Henry Miller, The Books in My Life Henry Miller
The Books in My Life

W. W. Norton & Co., 1969, ISBN: 0811201082

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Henry Miller: Books I Still Intend to Read

What makes a book live? The answer, in my opinion, is simple. A book lives through the passionate recommendation of one reader to another.” — Henry Miller, The Books in My Life, page 22

#Books I Still Intend to Read
1Anonymous, My Secret Life
2Aquinas, Thomas, Summa Theologica
3Aragon, Louis, Le Paysan de Paris
4Bonaparte, Napoleon, Memoirs
5Calas, Nicholas, Foyers d'Incendie
6Casanova, Giacomo Giralamo, Memoirs
7Chestov, Léon, Athènes et Jérusalem
8Cleland, John, Memoirs of Fanny Hill
9De Gourmont, Rémy, Le Latin Mystique
10De la Bretonne, Restif, Monsieur Nicholas
11De la Bretonne, Restif, Les Nuits de Paris
12De Laclos, Choderlos, Dangerous Acquaintances
13De Lafayette, Madame, The Princess of Clèves
14De Sade, Marquis, The Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom
15Dickens, Charles, Pickwick Papers
16Doughty, Charles, Arabia Deserta
17Fielding, Henry, Tom Jones
18Flaubert, Gustave, Sentimental Education
19Gibbon, Edward, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
20Harrison, Jane, The Orphic Myths
21Harrison, Jane, Prolegomena
22Hugo, Victor, Toilers of the Sea
23Huizinga, H., The Waning of the Middle Ages
24James, Henry, The Golden Bowl
25Maturin, Charles, Melmoth the Wanderer
26Michelet, Jules, History of the French Revolution
27Multatuli, Max Havelaar
28Radcliffe, Ann Ward, The Mysteries of Udolpho
29Rivière, Jacques & Alain-Fourniers, Correspondence
30Rousseau, Jean Jacques, Emile
31Stendhal, La Chartreuse de Parme
32Sullivan, Louis, Autobiography of an Idea
33Swift, Jonathan, Letters to Stella
34Vaché, Jacques, Lettres de Guerre
And the works of the following authors: Jean-Paul Richter, Novalis, Croce,
Arnold Toynbee, Léon Bloy, A. R. Orage, Federov, Léon Daudet,
Gerard Manley Hopkins, T. F. Powys, Saint Thérèse, St. John of the Cross.

Here are a few more books and authors I intend to dwell on in the future:
Algernon Blackwood, author of The Bright Messenger, Hilaire Belloc's
The Path to Rome, Marie Corelli. And Nostradamus, Janko Lavrin,
Paul Brunton, Charles Péguy, Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous,
Fechner's Life After Death, Claude Houghton's metaphysical novels,
Cyril Connolly's Enemies of Promise, Donald Keyhoe on flying saucers
and cybernetics, and Carlo Suarès's Le Mythe Judéo-Chrétien. (p. 16)

Source: Henry Miller, The Books in My Life, New Directions, NY, 1969,
Appendix II: Books I Still Intend to Read (pages 318-319)

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