On the matter of life & death,
Epictetus said: “There is no difference.”

When his disciple asked:
“Then why don't you die?”

the Roman sage replied:
“Because there's no difference.”

Birth, Death— opposite sides
of the same door of life

Your body, temporal temple for
the soul's pilgrimage where

you enter and exit by the same
door— Are you coming or going?

Bounded by walls, ceiling and floor,
warm comfort makes you linger on—

But you must return to whence you came
and the Grim Reaper is not so grim

when you realize that Death is just
All-Space where your breath is

One with the Father— infinite,
pure, whole again, embracing

leaves of grass, the morning dew,
silver moon and the starry night

        — Peter Y. Chou
             Palo Alto, 8-9-1990

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