Vertical when awake
Horizontal when asleep
Between waking & sleeping,
Where are you?

Overlap the vertical
and horizontal lines.
What do you see?
Aha— a cross!

Where they intersect—
the center of origin.
Enter here in prayer—
your inward palace.

Here's the primordial
Point of no dimension—
No space and time
Nothingness everywhere.

Matter still unborn
Mind, pure at rest—
Stillness of the Soul
Peace reigns supreme.

In the beginning was not
the seed but the perfect—
the Love of the Heart
silent whole complete.

Who waved the wand—
the wind of desire?
Who weaved the song—
the Word, the World?

One meets one—
they touch & kiss.
Out of great joy
this universe is born.

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 11-9-2001

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