Henry Miller, The Books in My Life Henry Miller
The Books in My Life

W. W. Norton & Co., 1969, ISBN: 0811201082

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Henry Miller: The 100 Books that Influenced Me Most

#Books that Influenced Me the Most
1Ancient Greek Dramatists
2Arabian Nights (for children)
3Elizabethan Playwrights (excepting Shakespeare)
4European Playwrights of 19th Century
5Greek Myths and Legends
6Knights of King Arthur's Court
7Abèlard, Pierre, The Story of My Misfortunes
8Alain-Fournier, The Wanderer
9Andersen, Hans Christian, Fairy Tales
10Anonymous, Diary of a Lost One
11Balzac, Honoré de, Seraphita
12Balzac, Honoré de, Louis Lambert
13Bellamy, Edward, Looking Backward
14Belloc, Hilaire, The Path to Rome
15Blavatsky, Mme. H. P., The Secret Doctrine
16Boccaccio, Giovanni, The Decameron
17Breton, André, Nadja
18Bronte, Emily, Wuthering Heights
19Bulwyer-Lytton, Edward, Last Days of Pompeii
20Carroll, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland
21Céline, Louis-Ferdinand, Journey to the End of the Night
22Cellini, Benvenuto, Autobiography
23Cendrars, Blaise, Virtually the complete works
24Chesterton, G.K., Saint Francis of Assisi
25Conrad, Joseph, His works in general
26Cooper James Fenimore, Leatherstocking Tales
27Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe
28De Nerval, Gérard, His works in general
29Dostoievsky, Feodor, His works in general
30Dreiser, Theodore, His works in general
31Duhamel, Geoges, Salavin Series
32Du Maurier, George, Trilby
33Dumas, Alexander, The Three Musketeers
34Eckermann, Johann, Conversations with Goethe
35Eltzbacher, Paul, Anarchism
36Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Representative Men
37Fabre, Henri, His works in general
38Faure, Elie, The History of Art
39Fenollosa, Ernest,
The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry
40Gide, André, Dostoievski
41Giono, Jean, Refus d'Obéissance
42Giono, Jean, Que ma joie domeure
43Giono, Jean, Jean le Bleu
44Grimm Brothers, Fairy Tales
45Gutkind, Erich, The Absolute Collective
46Haggard, Rider, She
47Hamsun, Knut, His works in general
48Henty, G. A., His works in general
49Hesse, Hermann, Siddhartha
50Hudson, W. H., His works in general
#Books that Influenced Me the Most
51Hugo, Victor, Les Misérables
52Huysmans, Joris Karl, Against the Grain
53Joyce, James, Ulysses
54Keyserling, Hermann, South American Meditations
55Kropotkin, Peter, Mutual Aid
56Lao-tse, Tao Teh Ch'ing
57Latzko, Andreas, Men in War
58Long, Haniel, Interlinear to Cabeza de Vaca
59M, Gospel of Ramakrishna
60Machen, Arthur, The Hill of Dreams
61Maeterlinck, Maurice, His works in general
62Mann, Thomas, The Magic Mountain
63Mencken, H. L., Prejudices
64Nietzsche, His works in general
65Nijinsky, Diary
66Nordhoff & Hall, Pitcairn Island
67Nostradamus, The Centuries
68Peck, George Wilbur, Peck's Bad Boy
69Percival, W. O., William Blake's Circle of Destiny
70Petronius, The Satyricon
71Plutarch, Lives
72Powys, John Cowper, Visions and Revisions
73Prescott, William H., Conquest of Mexico
74Prescott, William H., Conquest of Peru
75Proust, Marcel, Remembrance of Things Past
76Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel
77Rimbaud, Jean-Arthur, His works in general
78Rolland, Romain, Jean-Christophe
79Rolland, Romain, Prophets of the New India
80Rudhyar, Dane, Astrology of Personality
81Saltus, Edgar, The Imperial Purple
82Scott, Sir Walter, Ivanhoe
83Sienkiewicz, Henry, Quo Vadis
84Sikelianos, Anghelos, Proanakrousma
85Sinnett, A. P., Esoteric Buddhism
86Spencer, Herbert, Autobiography
87Spengler, Oswald, The Decline of the West
88Strindberg, August, The Inferno
89Suarès, Carlo, Krishnamurti
90Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, Zen Buddhism
91Swift, Jonathan, Guilliver's Travels
92Tennyson, Alfred, Idylls of the King
93Thoreau, Henry David,
Civil Disobedience & Other Essays
94Twain, Mark, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
95Van Gogh, Vincent, Letters to Theo
96Wassermann, Jacob, The Maurizius Case (Trilogy)
97Weigall, Arthur, Akhnaton
98Welch, Galbraith, The Unveiling of Timbuctoo
99Werfel, Franz, Star of the Unborn
100Whitman, Walt, Leaves of Grass

Source: Henry Miller, The Books in My Life, New Directions, NY, 1969,
Appendix I: The Hundred Books That Influenced Me Most (pages 317-318)
This list appeared in Pour Une Bibliothèque Idéale, Editions Gallimard, Paris, 1951

Henry Miller: Books I Still Intend to Read

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