Giggles Rose with 18 petals—
Salmon pink fading to cream pink,
slight fragrance and tall growth.
from Vera Dalton x Rose Window
hybridized by Gene King (1987)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Emily:

May the Giggles Rose
with 18 petals bring to you
lots of laughter, luck, and
good wishes in your 18th year!

Here's a hexagon
ring made from
18 equilateral

from Richard Phillips,
Numbers: Facts, Figures and Fiction
Cambridge University Press, 1994, p. 25

English Trivia: The two 18 letter words
conservationalists & conversationalists
are anagrams of each other. They are
the longest pair of anagrams in the English
language if scientific words are excluded.

Here's Emily Dickinson's Poem #18:

The Gentian weaves her fringes—
The Maple's loom is red—
An aged Bee addressed us—
And then we knelt in prayer—
We trust that she was willing—
We ask that we may be.
Summer— Sister— Seraph!
Let us go with Thee!

In the name of the Bee—
And of the Butterfly—
And of the Breeze— Amen!

May your 18th year bring you much
wondrous adventure in learning!

Happy 18th Birthday!

With Love,
Uncle Peter

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