Birthday Cake with One Candle

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Sophia:

Here's a cake
with one candle lit
for your first birthday.
May you have a wonderful year!
Our Sun is composed of 92% Hydrogen by volume.
The Hydrogen Atom is made of a proton & an electron
with atomic number 1. Since the Sun is made mostly
of Hydrogen, we may also call it "The Great One"
whose light & warmth sustains our life on Earth.
Poem: "The Great One Married Me"
A Möbius strip has one edge and one surface.
It is easy to make by taking a long strip of paper,
giving it one twist and joining together the ends.

from Richard Phillips,
Numbers: Facts, Figures and Fiction
Cambridge University Press, 1994

Plato For Sophia's First Birthday

Our earth has spun around the sun once since
your birth and today is your first birthday.
Oh Sophia, your namesake goddess of wisdom
bless you as you grow steadfast in knowledge
and glow in beauty like snow in the meadows.
That finger of Plato points to the One
from which the ten thousands things flow—
wishing rainbows of joy for your birthday.

May your first year bring you much
wondrous adventure in exploration!

Happy 1st Birthday!

With Love,

Granduncle Peter

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