Dad died at 4:32 pm, December 13, 2000
when I saw the pulse on his neck stopped.
He looked so peaceful, I kissed his hands
and then this poem flowed out—

Beauty before you, Beauty behind you.
Beauty to your left, Beauty to your right.
Beauty above you, Beauty beneath you.
Beauty everywhere around you.
Walk in Beauty,
walk to the Clear White Light.

Daddy— you have lived a life in beauty,
in truth, in joy, in love, in wisdom.
Your mind is lucid and clear.
Your heart is open and pure.
Wings are growing from your shoulders.
You are flying, soaring to the other shore.

Daddy— on that other shore,
friendly faces smile upon you,
your teachers, students, and friends greet you,
your father, mother, brother, and sister embrace you,
the sages honor you for your diligence & wisdom,
the angels love you for your courage & strength.

Daddy— we thank you for sharing your life
of beauty, truth, wisdom, and goodness
with your family, children, and friends.
We love you for your gentle kindness
and treasure all the golden moments
you shared with us in our hearts.

— Peter Y. Chou
   Mountain View, 12-13-2000

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