Four Wands Blown by the Wind

                              for Mom on the 3rd anniversary
                              of her passing on Christmas 2005

Dark clouds have gone. The rain has stopped.
The sun shines in a clear blue sky but
the wind had exacted its toll— walking by
Eucalyptus Grove on my way to Stanford

the sidewalk is full of branches, leaves,
and seed pod nuts. I tiptoe around them
so they won't be crushed— but is there
pain in plants that are already dead?

Here's a nut with the shape of a cross
on the tip of a twig like a magic wand.
I'll give this to my Christian friend
who believes that Jesus is our savior.

Here's a nut with the shape of a star
on the tip of another wand. I'll give it
to my Buddhist friend for Buddha was
enlightened when he saw the Morning Star.

Here's a nut resembling Solomon's Seal
on yet another wand. This Star of David
I'll give to my Jewish friend as God made us
in six days for six is a perfect number.

Here's a nut with shape of the letter Y
on this fourth wand. I'll give it to my scientist
friend who is always asking "Why are we here?
Where do we come from? Where are we going?"

I too wonder why this universe is made
of 96% dark energy and dark matter.
Did not God say "Let there be light!"
then why are we so much in the dark?

Four magic wands blown by winds at my feet—
each with powers to make our wish come true.
I close my eyes and the message is clear—
if you truly believe, soon you shall see.

              — Peter Y. Chou
                   Stanford, 12-26-2008

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