First Photos of 2011

Photographs from San Jose (1-4-2011),
Stanford University (1-6-2011),
Mountain View (1-7-2011)
Los Altos Hills (1-8-2011)

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: Photos of Clouds and Hikes from 2010 have been group together. These are the first photos of 2011. On January 4, a friend invited me to the San Jose Museum of Art to see Leo Villareal's computerized light sculptures. On the way to 110 South Market Street, photos were taken of the Duomo-domed Saint Joseph Church (80 South Market Street) and the Knight Ridder Building at 50 W. San Fernado for my "Numbers" file. Since photos were not permitted in the Art Museum, the only record is the Leo Villareal poster at the museum's entrance. The dynamic light sparks from Villaeal's computer canvas are mesmerizing and somewhat psychedilic. It inspired the poem Leo Villareal: Big Bang. On Epiphany Day (January 6, 2011), there were picturesque clouds on San Antonio Road, after leaving Los Altos Library (4:26 pm). From Stanford Shuttle Bus, orange clouds after sunset were beautiful (5:10 pm). While walking by Stanford Memorial Court, the Farmer's Blimp flew overhead. With my camera batteries going dead, I managed to snap some quick photos that needed Photoshop to enhance brightness. On January 7, while walking on Hope Street and Castro Street in Mountain View, took some interesting photos of trees and clouds. Before boarding the bus at Foothill College, there was a cloud resembling a comet (5:22 pm). The last photo was taken on January 8 (4:56 pm) showing orange clouds near sunset at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills.

Saint Joseph Church

50 W. San Fernado

Knight Ridder Building

80 South Market Street Church

Leo Villareal Poster

Branches and Clouds, Los Altos

Sunset Clouds from Stanford Bus

Farmer's Blimp and Palm Trees

Farmer's Blimp (Closeup)

Farmer's Blimp over Memorial Court

San Antonio Road, Los Altos

Leafless Branches, Los Altos

Blimp over Stanford Oval

Blimp over Building 1

Farmer's Blimp over Memorial Church

Blimp & Memorial Church from Arch

Branches on top of Y-Tree, Hope Street

Y-Tree, Hope Street, Mtn View

Branches on top of Y-Tree

Branches on top of Y-Tree

Saint Joseph Parish

582 Hope Street, Mountain View

St. Joseph Church Mandala

650 Castro Street, Mountain View

Clouds Shaped Like a Hand

Starbucks Coffee (New Logo)

Clouds over Palm Tree

Lambda-Shaped Cedar Tree

Cedar by St. Joseph Church

Sun behind Cedar & Church

Clouds over Tree, Castro Street

Foothill "Comet Cloud", Los Altos Hills

Foothill "Comet Cloud", Los Altos Hills

Foothill Sunset Clouds, Los Altos Hills

— Peter Y. Chou, Photographed January 4, 6-8, 2011

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