The 100 Largest Libraries in the United States

compiled by Peter Y. Chou,


Top 69 Academic Libraries (yellow) & 31 Public Libraries (blue)

1Library of Congress23,994,965
2Harvard University13,617,133
3New York Public Library11,445,971
4Yale University9,932,080
5Queen's Borough Public Library9,237,300
6University of Illinois— Urbana9,024,298
7University of California— Berkeley8,628,028
8Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public8,582,637
9Chicago Public Library8,100,000
10Free Library of Philadelphia7,891,532
11University of Texas7,495,275
12County of Los Angeles Public Library7,425,092
13University of California— Los Angeles7,010,234
14University of Michigan6,973,162
15Columbia University6,905,609
16Stanford University6,865,158
17Boston Public Library6,709,907
18Brooklyn Public Library6,630,186
19Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh6,582,144
20University of Chicago6,116,978
21Cornell University6,113,346
22University of Indiana5,916,992
23University of Wisconsin5,824,639
24Los Angeles Public Library5,743,103
25University of Washington5,715,202
26Princeton University5,516,141
27University of Minnesota5,490,668
28Houston Public Library5,187,973
29Ohio State University5,087,336
30University of North Carolina4,819,186
31Duke University4,645,050
32University of Pennsylvania4,546,667
33University of Arizona4,442,861
34University of Virginia4,433,628
35Michigan State University4,118,032
36Pennsylvania State University3,934,344
37Northwestern University3,893,005
38University of Iowa3,822,656
39University of Pittsburgh3,819,100
40King County Library System (Seattle)3,677,923
41Rutgers University3,633,792
42New York University3,629,897
43University of Kansas3,532,810
44University of Georgia3,458,298
45University of Southern California3,417,928
46Buffalo & Erie County Public Library3,414,367
47Miami-Dade Public Library System3,357,879
48Cleveland Public Library3,320,353
49University of Florida 3,317,781
50Arizona State University3,278,332
51Washington University— St. Louis3,234,005
52Johns Hopkins University3,224,741
53Center for Research Libraries (Chicago)3,127,913
54Cuyahoga County Public Library (Cleveland)3,088,098
55Hawaii State Public Library System3,077,276
56State University of New York— Buffalo3,047,830
57St. Louis County Library3,023,237
58Wayne State University3,002,261
59University of South Carolina2,998,008
60McGill University (Montreal, Canada)2,994,156
61University of Rochester2,962,157
62Louisiana State University2,950,442
63University of California— Davis2,949,213
64Brown University2,932,818
65Dallas Public Library2,932,589
66University of Hawaii2,925,821
67District of Columbia Public Library2,863,749
68University of Connecticut2,828,359
69University of Massachusetts2,826,284
70University of Missouri2,816,452
71Detroit Public Library2,804,428
72Mid-Continent Public Library (Independence, MO)2,789,218
73Milwaukee Public Library2,756,657
74Jacksonville Public Library2,721,642
75University of Colorado2,715,702
76Syracuse University2,712,132
77University of Kentucky2,679,084
78San Diego Public Library2,670,375
79Fairfax County Public Library (Fairfax, VA)2,666,615
80University of Maryland2,626,800
81North Carolina State University2,618,615
82University of Oklahoma2,640,071
83University of Utah2,608,118
84University of Notre Dame2,583,669
85Montgomery County Public Library (Rockville, MD)2,583,225
86University of California— San Diego2,531,418
87Massachusetts Institute of Technology2,493,927
88Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore)2,477,468
89Auburn University2,464,666
90Brigham Young University2,462,966
91Toledo-Lucas County Public Library (Ohio)2,452,740
92Texas A&M University2,447,598
93Vanderbilt University2,442,771
94University of Nebraska2,442,115
95Columbus Metropolitan Library (Ohio)2,433,636
96University of California— Santa Barbara2,396,611
97San Francisco Public Library2,393,837
98Emory University2,369,065
99Kent State University2,346,014
100Temple University2,345,342

Sources: ARL Statistics 1996-97,Association of Research Libraries (1998)
Public Library Data Service: Statistical Report 98,Public Library Association (1998)

2001-2003 Listing of Top 100 Libraries by American Library Association

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