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Freeman J. Dyson, The Sun, The Genome, and The Internet:
    Tools of Scientific Revolutions,
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999
Freeman J. Dyson, Imagined Worlds, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA,1998
Freeman J. Dyson, Selected Papers of Freeman Dyson with Commentary,
    American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI,1996
Freeman J. Dyson, From Eros to Gaia, Pantheon Books, New York,1992
Freeman J. Dyson, Infinite in All Directions, Harper & Row, New York,1988
    (Edited from Gifford Lectures Given at Aberdeen, Scotland, April-November 1985)
Freeman J. Dyson, Weapons and Hope, Harper & Row, New York,1984
Freeman J. Dyson, Disturbing the Universe, Harper & Row, New York,1979
Freeman J. Dyson, and M. J. Moravcsik, Advanced Quantum Mechanics,
    2nd ed., Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1951

Freeman Dyson Articles, Interviews, Quotes

Freeman J. Dyson Home Page
    (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Wikipedia: Freeman Dyson
    (Career, Personal, External Links)
'Holidays in space' dream may soon come true
    (Hindustan Times, New Delhi, March 7, 2000)
Freeman Dyson: "The Ascent of Science" (Civilization, February 2000)
"Freeman Dyson, frog prince of physics" (By Kristi Coale, Salon, October 9, 1999)
Freeman Dyson: "The Sun, the Genome and the Internet"
    (Schlumberger Annual Report 1998)
"Freeman Dyson's Brain" By Stewart Brand (Wired, Feb. 1998)
Freeman Dyson: Warm-Blooded Plants & Freeze-Dried Fish
    (Atlantic Monthly, November 1997)
The Coming Age of Wonders [Book Review of Freeman Dyson's "Imagined Worlds"]
    (By Rudy Rucker, Washington Post, Sunday, April 13, 1997; Page X05)
Imagined Worlds By Freeman Dyson [Chapter One of book "Imagined Worlds"]
    (Washington, 1996)
"Freeman Dyson: Imagine..." (Omni Interview, October 1978)
"Time Without End: Physics and Biology in an Open Universe"
    Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 51, No. 3, July 1979
Science and the Meaning of Life (Dyson Quotes from Infinite in All Directions)
Freeman Dyson Quotes (Selected by Peter Y. Chou)
Dyson's Dream of God (Commentary by Peter Y. Chou)

Freeman Dyson Lectures

"Freeman Dyson envisions biotech solutions to rural poverty" (March 14, 2001 Lecture)
    (By Katharine Miller, Stanford Report, March 19, 2001 )
Freeman Dyson to deliver the annual Drell Lecture on March 14, 2001
    Kresge Auditorium, Stanford University (Stanford Report, March 7, 2001)
Professor Freeman Dyson: "Is Life Digital or Analog?
How Life Might Or Might Not Survive In a Cold Expanding Universe"

    (UC Berkeley, Pauley Ballroom, 5:45 pm, Wednesday, March 7, 2001)
Abstract of Freeman Dyson's Talk: "Is Life Digital or Analog? "
    (Physics Dept. Colloquium: Organized by Prof. Jonathan Wurtele, March 7, 2001)
Excerpts from Acceptance Speech for "The Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion"
    (Washington National Cathedral, May 16, 2000 )
"PROGRESS IN RELIGION": A Talk by Freeman Dyson [Complete text]
    (Templeton Prize for Religion Speech, Washington National Cathedral, May 16, 2000)
Dyson's Statement at Press Conference
    (At the Templeton Prize News Conference, March 22, 2000)
"Gravity is Cool, or, Why our Universe is Hospitable to Life"
    (UC Berkeley, California, March 9, 2000)
    (University of Georgia Press Release, October 28, 1999)
"The Sun, the Genome and the Internet" by Freeman Dyson
    (Schlumberger-Doll Research Lecture, Ridgefield, CT, October 15,1998)
Freeman Dyson on Writing: A transcript of a Q&A (Hosted by Prof. David Abrahamson)
    (Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, October 9, 1997)
Lewis Thomas Prize Honors Freeman Dyson [Award recognizes scientists as poets]
    (The Rockefeller University Press Release, May 22, 1996)

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