Major League Baseball:
Through the Lens

Photographers Andy Kuno, Nhat Meyer, Brad Mangin
Annenberg Auditorium, Cummings Art Building
Stanford University, September 29, 2011

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Thursday, September 29, 2011 (7-9 pm), Stanford Continuing Studies presented "Major League Baseball: Through the Lens" at Annenberg Auditorium, Stanford's Cummings Art Building. Professional photographer John Todd hosted the program that featured three of the best photographers on baseball. Sports Illustrated photographer Brad Mangin, San Jose Mercury News staff photographer Nhat Meyer, and San Francisco Giants photographer Andy Kuno shared their images and stories about how they captured and approached the 2010 Giants championship season. While fans have a relaxing experience at baseball games, professional sports photographers must muster handeye coordination in capturing every nuance of the game. It's a test of concentration in getting the best shots and meeting newspaper deadlines. I rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers while growing up in New York, and was heartbroken when the Giants beat them in the 1951 Pennant playoff when Bobby Thomson hit the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" homer to win 5-4. Later I favored the Red Sox when living in Boston. Since KDFC 102.1 FM stopped broadcasting classical music on January 24, 2011, and was replaced by KFOX 102.1 FM playing rock music, I have been listening to KNBR 680 AM, the San Francisco Giants Radio Station. I've heard several Giants games, and am familiar with their baseball players. My favorites are Tim Lincecum with uniform #55 symbolizing Platonic Lambda ("Soul of the Universe") and Ryan Vogelsong who overcame hardships to become a star this year. Thus it was a delight seeing the photos of San Francisco Giants' 2010 championship season told through the eyes of these baseball photographers.

Nhat Meyer: Tim Lincecum (Oct. 16, 2010)

Tim Lincecum & Uniform #55

Tim Lincecum & Uniform #55

Willie McCovey & Andy Kuno

Willie McCovey Statue at AT&T Park

Giants Wins 2010 World Series

October 7, 2010 Night Game at AT&T Park

Day Game at San Francisco's AT&T Park

— Photographs at Stanford's Annenberg Auditorium, September 29, 2011
Q&A Session (Left to Right): John Todd, Andy Kuno, Nhat Meyer, Brad Mangin
Photos from screen cropped in Adobe Photoshop by Peter Y. Chou
Third photo of Tim Lincecum on top found at Upper Playground.

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