hill. Others also witnessed this comet, as it symbolized the passing of a great sage (Mahanirvana).
Photo Source: Mudallar's Day by Day with Bhagavan (1968) p. iii.

Image 1: Arunachala Hill

Photo Source:
Ramana sold his gold earring for enough train fare
to Arunachala Hill at age 17 after his enlightenment.
He remained here all his life. Ramana's "Eleven Verses
to Sri Arunachala"
shows his love for this sacred Hill.

Image 2: Bresson
Light Magenta
Photo Source: (Also:
Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) was a famous French humanist photographer. 50 of his photos are archived at Magnum Photos. The first image was "The Allée du Prado" taken in Marseille, France (1932). The (474x704) pix image was cropped to (230x384) pix. After deleting the trees in the background, it was scaled to (174x358) pix with a light yellow background. Since this figure was going to appear at night at Arunachala Hill, his black overcoat was changed to light magenta (30% opacity) so it's more visible in the dark.

Image 3: Comet

Photo Source:
A search in Google Images for "comet" showed 14,100,000 results. Selected the 8th image "Sloop-Comet" since it had a longer tail than most of the other images.

Darkened Image 4: Arunachala Hill at Night

Photo Source:
The (1000x666) pix photo of Arunachala Hill at daytime was changed to nighttime by selecting the sky above the hill and filling it black (Arunachala Hill at Night). The white border between Hill and Sky was darkened using the Paint Brush at 1 pix black. To brighten the trees in front of Arunachala Hill so some leaves were visible, Images/ Adjustments/Curves was used. Then the Magenta Figure was pasted in the foreground of Bresson-ArunachalaNight(1000x666).jpg and scaled down to size using Edit/Transform/Scale to create the above image Bresson-ArunachalaNight(1000x666).jpg

Darkened Image 5: Arunachala Hill at Night with Stars

Starry Background Image of Comet(850x567).jpg was used to replace the Black Background of Sky above Arunachala Hill. This step was laborious since the Clone Tool on my old Mac Photoshop was not functioning. Using the Rectangular Tool & Lasso Tool, segments of the Starry Sky were copied & pasted above the Hill to create above image Bresson-ArunachalaStars(1000x666).jpg

Darkened Image 6: Arunachala Hill at Night with Comet

Comet(850x567).jpg was pasted to Bresson-ArunachalaStars (1000x666).jpg. It was then resized, rotated, and positioned in the upper right corner heading for the peak of Arunachala Hill. Resulting image was named Bresson-ArunachalaComet(1000x666).jpg. Since the Magenta Bresson Figure appeared almost invisible in this dark photo, it was brightened more by filling it with White 30% Opacity to make it more visible. This Light Magenta Figure was pasted over the above image, to create Bresson1-ArunachalaComet(1000x666).jpg. For further enhancement, the Bresson Figure was slightly enlarged.
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