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To study the Way is to study the Self,
To study the Self is to forget the Self,
To forget the Self is to be enlightened
by the ten thousand things

            — Dogen (1200-1253)
                 Sobogenzo Genjo-koan

Before instructing others, one should have inner enlightenment...
The task I had set myself called for long and tranquil meditations...
"Know Thyself" at the Delphi Temple was not such an easy precept
to observe... I felt fused as it were with all beings and nature.

                                — Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
                                     Reveries of the Solitary Walker (1776)

Preface: A Google search on "enlightenment" showed 3,880,000 hits (9-18-2003) and 20,800,000 results two years later (9-20-2005)— over a fivefold increase in the subject. Approximately half of the web pages refers to the Age of Enlightenment. I still remember the Mentor paperback Age of Enlightenment showing the faces of Descartes, Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau. These philosophers ushered in the French Revolution, overthrowing the aristocratic tradition in favor of social justice. My favorite painting was Delacroix's Liberté symbolizing not merely a political revolt, but a revolution in ideas that would liberate mankind. Years later, the image of Buddha contemplating under the Bodhi Tree symbolized for me the path to follow for spiritual enlightenment. I felt that this striving for cosmic consciousness or Eastern Enlightenment was superior to that of Western Enlightenment which appeared limited in scope confined only to the material well-being rather than that of spiritual illumination. During my meetings with Paul Brunton, a sage who lived the enlightened life, he would take me often on walks by Lake Leman in Montreux or Vevey. On Sept. 1, 1979, I watched a most beautiful sunset with Paul Brunton by the lakeside of Vevey. PB told me "That was no ordinary sunset— we sat at the same spot that Jean-Jacques Rousseau had meditated 200 years earlier." PB told me to read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Peregrination of a Solitary Dreamer, which I've quoted above. Since Rousseau is considered by many as the Father of European Enlightenment, I have included news stories on both kinds of enlightenment— East & West. It now occurs to me that Eastern Enlightenment is not superior to the Western kind, that the sage after his spiritual illumination in the cave or desert must enter the market place as Buddha and Christ did— to share the truth so that we can all be free. May some of the news stories gathered here on enlightenment inspire us to illumined actions for the good of all. Articles of special interest are denoted by asteriks (*).

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Enlightenment from News Media Around the World

Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the great Buddhist teachers of our time, dies at 95
(Nhat Hanh created over 10,000 works of calligraphy in his life, each sharing unique,
simple messages: "Breathe, you are alive"; "Happiness is here and now"; "Present moment,
wonderful moment"; "Wake up; It's now"; "This is it". His life itself was a meditation
in action, creating peace with every step.)
(By Lilly Greenblatt, Lion's Roar, 1-21-2022)
* Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master, Dies at 95
(The beloved teacher and civil rights activist was a pioneer of engaged Buddhism who
popularized mindfulness around the world. He died on January 22, 2022 at midnight
at his root temple, Tu Hien Temple, in Hue, Vietnam. He suffered a severe brain
hemorrhage in November 2014. The author of 100 books— 75 in English, he founded
nine monasteries and dozens of affiliated practice centers, and inspired the creation
of thousands of local mindfulness communities.)
(By Joan Duncan Oliver, Tricycle, 1-21-2022)
Jan 3, 2022 marks the Grand Narrative of The SPH's 45th Birthday.
31 Cities worldwide celebrate SPH Nithyananda Day

(Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam's
message on this auspicious KAILASA's SPH Nithyananda day celebration.
Let us enlighten humanity and all beings.)
(By M. Ananda, US Politics, 1-4-2022)
* Awakening to Joy
(Joy is an incredibly important aspect of all Buddhist practice. It is one
of the four immeasurables, the characteristics of the enlightened mind.
Joy is also one of the seven factors of awakening— the qualities of mind
that, when cultivated in a balanced way, lead to total enlightenment.)
(By Pema Düddul, Tricycle, 1-2-2022)
* Keizan Jokin's Zazen Yojinki: What to be aware of in zazen, sitting meditation
(While learning and thinking, views have not stopped and the mind is still stuck—
that is why it is like being outside the door. But in this sitting meditation, zazen,
everything is at rest & you penetrate everywhere— thus it is like returning home
to sit in peace. Timeless Spring: A Soto Zen anthology (1980), pp. 112-125.)
(By James Ford, Patheos.com, Englewood, Colorado, 1-2-2022)
The Enlightenment: The pursuit of happiness 1680-1790 by Ritchie Robertson
[Robertson's analysis ranges from the conceptual "Happiness, Reason and Passion" (Chapter 1)
through to the concrete, and bloody, "Revolutions" (Chapter 14), traversing "Sociability"
(Chapter 7), "Aesthetics" (Chapter 9), for example. Readers may especially appreciate
Chapters 3-5, covering, respectively, "Toleration", "The Religious Enlightenment",
and "Unbelief and Speculation".]
(By Alexander Faludy, Church Times, 12-31-2021)
We're living in the new Dark Ages— and it's time to turn on the light
(Matt Gabriele, professor of medieval studies at Virginia Tech: "The Middle Ages
become this repository of feelings, it's a place that we like to put the things
we don't want to deal with in our modern worlds— violence, anti-vax,
anti-intellectualism." Gabriele & David Perry just wrote a book "The Bright Ages"
about this— where they discuss place we've assigned time we call Dark Ages.)
(By Petula Dvorak, Washington Post, 12-31-2021)
Feel enlightened at Morikami
(The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens has a new exhibition on display, titled
"Painting Enlightenment: Experiencing Wisdom and Compassion through Art and Science".
The show features the contemplative paintings of the late Japanese scientist and artist
Iwasaki Tsuneo, who explored relationship between science and Buddhism through his art.)
(By Cultural Council, Palm Beach Post, 12-30-2021)
OP-ED: Progressives have sacrificed liberalism
(Is liberalism in retreat? Problem is not that liberalism has passed its sell-by date; rather,
it has lost its moorings. Liberalism of 1689 was grounded, in the Protestant faith, born of
the fight to produce an English translation of the Bible and to defend freedom of conscience.
Enlightenment thinkers also developed their own theories of knowledge. One built on the
empiricism of Hume & Adam Smith, the other built on Rationalism of Descartes & Rousseau.
The former, with its inherent modesty, is compatible with Christian understanding of human
fallibility, the latter is not.)
(By Paul Marshall, Unherd.com, UK, 12-30-2021)
* Times Square's 2022 New Year's Eve Ball design revealed by crystal maker
(Waterford, the crystalware company behind the famous New Year's Eve ball, announced it will be
replacing 192 of the prized sphere's 2,688 crystal triangles. Waterford's upcoming Gift of Wisdom
design includes cobalt blue crystals that are supposed to symbolize "enlightenment and ingenuity"
and evoke "reflection and clarity". Times Square New Year's Eve ball currently measures 12 feet
in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds. Each crystal triangle varies in size and ranges between
4.75 to 5.75 inches in length per side. A total of 32,256 LED lights add to the crystal ball's sparkle
and it can display more than 16 million colors in addition to billions of one-of-a-kind patterns.)
(By Cortney Moore, Yahoo News, 12-27-2021)
Understanding Prophet's life can bring enlightenment
(In marking the birth anniversary (10-19-570 AD) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), it is
appropriate to speak about the Prophet as a means to acquire blessings. There is much to
learn about the Prophet’s life, which will serve as a source of enlightenment for Ummah.)
(By Azlan Othman, Borneo Bulletin, 11-22-2021)
* Season of Light
(The quest for light in times of darkness has been a human impulse ever since humans
first harnessed flame, yet still wondered where it came from. The word enlightenment is
synonymous with scientific progress (Age of Enlightenment). In popular culture, a great
epiphany is often equated with a lightbulb, or flash of light. Our democracy is referred
to as a beacon of light, which equates with hope.)
(By Andrew D. Blechman, Bershire Edge, Great Barrington, Mass, 11-21-2021)
Master and The Novice
('But how is that possible?' asked the bewildered voice. 'If it is possible to gain
enlightenment by sitting in meditation, then it should certainly be possible to convert
a tile into a mirror by polishing it,' the Master said. The novice hung his head in shame.)
(By Arvind Sharma, Economic Times, 11-21-2021)
'Janaka and Ashtavakra' is a quest for knowledge, liberation, enlightenment
(Ashraf Karayath's book on ancient King Janaka who becomes obsessed in his quest
for spiritual liberation, and sage Ashtavakra teaching him; Author working in Abu Dubai) (Mathrubhumi, New Delhi, India, 8-3-2020)
Join RZA At Camp TAZO For 2-Day Guided Experience To Creative Enlightenment
(Using the ideology of Zen, the RZA and tea giant TAZO announce the return of
Camp TAZO, an overnight guided experience rooted in exploration and discovery.)
(By Marjua Estevez, BET.com, 10-28-2019)
SATORI at Artscape Opera House a Captivating Trilogy of Ballet Prowess
(True to its meaning of "enlightenment", SATORI opened Cape Town City Ballet's
Spring Season with a trilogy of works, Concerto Barocco, Sheeple, Polarity.)
(By Lindsay Kruger, Broadway World, South Africa, 10-28-2019)
Mangaluru: St Aloysius BEd College holds Deepavali celebration
(Deepavali is celebrated almost by everyone in India. The lighted diya is
the symbol of enlightenment of our minds and shed the darkness of ignorance.)
(Press Release, Daijiworld.com, India, 10-28-2019)
J.M. Vessard's New Book Visions of a Star Traveler Is a Compendium
of Mystical Life Lessons for the Body, Mind, and Spirit's Enlightenment

(She shares experiences with other star systems, galaxies, and dimensions, writes about
mentor of ancient light group going back more than hundreds of millions of years to
the higher dimensions of another galaxy and to the realms of the Divine Essence.)
(By TCP Staff, Chestnut Post, Washington DC, 10-28-2019)
Dr. Mary Neal's Newly Released "Show and Tell": Reveal the Unknown
Is an Effectual Book of Biblical Truths that Promote Enlightenment to Readers

(Progress from believing to knowing until assuring through truth of the Holy Word.)
(By TCP Staff, Chestnut Post, Washington DC, 10-28-2019)
We are responsible for our actionss
(The Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, formed sangha, and 60 men became enlightened.)
(By Venerable Dhammapiya, The Times of India, 10-28-2019)
LSD tests that heralded Denmark's second age of enlightenment
(Denmark's Frederiksberg Hospital studied effect of LSD on nearly 400 patients in 1964.
151 applicants of the 400 who were treated received compensation to 10,000 kronen.)
(By Madison Bober, CPH Post Online, Denmark, 10-26-2019)
Kanye West: Jesus Is King review— rap genius can't see the light
(Undercooked tracks on this gospel album don't delve deep enough into
West's spiritual enlightenment; nothing of God's place in the modern world.)
(By Dean Van Nguyen, The Guardian, UK, 10-26-2019)
Daniel Kehlmann Forays Into Folklore with 'Tyll'
(Kleist would approve of his taste for quasihistorical folktales, Thomas Mann would be quite
at home in his frequent juxtaposition of Enlightenment-era logic & superstitious barbarism.)
(By J.W. McCormack, Publishers Weekly, 10-25-2019)
Cosmic conflict: One view of evil's existence and God's goodness
(The Enlightenment philosopher Gottfried Leibniz coined the term theodicy.
He argued that evil is in the world to bring about a greater good.)
(By Marvin Olasky, World Magazine, 10-24-2019)
We Are All Ducks: Othering and Enlightened Self-Interest in the Nonprofit Sector
(When we help people, we also each personally benefit, and this enlightened self-interest
within the collective good is what will allow us to build our ideal world— not the patronizing
notion of selflessness, pity for the 'others", and old-school charity.)
(By Vu Lee, Non Profit Quarterly, 10-24-2019)
Eye on Education: Prussia model influences American public school system
(Frederick the Great was deeply influenced by the Enlightenment and its spreading influence on
European intellectualism, artistic expression & socio-cultural evolution. His vision for nationwide
public education system was honed upon the "yin & yang" of cultural & industrial revolutions.)
(By Stephen Davis, Daily Republic, Solano County, CA, 10-24-2019)
East Orange Seniors & Kemetic Yoga— Perfect Together
(Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian system of yoga enlightenment based upon practices
of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.)
(By Tracy Munford, Tap Into, East Orange, NJ, 10-24-2019)
Code Ninjas brings technological 'enlightenment' to Hanover
(The company's goal is to teach young kids that there's more to computers than
instant gratification. Students learn to code in JavaScript and command robots.)
(By Adam Michael, Gettysburg Times, PA, 10-24-2019)
In Scorsese and Coppola, Marvel meets formidable foes
("Scorsese is right because we expect to learn something from cinema, we expect to gain
something, some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration," said Coppola.)
(By Jake Coyle, Federal News Network, 10-23-2019)
Without widespread cultural change, the climate crisis won’t be solved, says UM expert
(Andrew Hoffman says that mass cultural attitudes towards climate change are underway—
coining this era the 'Re-Enlightenment'. Other times of cultural change— think
the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, or the Protestant Reformation.)
(By Stateside Staff, Michigan Radio NPR, 10-23-2019)
Playing Video Games Is Like Pursuing Enlightenment in HP Omen's New Ads
(The arc features a troop of gamers being led by supreme humans called The Masters
as they hope to achieve the highest level of enlightenment. Achieving Gamefulness aims
to highlight the positive side of gaming by centering the player rather than the product.)
(By Shannon Miller, Adweek.com, 10-23-2019)
Overcoming German anti-Semitism
(Rational thought & scientific progress that were central to the Enlightenment did not change
the deeply embedded anti-Semitic attitudes. The fact that Jews in Germany were exemplary
citizens, later winning some 20% of Germany's Nobel prizes though less than 0.75% of its
population, indicates that anti-Semitism was very deeply entrenched in the culture.)
(By Ron Jontoff-Hutter, Israel Hayom, 10-23-2019)
We need an enlightened citizenry
(Thomas Jefferson said, "a press that is free to investigate and criticise the
government is absolutely essential in a nation that practises self-government,
and is therefore dependent on an educated and enlightened citizenry.")
(By Gerry Mullane, Weekend Australian, 10-23-2019)
There is a tale to be told: The Cauldron Crone, a night of storytelling, comes to Colfax Theater
(MacAlpin set about writing series of stories based on mythical motif of the thumb of Knowledge
and which he calls "Illumination tales". This is a recurring episode in Irish, Welsh & Norse myths
where a hero unwittingly acquires the universal wisdom of enlightenment and poetic inspiration
and elevates from the mundane level of society into the liminal numinous realm of the Gods.)
(The Union, Nevada, 10-22-2019)
Richard Dawkins Tells Joe Rogan Why Heaven Would Be "Unbelievably Boring"
(Americans who identify as Christian has declined by 12% over the last decade;
American who do not identify as religious has grown by nearly 30 million.
We've either entered an age of heathenism or one of growing enlightenment.
English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins assumes the latter.)
(The Pulse, Nigeria, 10-22-2019)
The Way Out of the Noise Pollution Menace
(In order to tackle noise pollution head-on, and achieve a noise-free healthy environment
by the government, there should be regular public awareness, sensitisation and enlightenment
on the adverse effects of noise pollution on human health and environment.)
(By Kayode Ojewale, Premium Times, Nigeria, 10-22-2019)
Laura Dern's Tragically Short-Lived Enlightened Only Gets More Relevant With Time
(HBO comedy Enlightened ran for 18 episode 2011-2013, and was obsessed with
the idea of whether people and institutions are capable of sustained positive change.)
(By Maureen Ryan, TV Guide, 10-22-2019)
Mix of Minds is enlightening
(Oak Parkers are encouraged to seek them out for down-to-earth enlightenment.
Tour of South with guides from Northern and Southern states for contrasting views.)
(By Joanne Selden, OakPark.com, 10-22-2019)
'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn fires back at Francis Ford Coppola calling superhero movies 'despicable'
(Gunn added, "Superheroes are simply today's gangsters/cowboys/outer space adventurers.
Some superhero films are awful, some are beautiful. Like westerns and gangster movies...
not everyone will be able to appreciate them, even some geniuses.)
(By Karu F. Daniels, NY Daily News 10-22-2019)
Removing Doubt of Amitabha’s Deliverance Through His Name
(Amitabha Buddha says in his 18th Vow: Sentient beings in the lands of the ten directions
who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, wish to be born in my land, and call
on my Name, even ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.)
(By Alan Kwan, Buddhist Door, Hong Kong, 10-22-2019)
Mindfulness made part of curriculum at Barnard Castle Prep
(Pupils are being led through seven stages to enlightenment to prepare them
for the stresses and strains of modern life.)
(By Catherine Priestley, Northern Echo, South Durham, 10-21-2019)
Guiding Light: The eye of the future
(Achievements we regard as ideal, will be condemned as a self-satisfied imperfection blind to its
own errors; ideas that we vaunt as enlightenment will appear as a demi-light or a darkness.)
(By Sri Aurobindo, Free Press Journal, Mumbai, India, 10-21-2019)
An unintended Halloween fright illustrates a need for civic enlightenment
(Across the street from my downtown condo, dangling from a rope
atop the building, was a skeleton swinging to and fro.)
(By Andréa Comer, The CT Mirror, 10-21-2019)
Cycling for a cause: Say no to drugs, stubble burning
(Concluded at Sultanpur Lodhi where the first Guru of Sikhs,
Guru Nanak Dev, had attained enlightenment 550 years ago.)
(By Andréa Comer, The Tribune, India, 10-21-2019)
* Freezing the moment is not the answer
(Enlightenment does not mean you 'know' everything in the universe. It means your faculty of
perception is so uncluttered, you see everything just as it is. Enlightenment is absolute clarity.)
(By Sadhguru Jaggi Times of India, 7-31-2019)
Egypt's minister of culture inaugurates 3rd book fair of Saint Mark's Church in Alexandria
(Abdel-Dayem liked role of Saint Mark's Coptic Church spreading awareness & enlightenment.)
(By Reham El-Adawi, Ahramonline, 7-30-2019)
She Flavored Her Illustration Career With Salty Enlightenment
(Diane English's style— quirky with a New Age tint; Runs Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card Co.)
(By Paul M. Howeyi, Ashevlle Made, North Carolina, 7-30-2019)
How To Avoid Being Victim Of Cybercrime
(Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) warns consumers who desire to be protected
while online must expose tresses to education and enlightenment to be equipped with
measures to be taken for their safety while using the Internet.)
(By dickson, Leadership, Nigeria, 7-30-2019)
Spiritual teacher prefers reaching nirvana with shopping and sex
(Spiritual teacher Biet Simkin says you can reach nirvana while shopping or having sex.)
(By Mara Siegler, Page Six, New York Post, 7-29-2019)
Pilgrims to Amarnath Cave pollute Kashmir's water
(Hindu pilgrims looking for enlightenment flock to cave in Kashmir in growing numbers.)
(By Charlotte Bellis, Al Jazeera, Doha, Qatar, 7-29-2019)
Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment
(Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, VMFA, is displaying this exhibit until August 18)
(By Virginia Museum, WTVR.com, 7-2-2019)
Thai Buddhist Tales: Rare 18th Century Manuscripts on Display in Dublin
(Chester Beatty Library exhibit "Thai Buddhist Tales: Stories along the Path to Enlightenment".)
(By Craig Lewis, Buddhistdoor Global, 6-21-2019)
11 common misconceptions about yoga that teachers want you to know about
(Teacher Adam Husler says yoga is about strength, not just flexability; Misconceptions about
yoga abound; if you can hold a handstand for ten breaths then you've achieved enlightenment.)
(By Boudicca Fox-Leonard, The Telegraph, UK, 6-21-2019)
* Zen and the new art of being a millennial monk
(Gelong Thubten: "The fastest path to enlightenment is for people to insult you. We have an
opportunity to develop forgiveness, which is a high form of compassion. A Monk's Guide.)
(By Samuel Fishwick, Evening Standard, 6-20-2019)
Major Lazer & Anitta Drop Steamy New Single "Make It Hot"
(Visual prowess of song's video shows off spiritual enlightenment, tranquility, & fiery passion.)
(By Luis Duarte, Mix247edm, Electronic Dance Music, Colorado, 6-20-2019)
Santa Barbara Science Salon: "The Myths of Vaccination & Psychology of Antivaccination"
(SB Science Salon mirrors tradition of the Enlightenment salons, where men & women
got together for intellectual stimulation followed by discussion and libations.)
(By Dr. Whitney J. Detar, edhat, Santa Barbara, 6-20-2019)
Explore San Diego: Path to Nirvana
(Lieu Quan Meditation Center is sacred ground. Home to four large graite statues from Vietnam.
They symbolize main stages of Buddha's life— from birth and enlightenment to nirvana.)
(By R. Chen, FOX 5, San Diego, 6-20-2019)
Top 5 Must-Visit Historic Monuments in North India
(Humayun's Tomb, Delhi; Fatehpur Sikri, Agra; Hawa Mahal, Jaipur; Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh
Gaya, where Buddha was enlightned while meditating under a fig tree; Gwalior Fort, Gwalior.)
(By Charu Chowdhary, India.com, Mumbai, 6-20-2019)
Print culture in 19th century Vermont on view at Bennington Museum
("Village Enlightenment: Print Culture in Rural Vermont, 1810-1860" exhibit shows
"Mason's Heart" circa 1819-1826, engraved by Moody Morse Peabody, on Freemasonry.)
(By Benninton Banner, Vermont, 6-20-2019)
Nathan the Wise still works as an argument for religious tolerance
(As one of the last and certainly most influential works by German Enlightenment thinker and
writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Nathan the Wise's argument for religious tolerance & level-
headed communication might not feel as revolutionary as it did when it first premiered in 1779.)
(By Carly Maga,Our Windsor, Canada, 6-19-2019)
* The observer paradox and the witness
(The mind is incapable of witnessing. Rather, it is the inner dweller, the soul, who witnesses.
Mind-consciousness creates the observer, but consciousness of the soul creates the witness.
From observer to witness to non-entity; that is the progression. For this, humility is the cardinal
quality worth cultivating. A humble heart, containing nothing but a vacuum, continuously attracts
grace and so many noble qualities in turn.)
(By Kamlesh D Patel, The Times of India, 6-19-2019))
Academe infiltrated by Marxists
(Unlike the philosophers of the Enlightenment who bravely cast their liberal-democratic
ideas into an increasingly literate world and bore the wrath of the various anciens regimes,
these 20th century academic "revolutionaries" sold their souls to Marxism-Leninism and the
dystopias it produced— Stalin's Russia and Mao's China.)
(By Jim Wilson, The Australian, 6-19-2019)
* Obituaries: Charles Reich, author of 1970 bestseller 'The Greening of America,' dies at 91
(Sensing a new spirit of enlightenment in the youth revolution of the 1960s, he put his
observations into a 1970 book, The Greening of America, that sold millions of copies &
became one of the defining manifestos of the era of hippies, psychedelic music & love beads.)
(By Matt Schudel, Washington Post, 6-18-2019))
Fred: Ramtha Is NXIVM with Underground Bunkers and Machine Guns
(J.Z Knight claims her DNA changes when Ramtha inhabits her body. Fred thinks she's a fraud.)
(By Fred, frankreport.com, 6-18-2019)
An Animated Teaching Tool That Breaks Down How Criticism and Ideology Work
["(Some of) The Mechanics of Critique" is an instructional video by Lisi Raskin that unpacks how
Enlightenment Era philosophies & epistemologies affect how we engage with world around us.]
(By Laura Raicovich, Hyperallergic.com, 6-18-2019)
Marking Scottish Enlightenment at Exhibition
(Exhibion at National Library of Scotland, June 21, 2019-August 18, 2020, celebrates
18th century Scotland as a place of enlightened discourse and debate.)
(By Kenny Smith, Scottish Field, UK, 6-18-2019)
Tibetans celebrate Buddha's life on full moon of Saka Dawa
(Saka Dawa marks the full moon of the 4th month and is considered to be
a day of celebrations and religious importance for Tibetan Buddhists)
(By ANI, Asian News International, India, 6-18-2019)
John Cusack blames 'a bot' after retweeting, deleting anti-Semitic meme
("To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,"
the post said, quoting French Enlightenment writer and philosopher Voltaire.)
(By Chris Perez, Page Six.com, 6-17-2019)
* THE BOOK SHELF: Golfing in Bhutan leads to enlightenment for author
(Ed Hanczaryk went to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan to teach golf, returned
to Nova Scotia a changed man and wrote a book about his inspiring journey from
learning the complex game to the path to enlightenment.)
(By Alison Lawlor, The Chronicle Herald, 6-17-2019)
* FAITH: The guru Illumines (Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal : Adi Sankara is hailed as a guru
par excellence by his direct disciples who acknowledge their indebtedness to him for conferring
on them not only intellectual proficiency but also spiritual enlightenment)
(The Hindu, 6-14-2019)
Computing: Data for a new enlightenment (A new science of social physics is needed to make sense of the vast amounts of data now gathered and monitored, and to use it to help society,
all while detecting changes in the human condition.)
(by Alex Pentland, MIT Technology Review, 6-14-2019)
Saatchi Gallery hosts majestic lake Saiful Malook exhibition
[Nasser Azam visited Pakistan for spiritual reasons; "Lake Saiful Malook"
was made famous by the Sufi saint and poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (1830-1907).]
(By Murtaza Ali Shah, The News International, Pakistan, 6-15-2019)
Technologies don't always demand either/or decisions
(Connectivity and communications may require a more complementary, rather than competitive,
approach in the LED and SSL sector; Interviews in the enLIGHTenment piece on Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi.)
(By Carrie Meadows, LEDs Magazine, 6-14-2019)
11 Globe-Trotting Books That Pair Perfectly With Summer Adventures
(The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden about Mia West taking
a trip around the world that will teach her about her true purpose in life.)
(She Reads, BRIT+CO, 6-14-2019)
Reclaiming Autonomy = Rejecting Bureaucracy
(Like Max Weber, Michel Foucault valued the rational/scientific legacy of the Enlightenment,
but deplored the "management" of "employees/citizens" that came in its wake.)
(By William Manson, Dissident Voice, 6-13-2019)
* The Bonfire of Desire
(Meditation is like base camp for summit, it acclimates your attitude, for higher realms, or heaven)
(By Cheryl Oreglia, Good Men Project, 6-13-2019)
Interview: Religious reform 'a matter of life and death'— Cairo University head
(Cairo University President Mohamed Othman Al-Khisht says his main job
is to spread the message of enlightenment & religious reform to every part of Egypt.)
(By Gamal Essam El-Din, Ahramonline, Egypt, 6-13-2019)
Honest Timeline: Your First (and Futile) Attempt at a Hot Yoga Class
(Not only will you convince yourself you're on track to pseudo-enlightenment,
you'll sweat more than you knew possible & most likely want to die afterward.)
(By Sabrina Cognata, Mandatory Media, Los Angeles, 6-13-2019)
5 Georgian ghost hoax
(The 18th century may be known as the Age of Enlightenment but that
doesn't mean that Britons' fear of the supernatural had passed into history.)
(By Martha McGill, BBC History Magazine, Bristol, UK, 6-13-2019)
The Intellectual Revolution That Made the Modern Western World
(Enlightenment values spurred political liberty & capitalism, but is this the end of the story?)
(By Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative, 6-13-2019)
Guest View: People are Blind to Ramtha's Abusive Behavior
(J.Z. Knight, the founder and leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, claims that
"Ramtha", a 35,000-year-old warrior-spirit, enters her body and speaks through her. )
(By Sumbuddy, Artvoice, Buffalo, NY, 6-12-2019)
For the gender-fluid, pope's enlightenment has soul-crushing limits
(Pope Francis has questioned the fitness of gays and lesbians to be priests and nuns)
(By Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe, 6-12-2019)
Review: Best Selling Spiritual & Enlightenment Books (2019-06-11)
(The Four Gospels: New Metaphysical Version; 20 Books)
(By Cristina Sanders, World Industry Research, 6-12-2019))
'Pilgrimage to Enlightenment'
(On June 21, North Salem resident Sheila Simone will set out on a journey of 115 miles.
67-year-old nurse and grandmother will participate in a nine-day walk across the Italian
island of Sicily to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases)
(By Sarah Gayden, TAPinto, North Salem, 6-12-2019))
* Johnson shares Tae Kwon Do experience
(Northeast Iowa Tae Kwon Do 8th-degree black belt & area farmer Andrew Johnson, has been
practicing & teaching martial arts for over 34 years; His humble nature as a mentor leads me
to believe that he has indeed found the enlightenment he originally set out to achieve..)
(By Caroline Rosacker, Clayton County Register, Elkader, Iowa, 6-12-2019)
Brother John and the Purpose of Life
(August Turak says that working toward this transformation is what the West calls "conversion"
& the East labels "enlightenment." Brother John at Mepkin Abbey, Charleston, SC, does it daily.)
(By Tom Rapsas, Patheos, New Jersey, 6-12-2019)
A Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019)
(She has done perhaps more than any single Evolutionary to spread idea of conscious evolution
far & wide, a commitment she embraces with a deep, maternal care for the fate of our species.)
(By Carter Phipss, Awaken.com, 5-22-2019)
* OP-ED Letter: The national metaphor
(Poet Archibald MacLeis: "A world ends when its metaphor has died." America's metaphor
is a child of the Enlightenment and Jefferson's Declaration of Independence; Today
Jefferson's metaphor is being challenged by a new doctrine, Trumpism. The values of "life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are being replaced by narcissism, self-interest and
the love of wealth and power. Can the national metaphor be saved? Only if the American
people make a stupendous effort to bring about a spiritual rebirth of the nation.)
(By Stanley Ivie, Desert News, 5-22-2019)
Relax, laugh and breathe at Moxie Theatre's 'Yoga Play' in San Diego
(Isn't yoga supposed to be a spiritual pursuit? Is the updated mantra Om, money, money, money?
"Yoga Play" is a comedy about identity, pursuit of happiness and oh, yes— enlightenment.)
(By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt, La Jolla Light, San Diego, 5-22-2019)
An Artist's Perspective: Art Enlightenment
(In 1972, I was 13 years old. I had smoked marijuana for the first time that summer and
laughably felt that it had "enlightened" me. My dad bought the smallest Peter Max for $800)
(By Curt Clonts KMUW, Wichita's NPR Station, 5-22-2019)
* Rome and Romanticism: Rome is more real than Romanticism
(Romanticism is a reaction against classicism; Dante can be seen as being a classicist and as
being a romantic at one and the same time. In revering Virgil and selecting him as his guide
and mentor he is clearly placing himself in the classical tradition, yet in choosing to write
in the modern vernacular, as distinct from Latin, he is making himself a romantic.)
(By Joseph Pearce, National Catholic Register, 5-21-2019)
* Western Concepts Have Drastically Shaped History of Chinese Art.
But the Artworks Have Their Own Stories to Tell

(Reformist intellectuals not only adopted Enlightenment ideology to reshape
China's sociopolitical systems, but also strived to rewrite the country's cultural
history based on "scientific" models provided by Europe and Japan.)
(By Wu Hung, artnet.com, NYC, Berlin, London, 4-25-2019)
The myth of rational thinking
(Justin E.H. Smith, philosopher at University of Paris, in his book, Irrationality: A History
of the Dark Side of Reason
says ancient Greeks discovered reason and, later, the Enlightenment
cemented rationality as the highest value in human life. But human beings are highly irrational.)
(By Sean Illing, Vox Media, Washington DC & NYC, 4-25-2019)
Ten reasons Scotland can be proud of itself
(Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment offers a way to escape trap of thinking about human
beings as if we are all defined by ethnicity, nationality, religion or any other large group.)
(By Ian Johnston, The Scotsman, Edinburgh, Scotland, 4-25-2019)
VMFA's Latest Exhibit, the Path to Enlightenment
(Virginia's Museum of Fine Arts exhibit is structured as a journey along
the path to enlightenment. Tibetan monks will perform music and dance,
with chanting and mantra recitation, and museum will host guided meditation.
(By Mallory Noe-Payne, WVTF Virginia Public Radio, 4-24-2019)
Culture & Religions of Nepal
(Enlightenment ultimately means a release from dukkha, the mental and
physical pains of life that keep a person attached to this world.)
(By Ashima Sitaula, Stateman Online, Indiana, 4-24-2019)
Barbara Marx Hubbard Peacefully Passed Away April 10th, 2019
(She authored many powerful and important books relating to the field of conscious evolution,
move beyond current global crises we face today, and bring about a world full of poetential.)
(By Joe Martino, Collective-evolution.com, 4-11-2019)
Spontaneous Human Combustion and the Enlightenment
(Surgeon Claude Nicolas Le Cat asserted that Madame LeMaire was not murdered
by her husband, but was the victim of spontaneous human combustion.)
(By Tom Porter, Bowdoin News, Maine, 1-7-2019)
OP-ED: Enlightenment continues to glow
(Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now argues that the 18th-century Enlightenment stimulated the
greatest advancements in human welfare in the history of the world, which continue to this day.)
(By Todd C. Watson, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1-6-2019)
Enlightenment and the post-colonial response
(Mahboob Ahmad: "Modernity was the culmination of the epistemic and cultural
ethos, embedded in the Enlightenment which transpired in Europe.)
(By Tahir Kamran, The News on Sunday, Pakistan, 1-6-2019)
The American Enlightenment: Worlds apart from the French one
(Washington and Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton,
James Madison, and John AdamsÉThey were the Enlightenment made flesh.)
(By Robert Curry, American Thinker, 1-5-2019)
* The Essay: This Year of Grace
(Grace Cathedral stands atop San Francisco's Nob Hill so as to be that much closer to heaven.
The ancients had gods & rituals; we have celebrities & shopping. Perform a Google News search
for "spiritual enlightenment" and the silence is quieter than the sound of one hand clapping.)
(By Christian Chensvold, Nob HIll Gazette, 1-4-2019)
Garden of 1,000 Buddhas brings visitors seeking peace, enlightenment
(On the Flathead Indian Reservation just north of Arlee, people come from all over
to learn more about Buddhist teachings, and to enjoy the peaceful gardens in the shadow
of the Mission Mountains. Khen Rinpoche is the Abbot and supervisor of Ewam Garden.)
(By Kevin Maki, NBC Montana, 11-4-2018)
Barbaric religious outlooks still prevail in much of the world
(Press freedom & freedom of ideas and speech was a key component of the Enlightenment:
the notion that it was not dangerous to challenge & test orthodox views. Much of Islamic
world therefore is not merely behind, but centuries so. In 1737 Britain was in the early
phases of the Enlightenment. Last witchcraft execution occurred in Scotland in 1727.)
(News Letter, UK, 11-3-2018)
An Enlightenment Person: PW Talks with Christina Thompson
(Polynesian exploration & colonization of the Pacific was an amazing feat of imagination
and endurance and creativity, and also possibly desperation. I'm an Enlightenment person.
I do believe that the process of inquiry leads to greater understanding. Christina Thompson)
(By Eric Norton, Publishers Weekly, 11-2-2018)
Student tries meditation, attains enlightenment, drops out
(Ada Clare, who was a third-year University of Calgary student, has become one of those
privileged few. She tried meditation during reading week on advice of her friend Edith Barston.
According to witnesses, Clare achieved enlightenment in a record time of 14 seconds, reaching
bodhi— or awakening— after only a handful of 'ohms' [sic] and 'inhale-exhales.' Clare wrote:
"Before today, I was sleeping through my life, simply shuffling from place to place. But now,
I have awoken & I understand the patterns & rhythms of this universe & our vibrant cosmos in a
way that only my fellow enlightened can comprehend... That clarity has shown, in the clearest
of ways, that university just isn't for me." She plans to journey to India to wander around.)
(By Calum Robertson, Gauntlet, University of Calgary, 11-2-2018)
Dr. Joe Vitale's latest book, "The Miracle" will help train your mind for success
(Latest book The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment includes guidance, meditations, exercises,
resources and stories designed to help people achieve their greatest goals and desires.)
(By Luanne Hunt, Daily Press, Virginia, 11-2-2018)
Twilight of the Green Follies
(For more than two and a half centuries, human kind has lived under an irreconcilable dichotomy:
benevolent revolution we call the enlightenment, and inevitable reactionary counter-revolution
that followed it— a dichotomy that has continued to our days. Enlightenment introduced a number
of revolutionary concepts that demolished the church dogma that had dominated the Middle Ages.
It established reason & empirical knowledge as source of authority leading to scientific revolution
beginning with Copernicus & heliocentric theory of universe. Revolution reached its apotheosis
in late 18th century with American Constitution & "inalienable rights" given to us by our Creator.)
(By Alex Alexiev, American Thinker, El Cerrito, CA, 11-2-2018)
Give & Take with Novelist Blair Hurley
(Nicole Henessey, protagonist in Blair Hurley's debut novel The Devoted has abandoned her
Zen Master who has been having sex with her for a decade. Vicki MacKenzie's Cave in the Snow: A Western Woman's Quest for Enlightenment tells about Tenzin Palmo's vow to achieve enlightenment in a female body, after being sexually abused by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.)
(By Wency Joan Biddlecombe Agsar, Tricycle, Winter-2018)
DANCE: Be entertained, inspired and enlightened
(Kathak attempts to communicate feelings in a storyline that often expresses spiritual themes...
That description sums up what it means to be entertained, inspired, and enlightened—
fulfilling expectations for all audience members in one fascinating performance.)
(By Marilyn Delk, The Daily Advocate, Greenvill, OH, 10-25-2018)
The Uncertain Future of the Enlightenment Stupa in Moscow
(The Enlightenment Stupa in Moscow, also known as the Three Jewels Stupa, was consecrated
on 18 June 2008 at Lopoukhin Mansion, Nicholas Roerich Museum. It is the only Buddhist stupa
in the Russian capital. Visitors include Buddhist scholars Glenn Mullin & Robert Thurman.)
(By Lyudmila Klasanova, Buddhistdoor Global, Hong Kong, 10-24-2018)
Dr. Steven Pinker and Enlightenment Now
(He is "more libertarian than authoritarian", in a NY Times interview. Perhaps, his success
are in part due to not directly affiliating with a political ideology. Instead, he pursues
reason with a free market of ideas in light of the Enlightenment period.)
(By Joshua D. Glawson, 71 Republic, Maryland, 10-23-2018)
Does Philosophy have a function in society?
(In his essay "Social Function of Philosophy", Max Horkheimer says that, among the disciplines,
philosophy is probably the only one that people cannot readily 'place' in society. Friedrich Schiller:
the purpose of philosophy was to bring aesthetic order into our thoughts and actions.)
(By Bert Oliver, Thought Leader, Mail & Guardian, South Africa, 10-23-2018)
This play lets audiences meet famous figures from Edinburgh's past
(Enlightenment House will take audiences inside Georgian House in Charlotte Square, encounter
famous figures from Scotland's cultural renaissance including Adam Smith and David Hume.
The Scottish Enlightenment was a truly extraordinary flowering of ideas and intellect, with
Voltaire proclaiming that 'today it is from Scotland that we get rules of taste in all the arts'.)
(By Neil Pooran, Edinburglive, Scotland, 10-23-2018)
Abhinavagupta: the philosopher and literary genius who reinterpreted the meaning of Shaivism
(The ascetic Abhinavagupta (950-1016) accomplished a rare feat of attaining eight siddhi, or
enlightenment, powers, of which he showed only a few, such as unwavering devotion to Shiva,
absolute mantra siddhi, control over 5 elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, space), power to
accomplish any desire, command over literature & poetry, & unending reservoir of philosophies.)
(By Murukesh Krishnan, Times Now, Mumbai, India, 10-23-2018)
RELIGION: Is religion the opiate of the masses or the corruption of the masses?
(Religion is one of the basic organising forces of society. The enlightenment in Europe was
a reaction to corruption that led to its being used as a political tool. Now, Turkey has its first
openly Islamist leader & religion has become a potential vehicle for political corruption.)
(By Ali Agcakulu, Ahval, Turkey, 10-22-2018)
Proshanta's solo show glorifies peace
[Artist Proshanta Karmakar's "Peace" show at Gallery Cosmos in Mohakhali, Bangladesh,
features 12 portrait paintings showing faces of sadhus (saints), 15 paintings depicting
heritage and history, 13 works portraying books as symbol of enlightenment and two
works on liberation war. French ambassador Marie-Annick Bourdin visits the exhibit.)
(By Cultural Correspondent, New Age, Bangladesh, 10-1-2018)
* INSIGHTS: Nothing to gain
(A young student asked "Master, what have you gained by attaining complete enlightenment?"
Master: "Absolutely nothing. If I had gained anything, it would not be complete enlightenment.")
(By Jim McConnell, The Herald Palladium, St. Joseph, MI, 9-29-2018)
The directing trio behind Anthropocene hope you walk away enlightened and transformed
(Burtynsky hopes prevailing mood after screenings is one of enlightenment & transformation.)
(By Chris Knight, National Post, Toronto, 9-28-2018)
Vibrancy Intuition and Energy Self Healing Spiritual Enlightenment Course Launched
(Self Healing Mastery works using a 3-step process to help people achieve a better, more
meaningful life. Ed Strachar, master strategist with keen psychic intuition designed course.)
(By Eie Jane, Newswire, Salt Lake City, UT, 9-28-2018)
* Redeeming Transcendence
(Boris Groys' "Life Witout Shadows": "The light of enlightenment, passing through what exists,
does not encounter an opaque, dark core of reality, but another light with which it can mingle.
The light of enlightenment proves to be related to mystical light of apocalyptic illumination.")
(By John Wilson, First Things, New York City, 9-28-2018)
* T.S. Eliot Estate and Abbey Theatre Partner for The T.S. Eliot Lecture 2018
(The 2018 lecture will be delivered by Steven Pinker; In his new book Enlightenment Now:
The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, & Progress
, Pinker argues that, despite fear-mongering
and political upheaval, the world is getting better: peace, prosperity, knowledge and happiness are
on the rise. Carlo Gébler will introduce Pinker, followed by an interview with journalist Will Self.)
(By BWW News Desk, Broadway World, San Francisco, 9-28-2018)
Harry C. Smith's New Book God's Pen is an Uplifting Compendium
that Reflects a Faith-driven Life with Deep Emotions and Thoughts

(Author Smith shares his hope for enlightenment and compassion through
evocative poems that tell of struggle and hope from pain and distress.)
(By Nichole Hoffman, prweb.com, Lithonia, GA, 9-19-2018)
OP-ED: Loss of loved one brings enlightenment
(My dear cousin was an educator for over five decades! To her, death was not a fearful thing.
She planned for it. No, I mean, she literally planned for it, right down to her service program.)
(By Glenda Overstreet, cjonline.com, Topeka, KS, 9-19-2018)
* Koan, a Zen way to self-realisation
(According to OED, 'koan' is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle without a solution, used in
Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and provoke enlightenment.
Zen masters use nonsensical or unsolvable riddles, or koans, to bring about enlightenment.)
(By Kamal Jain, Times of India, 9-18-2018)
Asceticism Across the Faiths: Many People in the Major World Religions Have Done it
(Asceticism is a way of life marked by the voluntary abstinence from worldly pleasures.
Carthusians & Cistercians, are two Catholic monastic orders notable for their adherence
of the ascetic way of life. Hindu sadhus subject their bodies to extreme mortification.)
(By Wu Mingren, Ancient Origins, 9-18-2018)
Infusing Yoga With Cannabis— What You Need To Know
(Patanjali's Yoga Sutras referred to use of herbs as one of 5 paths to enlightenment.
Dee Dussault teaches Ganja Yoga using cannabis to help students relax & eliminate pain.)
(By Ashley Priest, Weed Reader, 9-17-2018)
OP-ED; To better understand the Constitution, read your Bible
(United States was founded during age of Enlightenment when rationalism was, in ascendency
and revelation was relegated to the sidelines. John Adams & John Dickinson called the Bible
"the most republican book in the world." 5th Amendment based on St. Jerome & Nahum 1:9)
(By Daniel L. Dreisbach, PHiladelphia Inquirer, 9-17-2018)
* OP-ED: We are better off, but are we happier?
(Pinker's book Enlightenment Now shows that world is better now. But have we also become
happier? I may be much better off than were my parents & grandparents, but I may still be
unhappy when I compare myself to my neighbour's wealth and success. Alan Watts suggests
"life is best understood as a piece of music" rather than a tale of continued economic & social
progress. Being rich & successful doesn't mean that money & fame will make us happy. Video)
(By Dow Marmur, Toronto Star, 7-16-2018)
Education is the most important tool for transformation of the society
through enlightenment and empowerment: Vice President

(Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu told stidents: "not to be mere job-seekers but try to become job creators.
Be creative, innovative and try to explore unchartered territories. Don't be afraid of setbacks.
Dedication, passion, commitment, hard work, discipline and perseverance will make realize
your dreams and achieve your goals.)
(India Education Diary, New Delhi, 7-5-2018)
America IS Enlightenment Now
(242 years ago the world witnessed official creation of a country based on Enlightenment values.
America is the byproduct of the supreme value of the Enlightenment— reason. Enlightenment values presented in Dr. Pinker's book Enlightenment Now, and how these values are at the core
of what has always made America great. Every metric shows that the world is better now.)
(By Jim Woods, Stock Investor, Washinton DC, 7-5-2018)
Enlightenment Ideals and the Immigration Crisis
(Today is a great day to reflect on the Enlightenment ideals that fueled a Declaration.
If one believes that being a foreigner makes one less of a human being in terms of natural
rights, then one does not believe in natural rights, and instead one believes only in power.)
(By Steven L. Taylor, Outside the Beltway, Washington DC, 7-4-2018)
Yoga in India attracts foreign tourists
(Salvatore Eros Gencarelli, a chef based in Italy came to India to practice yoga and achieve
spiritual enlightenment. For centuries, India has been a mystical land of meditation and
enlightenment where spiritual traditions flourished and still continue to inspire.)
(By Ani, DNA India, Mumbai, 7-4-2018)
OP-ED: Courage and freedom
(Declaration of Independence signers had courage to die for principles founded in the
Enlightenment, a movement of ideas that said public life, politics & social order must be founded
on reason & science— not on superstition. Greek historian Thucydides, to whom the authors of
the Enlightenment looked for guidance in a world ruled by tyranny and corruption, wrote:
"Be convinced that to be happy means to be free. And that to be free means to be brave.")
(By Editorial Staff, Shelter Island Reporter, New York, 7-4-2018)
Audiofeed Festival 2018: Promoting love, spiritual enlightenment through music
(Since 2013, Audiofeed's main theme of love and spiritual enlightenment is expressed through
edgy music performances by 140 bands, a handful of influential speakers, seminars, children's
activities and film screenings. For $40 ticket, attendees can experience spiritual enlightenment.)
(By Therese Pokorney, Smile Politely, Champaign-Urbana, IL, 7-3-2018)
OP-ED: Getting better all the time
(Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism & Progress notes
440 deaths in 1988 in Western Europe from acts of terror, compared with 238 deaths in 2016;
Voices of doom are wrong; The world is getting healthier & wealthier, & people are living longer.
(Editorial, Providence Journal, 7-1-2018)
New Memoir Shares Journey to Enlightenment and Transcendence
(Sylvia Stone's book Seeing the Forest through the Trees shares her life story as
she comes to terms with her past and works toward enlightenment. She encourages
readers to see the wisdom behind their struggles and bring to light the synchronicities
of life to use as guidance to the path of forgiveness, self-love and transformation.)
(Books News Desk, Broadway World, 6-29-2018)
* Evolutionary enlightenment: Nothing to something
(Enlightened consciousness, is the movement of consciousness beyond the personal ego
or narcissistic separate self-sense. Evolutionary Enlightenment is focused on the manifest,
active, creative expression of enlightenment. It is a radical embrace of all of manifestation
in which you begin to see your own incarnation.)
(By Andrew Cohen, Times of India, 6-29-2018)
Lux Fiat! Let There Be Light!
(True enlightenment comes through baptism. In his Apologia 1.61.12,
St. Justin Martyr wrote: "This bath is called enlightenment, because those
who receive this instruction are enlightened in their understanding.")
(By Angelo Stagnaro, National Catholic Register, 6-28-2018)
OP-ED: Pitfalls on the path toward enlightenment
(Money is a tantalising thing, coveted by many. But worldly goods can pose a threat to those
who are called to a higher order. Six monks charged with embezzlement and money laundering.)
(By Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Bangkok Post, 6-18-2018)
* A frenetic campaign to meet business gurus
(In writing this book, this memo of a half-crazed, sometimes hilarious, journey to business
enlightenment, Alex Banayan has made it through the third door. He got to interview Bill Gates.)
(By Donald H. Harrison, San Diego Jewish World, 6-18-2018)
Europe's Enlightenment
(The Enlightenment emerged in 18th century Europe and played an important role in changing
the nature of its political, social & religious life. Philosophs Voltaire, Diderot & D'Alembert
challenged the French monarchy with help of Fredrick of Prussia and Catharine the Great.)
(By Mubarak Ali, The News, Karachi, Pakistan, 6-9-2018)
Tamer's 'Rihla': Journey of enlightenment and love
(Drove Tamer to Phillips Exeter Academy on 9-11-2001; He's getting Ph.D. at Dartmouth
in microbiology 17 years later; Recited Qur'an's opening prayer: "In the name of God,
The Most Gracious, Dispenser of Grace: All praise is due to God alone, the Sustainer of
all the worlds, the Most Gracious, the Dispenser of Grace, Lord of the Day of Judgment")
(By Robert Azzi, Fosters.com, Dover, NH, 6-10-2018)
* Hindu story offers perspective on nature of consciousness
(I am not my body, nor mind, nor ego. I am my consciousness. Consciousness pervades
my body and mind; and pervades all my three states— waking, dream, deep sleep.)
(By Suresh Basrur, Times Colonist, Victoria, Canada, 6-9-2018)
COMMENTARY: Anthony Bourdain Taught Us Food Is Much More Than What's On Your Plate
(Bourdain: "The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it, how
many places I have still to go, how much more there is to learn. Maybe that's enlightenment
enough— at least for me, means realizing how small I am, & unwise, & how far I have yet to go.")
(By Julie Wittes Schlack, WBUR, Boston, 6-8-2018)
* Learn to see the true nature of things
(Enlightenment is that state of awareness in which one sees the true nature of things,
which enables one to understand why things are the way they are and respond appropriately.
Due to lack of enlightenment, human activity is taking the planet towards an environmental
catastrophe. Poverty, inequality and wars are results of lack of enlightened thinking.)
(By BK Brijmohan, Times of India, 5-12-2018)
Enlightenment within religions
(Religion doesn't speak with one voice. Rabbi Jonathan Romain said that assisted dying
did not necessarily contradict his Judaic faith. Anglican Carolyn Sitlington chose
assisted dying in Ontario due to the intractable pain from her ALS.)
(By Ann David, Gisborne Herald, New Zealand, 5-12-2018)
Former Australian captain Michael Clarke gets inked by Indian artist Vikas Malani
(Four-leaf clover leaf represents faith, hope, love and luck. Spirals are meant to symbolize
the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines represent the enlightenment.)
(By Team Indulge, Indulge Magazine, India, 5-11-2018)
A sacred proposal
(As a tribute to Buddha, Nepal should propose Buddha Purnima [Aprill 29 Full Moon]
as International Day of Meditation at the UN and start celebrating it from this year.)
(By Swami Anand Arun, my República, Nepal, 4-28-2018)
Randa Jarrar's tweets and the resulting free-speech debate are what freedom sounds like
(Thomas Paine: "the mind once enlightened, cannot again go dark." Precondition of enlightenment
is liberty. Enlightenment only dawns when we are free to argue. Democracy allows us to vote.
But freedom allows us to think. Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar withdrew as headline reader
for LitHop, less than a day after she marked the death of Barbara Bush by posting a tweet that
described the former first lady as an "amazing racist.")
(By Andrew Fiala, The Fresno Bee, 4-27-2018)
HISTORY— Benjamin Franklin: The Enlightenment Personified
(Benjamin Franklin personified the Enlightenment. He was world's most famous scientist during
his life— had only two years of schooling. By age 12, he had read every book in his house.)
(By Jon Hersey, The Objective Standard, Glen Allen, VA, 4-26-2018)
Future uncertain for Buddhism's most sacred tree
(The Bodhi tree at Mahabodhi Mahavihara in Bodhgaya is uneven and it is tilting heavily to the
western side, opposite to the shrine's sanctum sanctorum to its east; Buddha is believed to have
attained enlightenment 2,500 years back under this tree. What to do if tree fell during a storm?)
(By Farhana Kalam, The Telegraph, UK, 4-21-2018)
Education is not just for employment, but also for enhancement
of knowledge and enlightenment: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

(Students needed to contribute to the nation since education was not just for
employment but also for enhancement of knowledge and enlightenment.
(By Lalit Kishore, Meri News, India, 4-20-2018)
PAKISTAN: Strong parallels exist between eastern Sufi & western Enlightenment thought
(Sufism teaches us to ascend out of our shallow coccons, to overpower our inflated egos.
Sufism promotes love, sacrifice, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.
(By Sanjay Mthrani, Daily Times, Lahore, 4-15-2018)
* BOOK: Enlightenment Now
(Bill Gates has anointed Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now as his favorite book of all time.
Despite daily diet of misery in the news, evidence shows that world is a massively better place.)
(By Rebecca Tinsley, Independent Catholic News, ICN, 4-15-2018)
S Sorrensen's Here & Now: Searching for englightenment
(People thought that science was a good thing, that liberty was a right, that all people
were important, that democracy was better than oligarchy or rule by religion. Knowledge
would progress humanity forward. Into the light. Enlightenment. Reason would be the torch
that lit our way. Kant said "Sapere aude". Enlightenment began with death of King Louis XIV
(1715) and ended today. Or maybe yesterday. Was it the dropping of bombs on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, or with the crazy triumph of global capitalism in the 80s.)
(By Lismore, Echo Net Daily, New South Wales, 3-22-2018)
Steven Pinker's "Enlightenment Now" For South Dakotans
(Steven Pinker's new book "Enlightenment Now" paints a rosier picture of life
as we know it than you might see, for example, on the evening news.)
(By Lori Walsh, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, 3-21-2018)
How an 80s cult poisoned an Oregon town
[Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh moved to Antelope, Oregon with 1600 disciples in 1981, with spiritual
teachings of open love and higher awareness, practicing naked meditation, group sex, and dancing;
Rajneesh had a taste for flashy items and boasted a collection of 93 Rolls-Royce automobiles.
To win the November 1984 town council elections, they bussed in thousands homeless people
from NYC, but the county refused to register the vagrants; they put salmonella in 10 restaurants'
salad bars and poisoned 700 people; charged with immigration fraud, he was deported from U.S.
and returned to India; he changed his name to Osho; He died in 1990 at the age of 58.]
(Brinkwire, 3-18-2018)
Steven Pinker Receives Humanist Award
(Humanist Chaplain Greg M. Epstein said, "The goal of maximizing human flourishing— life,
health, happiness, freedom, knowledge, love, richness of experience— may be called humanism."
It's the way Pinker defined the philosophy in his recent book Enlightenment Now.)
(By Casandra Luca & Ruth Zheng, Harvard Crimson, 3-5-2018)
Reason without humanity doesn't get us very far
(Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now argues persuasively that the world is getting better.
His work is optimistic. We should celebrate successes, but in the spirit of enlightenment,
continue to fix issues that face us.)
(By Shamubeel Eaqub, Stuff, New Zealand, 3-4-2018)
Achieving Enlightenment Via Telemann
[Dismissed by 19th-century critics as a facile scribbler whose religious music lacked the depth and
fervor of that of his contemporary Bach's sacred pieces, Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767),
reigned in his own time as Germany's leading composer. Boston Baroque revived his 1744
St. Luke Passion at Jordan Hall on March 4, 2018, conducted by Martin Pearlman.]
(By Virginia Newes, Boston Musical Intelligencer, 3-4-2018)
It Wasn't Just the Philosophers Like Diderot Who Invented the Enlightenment
[Paola Bertucci's new book Artisanal Enlightenment casts light on the writing activities
of artistes in the several decades preceding publication Diderot's first volume of Encyclopédie.]
(By Paola Bertucci, History News Network, 3-4-2018)
* The Warrior Pacific Is Back!
[Dan Millman on Key of enlightenment: Make all our daily actions such as walking,
doing dishes, stand, being devoted to improve the quality of our presence.]
(By Marie-France Bornais, Quebec Telegram, 11-25-2017)
How China's Viral Authoritarianism Infects the West and Threatens the Enlightenment
[Western foreign policy in the postwar era was based on the conviction that liberty is viral.
China is betting that its brand of authoritarianism will go viral, directly controlling Internet
access for about a quarter of the entire planetary user base.]
(By John Hayward, Breitbart News, 11-25-2017))
VIDEO: Metal yoga, the enlightenment and darkness conjunction
(Metal yoga involves several aspects of traditional yoga, but "it takes yoga away from all the peaceful & quietness to craziness", said Saskia Thode, metal yoga instructor & founder of Metal Yoga Bones. "It's a lot of screaming, a lot of cardio, core, yoga poses— but we have a band", she says of the poses, "and we play guitar and drums." Clientele attracted to the extroverted exercise.)
(By Liliana Bernal, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Nov. 22, 2017)
Voltaire: Enlightenment Philosopher and Lottery Scammer
(François-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire was born today on 11-21-1694 & died at age 83;
In 1830, he joined a consortium buying lottery tickets & made a million livre, making him rich.)
(By Kate Eschner, Smithsonian Magazine, Nov. 21, 2017)
LIFESTYLE: Worthy of the enlightened
[Visitors to King Bhumibol Adulyadej's crematorium at Sanam Luang can admire finely made
religious objects, Khrueang Sangkhet, which royals offer as merit-making gifts to monks.]
(By Pichaya Svasti, Bamgkok Post, Nov. 15, 2017)
Bodhi tree still in good health
[A retired professor of plant sciences at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun,
NSK Harsh examined the Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment and
said the tree's general health was in good condition and there was no cause for worry.]
(By NSK Harsh, NYOOOZ, India, Nov. 14, 2017)
The End of the End of History?
[UVA sociologist James Davison Hunter says "The cultural logic of the Enlightenment project
has lost credibility, and the liberal— a genuinely liberal— regime it inspired is collapsing.]
(By Leann Davis Alspaugh, UVAToday, Virginia, Nov. 14, 2017)
SEX & POWER: The Sexual Harassment Enlightenment
[Sexual harassment allegations are causing men in high-power positions to lose their jobs
on an almost weekly basis, eg. Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Roy Price.]
(By Thomas John, Handelsblatt Global, Berlin, Nov. 14, 2017)
BOOKS: From Joyce to Rabelais, 5 must-read books for curious minds
[London's Libreria manager Paddy Butler shares his top books for a more forward-thinking world:
1. James Joyce, Ulysses; 2. Simon Schama, Chronicle of the French Revolution;
3. Arundhati Roy, God of Small Things; 4. François Rabelais, Life of Gargantua & of Pantagruel;
5. Shahab Ahmed, What Is Islam? The Importance of Being Islamic.]
(By Eleanor Peake, Wired, U.K., Nov. 14, 2017)
Why Enlightenment, Spiritual Gurus and Higher Consciousness Are a Con
(Eckhart Tolle's "teachings" are simply a repetition of the "teachings" of many past "gurus".
There is nothing original in his "teachings" when interviwed by Oprah Winfrey.)
(By Andrea Quintero, Huffington Post, Nov. 5, 2017)
* Way of the Peaceful Warrior author lays wisdom on Monterey via Skype
[Way of the Peaceful Warrior combines truth and fiction in a mentor/pupil tale of discovery
that has captivated millions of readers worldwide. It follows the author (Dan Millman)—
or a mostly true-to-life version of him— and his encounter with a mysterious gas station
attendant who helps him shift his perspective from future goals to the here and now.]
(By Corinne Trachsel, Monterey County Weekly, June 22, 2017)
* Enlightenment Reason or Occult Conspiracy?
[For Enlightenment thinkers, the sun symbolized the clear light of reason they adored.
However when you gaze at the sun directly, you become blind, mad, and insane.]
(By Daniel Pinchbeck, Common Ground, April 2008)
Gaiam, Zaadz, LIME Media & Conscious Enlightenment Create Unified Source for LOHAS
[Gaiam's vision for Gaia.com(unity) is to become the global community of like-minded people
that aspire to effect positive change on the planet," said Jirka Rysavy, founder and CEO
of Gaiam. "Gaiam coined the term LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) in 1999
to describe the global movement of expanding consciousness and growing awareness of
personal and planetary health. Zaadz (www.zaadz.com) is the leading social networking
site in the LOHAS space with 85,000 members and 850,000 unique visitors per month.]
(CNNMoney.com, Aug. 6, 2007)
On letting a laugh be the judge
[If the individual loves a good ethnic joke, as many of us do—
politically incorrect though that may be in this alleged Age of
Enlightenment— you mentally catalogue him one way.]
(By Kent Ward, Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine, Apr. 28, 2007)
Some enlightenment about Gideon Bibles
[A mother was disturbed when her daughter was given a Bible at school.
I'd like to enlighten people who are not familiar with Bibles placed
by the Gideons. Who told Carylon Teeter that Christmas is not about Christ?
It's all about Christ— It's to celebrate the day that Christ was born.
It's people who have made it the commercial holiday it is today.]
(By Helene Bradfield, Baxter Bulletin - Baxter, AR, Dec. 27, 2006)
* The World's Most Respected Tree [Bodhi Tree]
[After King Asoka returned from a pilgrimage, he donated a hundred thousand cash
to each of the most important four sacred places connected with the life of
the Buddha— The place of his birth, place of his enlightenment, the place
of his first sermon and the place where the Buddha attained parinirvana.]
(By PLN de Silva, Asian Tribune, Dec. 4, 2006)
CONTROVERSY: End of secularism?
[Enlightened countries of the world have become unsure of their values, even of
the Enlightenment itself. A moral relativism has spread, leading many to accept
the taboos of all religious groups in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism]
(By Ralf Dahrendorf, Daily Times - Lahore, Pakistan, Nov. 15, 2006)
We Are Suffering a Surplus of Enlightenment!
[Some Arab writers and commentators have become professionals in attacking
liberalism, enlightenment, progress and modernity. Their frequent attacks
give the impression that concepts have the upper hand in the Arab world.]
(By Hazem Saghieh, Dar Al-Hayat - Beirut, Lebanon, Nov. 14, 2006)
Think Tank Will Promote Thinking
[Advocates Want Science, Not Faith, at Core of Public Policy. Paul Kurtz,
a professor emeritus in philosophy from the State University of New York
at Buffalo and a longtime critic of the influence of religion on public policy,
said that the nation needed the equivalent of a "second Enlightenment."]
(By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, Nov. 14, 2006)
Fighting extremist forces
[Perhaps Musharraf doesn't know, except for tactical reasons, what is meant by enlightenment
in its philosophical, political, sociological and legal scope. Enlightenment cannot be reconciled
with authoritarianism or 'mullahism' which, in our case, have been in league with each other.]
(By Imtiaz Alam, The International News - Pakistan, Nov. 13, 2006)
Grudgingly, from "Grrr!" to "Ommm" [This was my post-election cleanse. It began
with meditation via the Internet. It was the closest I could come to emptying my mind
of negative energy while still pretending to work. But we all take different paths toward
enlightenment... There I was, surrounded by fellow travelers on the road to enlightenment.]
(By Diane Carman, Denver Post, Nov. 11, 2006)
Silencing enlightenment
[Israeli films shed light on a society in conflict, yet they're becoming shunned.]
(By Julie Szego, The Age - Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 22, 2006)
Spiritual enlightenment essential to protect life
[The health and well being of billions of people are not only under threat but
are already deteriorating with such rapidity that whole nations are in crisis.]
(By FR. SHAY CULLEN, The Manila Times, Philippines, Aug. 22, 2006)
Andrew O'Hagan is to write first historical novel
[The Booker-nominated Scottish author, is to write his first historical novel,
set during the period of the Scottish Enlightenment. "It was time (1821) when
the Enlightenment really brought modernism into the world. It will be seen
through the eyes of the sons of James Boswell, biographer of Dr. Johnson.]
(By Phil Miller, The Herald, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Aug. 21, 2006)
Deepak Chopra is in town, and he's mixing politics with holistic views
[The Virginia Beach-based Association for Research and Enlightenment is
hosting his visit. Chopra said the only way to solve the world's problems,
includingpoverty and ecological damage, is "a shift in human consciousness,
to a more compassionate, caring, understanding humanity."]
(By STEVEN G. VEGH, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA, Aug. 21, 2006)
* Meaty arguments [Tristram Stuart's book The Bloodless Revolution
considers the history of vegetarianism in our society from its origins in the
collision of ethical ideas of abstinence, early medicine and Indian philosophy.
Vegetarians developed elaborate scientific ways of defending their philosophy,
and plugged their views into the main channels of Enlightenment thought.
Descartes, Gassendi and Francis Bacon— all advocated vegetarianism.]
(Guardian Unlimited, UK, Aug. 21, 2006)
* NATURE IN SHORT / Hopping bird brings fleeting enlightenment to plodding climber
[A robin-size brown bird was hopping along the rocks at 3000 meters of Mount Fuji,
and I followed it, leaping fluidly and effortlessly from boulder to boulder without
even thinking about it. Perhaps the bird really was a mountain deity in disguise,
trying to enlighten me— to coax me away from the reflexive fears and hang-ups
that always keep me stiff and constricted. I recalled The Dharma Bums that
Jack Kerouac had a similar experience climbing the Sierra Nevada with Gary Snyder.]
(By Kevin Short, The Daily Yomiuri, Aug. 21, 2006)
* OP-ED: The collapse of reason [Indeed, long before the current wave
of conservative attacks on the legacy and values of the Enlightenment,
many left-wing academics were deriding reason, freedom, and tolerance
as bourgeois prejudices and scholarly objectivity as a smokescreen for
the white, male point of view. Instead of championing individual rights,
the academic left began to promote the "identity politics" of defining
people by race, gender and sexual orientation.]
(By Cathy Young, Boston Globe, May 29, 2006)
HIGHER POWER: A Date for Enlightenment [Central Florida Buddhists are taking
part in a worldwide event to help open busy minds to new, more peaceful, journeys.
"We're trying to teach people how to meditate, to have people become more peaceful
on the inside so they'll be more peaceful on the outside." Psychotherapist
Peter Carlson will lead a session on "Letting Go of Suffering."]
(By Mark I. Pinsky, Orlando Sentinel, FL, May 29, 2006)
* A Potted Guide
[The optimistic thinkers of the 18th century Enlightenment explored the new vistas
opened up in a world governed by the laws of nature, rather than the unpredictable
actions of an impenetrable and inaccessible god, who kept the clockwork world running.
Nature was exploited and infinitely exploitable and all that science made possible was good.]
(By Margaret Sankey, On Line opinion - Australia, May 29, 2006)
IN A BIND— Miniaturization of the self | Identity and Violence:
The Illusion of Destiny By Amartya Sen

[A second and related question: is Sen too much of an Enlightenment thinker
to really be able to explain identity politics... As the critics of
Enlightenment had charged, the greatest theorists of freedom are not always
the greatest readers of the vagaries and inconstancies of the human soul.]
(By Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta, India, April 27, 2006)
Nirvana: 6 Color Lessons to Enlightenment
[Master Colors, manufacturer of the award winning plug-in for Adobe Photoshop,
the HVC Color Composer, has just announced the introduction of "Nirvana-
6 Color Lessons to Enlightenment" a free, online, downloadable color seminar.]
(Dexigner - USA, April 26, 2006)
* The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, And The Illuminati
[Alex Jones to Jackie Patru about the "New World Order" and the End Times,
here is an article by Atheists.org that explains the Enlightenment, Freemasons
and and the real story behind the "Illuminati" in more rational terms. See Below]
(Posted by crowley, DisInfo.com - New York, NY, April 26, 2006)
* The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati
[In the history of Atheism, no period is as complex and exciting as that time we know
today as the Enlightenment. Cultural historians and philosophers consider this era to
have spanned the eighteenth century, cresting during the French Revolution of 1789.]
(By Conrad Goeringer, Atheist.org, April 26, 2006)
* Watching the brain 'switch off' self-awareness
[Neurobiologists from the Weizmann Institute of Science found that the brain assumes
a robotic functionality when it has to concentrate all its efforts on a difficult,
timed task— only becoming "human" again when it has the luxury of time.]
(By Gaia Vince, New Scientist, April 19, 2006)
* BOOKS: Forget your goals, get happy: Same conclusion, different approaches from two authors
(Reviewed by Don Lattin, San Francisco Chronicle, Apr. 16, 2006)
Fighting Islamophobia: A Response to Critics
[The West is superior to the East because it went through the Enlightenment.
The emancipation of women is a legacy of the Enlightenment: it is the
inevitable consequence of the principle of individual sovereignty.]
(By Deepa Kumar, Monthly Review - Herndon, VA, April 4, 2006)
Free speech should soar above insult and injury
[Free speech is to represent the best of Western civilization and the Enlightenment, with
its most extreme test - and biggest gun - proudly trundled forth: insult and provocation.]
(By Carla Seaquist, Christian Science Monitor - Boston, April 4, 2006)
Christian TV seeks enlightenment online
[Available around the world 24/7, FaithGlobe.tv will carry evangelistic programming
with a particular focus on testimonies of supernatural encounters.]
(C21Media - London, UK, April 3, 2006)
Two towering intellects, one spat and the fallout
[British writers David Edmonds & John Eidinow in their latest book Rousseau's Dog:
Two Great Thinkers at War in the Age of Enlightenment
, centers on an infamously
heated, agonizing and ultimately silly dispute between two philosophical and
literary giants, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume.]
(By Douglas Levin, OregonLive.com - Portland, OR, April 2, 2006)
Russiaıs brain drain: Lesley Chamberlain's The Philosophy Steamer:
Lenin and the Exile of the Intelligentsia

[Russia is perpetually in turmoil about its identity, it swings violently between its unique
native mysticism and the Enlightenment. St Petersburg is the supreme symbol of the latter.]
(Reviewed by Bryan Appleyard, Times Online - UK, April 1, 2006)
* In search of enlightenment
[Zazen, or seated meditation, is a rigorous practice by Zen Buddhist ascetics
to attain enlightenment. The Shohozan Myoshinji in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, holds a
zazen session every Saturday night, from 5:30 p.m to 9 a.m. the following day.]
(By Tatsuya Sakamoto, The Daily Yomiuri - Osaka, Japan, March 24, 2006)
* An Integral Teacher: Gene Thompson spreads Ken Wilber's ideas about science, spirit
[All art represents a bridge between the material world and the spirit beyond.
Music, painting and poetry connect with the human psyche— one's insides.]
(By Gary Soulsman, The News Journal - Wilmington, Delaware, March 18, 2006)
PHOTO CALL: Sidd Brings Spirtual Enlightenment to Off-Broadway
[The soon to be renamed Dodger Stages was awash in spirtual enlightenment on
March 15 as Sidd, a new musical based on Herman Hesse's famed novel Siddartha]
(By Morgan Allen, Playbill, New York, March 18, 2006)
How the Enlightenment shaped Mozartıs world
[Mozart´s creative years coincided with a period of reform in Austria
under Emperor Joseph II which was inspired by the humanistic,
open-minded and tolerant values of the Enlightenment.]
(Wiener Zeitung, Vienna, Austria, March 18, 2006)
Manick Sorcar's Buddha laser show wins ILDA award
[Enlightenment of Buddha is an extravaganza of dance, drama, magic in combination
with life-size laser-animation and three dimensional laser effects in space.]
(By, Deccan Herald - Bangalore, India, March 18, 2006)
Theater: Siddhartha, Without the Soul
[The unlikely inspiration for "Sidd" is Herman Hesse's 1922 road-to-enlightenment novel,
Siddhartha. Apart from the fact that many theatergoers had to read it.]
(By Joy Goodwin, The New York Sun, March 16, 2006)
Letters: Scottish Enlightenment
[James Naughtie (Seven Wonders of Scotland, 13 March) seems to boast that
the origins and flowering of the Scottish Enlightenment was largely confined to
a universalist view of a "parochial" Edinburgh. Where is the inclusion of Glasgow,
or indeed Aberdeen, to cement votes in this as one of the Seven Wonders of Scotland?]
(By Caroline Stevenson, The Scotsman, UK, March 15, 2006)
Flowering of ideas that built path to modern society
[Scotland without the Enlightenment would be a country without its brain
and its senses. David Hume's empirical dissection of how we reason and
how we feel— and his understanding of how an individual is shaped
by the world around— was a feat of sheer brilliance.]
(By James Naughtie, The Scotsman, UK, March 13, 2006)
* 'New Buddha' vanishes in Nepalese forest
[Ram Bahadur Banjan, who is 16, he had meditated for the last ten months during
which, his followers insist, he has consumed no food or water. According to Buddhism,
Ram would not be a reincarnation of any previous Buddha, because once someone
reaches true enlightenment to become one, they are never reincarnated.]
(By Binaj Gurubacharya, The Scotsman, UK, March 13, 2006)
Letters: Evidence-based theory [[One of the principles of
the Enlightenment was the careful examination of evidence before reaching
conclusions. It is, therefore, startling that Peter Jones (Opinion, 7 Feb.)
should conclude that Islamic extremism and the theory of intelligent design
are both manifestations of irrational, anti-Enlightenment thinking.]
(By Alistair Donald, The Scotsman, UK, Feb. 13, 2006)
* What is enlightenment? [Maulana Wahiduddin Khan: Enlightenment really means
positive thinking and anger & hate management. Swami Veda Bharati: Enlightenment
comes only by the grace of God and the guru. One needs to be patient, waiting for
that moment of grace, to keep oneself ready.]
(By Jamuna Rangachari, Daily News & Analysis, Mumbai, India, Dec. 13, 2005)
OP-ED: Bill Gates's Test of Rationalism [The Enlightenment rationalists were
tested by revolutions & romanticism, then later by Freud's speculations on the irrational
drivers of human conduct, and still later by modern economics, which explains why even
rational individual behavior can sometimes lead to irrational societal outcomes.]
(By Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post, Dec. 12, 2005)
* Ceremony marks Buddha's enlightenment
[Abbot Tony Somlai of Original Root Zen Center: "Enlightenment is not about words.
Enlightenment is an action of love, an action of understanding, an action of letting go."]
(By David Steinkraus, Journal Times Online - Racine, WI, Dec. 12, 2005)
Science and nature: The meaning of life
[Ian McEwan, the novelist and Edge thinker, suggests that we are not so far from the
'old Enlightenment dream of a unified body of knowledge, when biologists and economists
draw on each other's concepts and molecular biologists stray into the poorly defended
territory of chemists and physicists'. Enlightenment and infinity are hedged around,
these days, by the Holy Neocon Empire. John Brockman's What We Believe by Cannot Prove.]
(The Observer, Guardian Unlimited - UK, Dec. 11, 2005)
The triumph of anarchism [Noam Chomsky, argues McGilvray, "sees anarchosyndicalism
as a modification of the basic Enlightenment conception of the person as a free and
responsible agent, a modification required to meet the challenge of private power.]
(By Shelley Walia, The Hindu - Chennai, India, Dec. 11, 2005)
Holiday looks at Buddhist enlightenment
[Bhodi Day or Rohatsu is observed on either Dec. 8 or on the Sunday immediately before.
It celebrates the enlightenment of the Siddhartha Gautama, who following his enlightenment
was known as Buddha - The Enlightened One. There are about 350 million Buddhists worldwide.]
(By Donnalee Donaldson, The Setonian, South Orange, NJ, Dec. 10, 2005)
History: A good age for cruising [Pat Thane's The Long History of Old Age
refutes such generalisations chapter by chapter and with copious illustrations,
taking us through European history from the Greeks and Romans, via the Middle Ages,
Renaissance and the Enlightenment, until the present day.]
(By Joan Bakewell, The Guardian Unlimited, UK, Dec. 10, 2005)
Redesigned Britannica Site Serves Enjoyment With Enlightenment
[Visitors to Encyclopaedia Britannica's Web site will find knowledge presented
in new and engaging ways following a top-to-bottom reorganization of the site
that showcases its vast reserves of information and multimedia.]
(Press Release Newswire, New York,, Dec. 8, 2005)
* The Wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI & the Wickedness of Secular Extremism
["Is this a simple rejection of the Enlightenment and of modernity? Absolutely not.
From the beginning, Christianity has understood itself as the religion of the 'Logos,'
as the religion according to reason. In the first place, it has not identified its
precursors in the other religions, but in that philosophical enlightenment which
has cleared the path of traditions to turn to the search of the truth and towards
the good, toward the one God who is above all gods... In this connection,
the Enlightenment is of Christian origin and it is no accident that it was
born precisely and exclusively in the realm of the Christian faith."]
(By Michael J. Gaynor, MichNews.com - Troy, MI, Dec. 6, 2005)
Buddha Boy of Notting Hill seeks Tory enlightenment
[Devotees have arrived - from Ashford to Yeovil - clasping their
hands and touching their foreheads, hoping for enlightenment.]
(By Alice Thomson, Telegraph.co.uk - UK, Dec. 6, 2005)
Study Adam Smith to solve crisis, Chirac told
[Herman, the author of "How the Scots Invented the Modern World", will argue
that the legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment has the ideas and principles to
revitalise France. The French Enlightenment resulted in more power to the state,
whereas the Scottish Enlightenment pushed for greater freedom for the individual.]
(By William Lyons, The Scotsman, UK, Nov. 26, 2005)
* The garden of enlightenment— Arid thoughts!
[The Chinese Imperium will always pale to the American Republic, in grandeur
and brilliance, and will never pose a direct threat but it is the interest of
the world that they effect a reasonable journey towards the garden of enlightenment.]
(By Iqbal Latif & Zachary Latif, Persian Journal, Nov. 26, 2005)
Men of the Enlightenment [I do believe the Founding Fathers, rather than being Christian
fundamentalists, were men of the Enlightenment, who, for the most part, believed in deism.
They depended mostly on logic and reasoning, the tenets of the Enlightenment.]
(By Mack Patten, Salt Lake Tribune, Utah, Nov. 26, 2005)
These Web sites will help you find religious overtones in movies
[Use them for personal enlightenment or for lively discussions among family and friends:
1. www.hollywoodjesus.com, 2. www.catholicmoviereviews.org, 3. www.christianitytoday.com/movies,
4. www.daughtersofstpaul.com/mediastudies/reviews/index.html, 5. www.filmchatblog.blogspot.com,
6. www.imagesjournal.com, 7. www.unomaha.edu/jrf]
(By Tom Schaefer, Macon Telegraph - Macon, GA, Nov. 26, 2005)
Opinion: Caution advised on road to enlightenment
[The road to self-improvement is clearly a rough and rocky one.]
(By S.N., Arizona Daily Star - Tucson, AZ, Nov. 25, 2005)
OUTLOOK: Japan must rejoin Asia
[Yukichi Fukuzawa was the most prominent enlightenment philosopher in modern Japan
and his portrait can be found on the 10,000 yen bill today. In 1885, he argued
in a newspaper Jiji Simpo that Japan should "leave Asia and enter Europe."]
(By Kim Young-hie, Joongang Ilbo - Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 24, 2005)
Skeptics converge to take on religion and morality [Paul Kurtz]
[The 10th World Congress, "Toward a New Enlightenment," was to respond to assaults
on free inquiry that participants said threaten advances not only in science,
and medicine, but democracy itself. Kurtz said, "The cultivation of critical
thinking is essential not only for science but for an educated citizenry."]
(By Carolyn Thompson, Newsday, Long Island, NY, Oct. 27, 2005)
* Raymond Reid: 'The Truth,' & 'Desperate Housewives'
[If eating one grain of rice a day signifies enlightenment,
no one I saw at the all-you-can-eat buffet comes even close]
(By Raymond Reid, Southern Pines Pilot - Southern Pines, NC, Oct. 23, 2005)
Buddhist festival seeks to transcend boundaries
[he Theravada monk said this thirst for enlightenment and a code to live by
is the force that would bring more than a 100 people to a Buddhist festival.]
(By Kate Howard, Fairview Observer - Fairview, TN, Oct. 23, 2005)
'We should open our eyes to our Enlightenment'
[The leading lights of the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment— David Hume
& Adam Smith— laid down the founding principles on which many societies are based.]
(By William Lyons, The Scotsman, UK, Oct. 23, 2005)
* Debunking enlightenment: The Other Side of BeliefÜ Interpreting U G Krishnamurti
[Here is a case of a transformed body which rejects all forms of enlightenment as
"thought-induced conditioning". UG had dissatisfying encounters with Swami Sivananda
and Ramana Maharshi. Had unique relationship over his lifetime with J Krishnamurti.]
(By Jaydeep Deosthale, Deccan Herald - Bangalore, India, Oct. 23, 2005)
* The miracle of enlightenment
[The freedom I'm speaking about, the freedom of enlightenment,
is always only about the celebration of no difference whatsoever.]
(By Andrew Cohen, Economic Times, India, Oct. 22, 2005)
Waiting for an Islamic Enlightenment [Review of Reza Aslan's book
No God But God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam. The ordinary
Muslim sells his soul to Allah, an advance payment for later resurrection and
entry to the most sensuous old men's club ever invented: the Islamic paradise.]
(By Tariq Ali, Guardian Unlimited, UK, Oct. 22, 2005)
What Is Enlightenment? Magazine Builds Online Relationships with SRB Marketing
[SRB Marketingis helping WIE magazine with multi-media content & more paid subscribers.]
(Emediawire, Press Release, Ferndale, WA, Oct. 20, 2005)
* COMMENTARY: Still carrying on search for enlightenment
[The after-hours high school janitor mopped up one bathroom after another—
then suddenly "in a dim blue light, there it was: I stood solid as a statue,
my fingers wrapped around the long metal pole of the mop as it came to me,
yes, yes, that was it, so clear, so true, so real in its simplicity and harmony.]
(By Michael Murphy, The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA, Oct. 19, 2005)
Gift of Enlightenment [A spiritual board game for 2-6 players where the winner gets
[a affirmative and thought provoking personal message from the Book of Enlightenment]
(By Lauren Ravenstar, Bella Online, USA, Oct. 19, 2005)
New Book Reveals The Nature of Physical Reality
[LariAnn Garner's Fractalic Awakening: A Seeker's Guide uses
fractal metaphysics in advancing one's personal spiritual development.]
(Emediawire, Press Release, Ferndale, WA, Oct. 19, 2005)
The Tumultuous Life of a Buddha: Siddhartha [Hesse's novel]
[From this firm footing, he is unmovable from his path to attain enlightenment.]
(By Leigh Holmes, GSU Signal - Atlanta, GA, Oct. 19, 2005)
How Hatshepsut became pharaoh in a man's world
[Like European royalty before the Enlightenment, the Egyptian
dynasts concerned themselves above all with succession]
(By Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 15, 2005)
* Mumbo jumbo and me [Francis Wheen embarked on a defence of the intellectual
foundations of the modern world. His book How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World
tells about our 'retreat from reason' or 'enlightenment legacy'.]
(By Simon Caterson, The Age, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Oct. 15, 2005)
* Thomas Schelling: games of enlightenment
[From nuclear weapons to climate change, the Vietnam war to urban segregation,
the Nobel prize-winning economist Thomas Schelling1s leaps of lateral thinking
are weapons of enlightenment. Schelling's 1960 book, The Strategy of Conflict.]
(By Tim Harford, Open Democracy - London, UK, Oct. 14, 2005)
The road to enlightenment [Choreographer Bebe Miller takes
an existential approach to dancing in her new "Landing/Place,"
Miller spoke of "going-ness," or the state of being on a journey.
The road traveled is more important than the destination.]
(By Robert Johnson, Newark Star Ledger - Newark, NJ, Oct. 14, 2005)
Guitarist 'failed' Santana test [Carlos Santana sacked Bruce Kuhlman,
his personal assistant of 16 years for not being spiritual enough—
"enlightenment/consciousness level" was calibrated and found to be low.]
(By Chris Ayres, The Australian, Australia, Oct. 14, 2005)
* Wabi Sabi Spirituality [Idea in Japanese culture: I've been thinking a lot
about enlightenment and awakening, and what they mean in relation to wabi sabi.]
(Interview by Deborah Caldwell, Beliefnet.com - New York, Oct. 12, 2005)
General Wesley Clark on Iraq [The Enlightenment never managed to break through
to the Islamic world because Islam functioned as a balance between faith and reason,
that helped to instigate the European Enlightenment, mainly through the reintroduction
of philosophy and science made possible by contacts between the Crusaders and Moslems.
Thus it is not Reason that Moslems object to, but rather the complete discrediting
and abandonment of Faith, which lies at the heart of the Western secular project.]
(By Joe Rega, RedState.org - Mclean, VA, Oct. 11, 2005)
* The Daily Dose: Science for moderns [Helga Nowotny, head of the European
Research Advisory Board and a true child of the Enlightenment, insists that
science is self-interpreting. Many philosophers and politicians beg to differ.
Also: Darwin's tortoise Harriet is 175 years old & living in Australia.]
(By Matt Donnelly, Science & Theology News, Quincy, MA, Oct. 11, 2005)
* The rise of fascism in Germany & the collapse of the Communist International
[Max Horkheimer & Theodor Adorno wrote Dialectic of Enlightenment in the final years
of World War II. They claim that the germs of the social regression manifested by Nazism
were already contained in the Enlightenment. "The first matter we had to investigate,"
they write, was "the self-destruction of enlightenment." And: "We have no doubt...
that freedom in society is inseparable from enlightenment thinking."]
(By Peter Schwarz, World Socialist Web Site - Oak Park, MI, Oct. 11, 2005)
Enlightenment on trial... again
[Science, it seems, is drifting into political dangers it has not faced since
before the Enlightenment. Who would have thought that, at the dawn of
the 21st century, the old Enlightenment debates would still be so potent?]
(By Helga Nowotny, Taipei Times, Oct. 10, 2005)
* Even the enlightened don't know all
[Founder of "What is Enlightenment" magazine, Andrew Cohen's "Embracing Heaven and Earth"
is a book that not only tells you how to attain enlightenment but how to remain enlightened.]
(By Cheryl D'Couto, Deccan Herald - Bangalore, India, Oct. 9, 2005)
End of the Enlightenment
[With new, radical religious movements on the rise globally,
why is so much of the world bent on rejecting reason?]
(By Debora Mackenzie, Oct. 8, 2005)
* Salman Rushdie: Inside the Mind of Jihadists
[My name is Rushdie is that my father was an admirer of Ibn Rush'd, the 12th century
Arab philosopher known as Averroes in the West. In his time, he was making the non-literalist
case for interpreting the Koran... No enlightenment will come from multicultural appeasement.]
(By Nathan Gardels, Yahoo News, Oct. 7, 2005)
The Wordsworthian Enlightenment. Romantic Poetry and the Ecology of Reading
[Book review of Helen R. Elam & Frances Ferguson's book on Geoffrey Hartman's work]
(By Julien desrochers, Fabula - France, Oct. 7, 2005)
Laughing One's Way to Enlightenment
[Joan E. Morrone's book: Socrates, posing as a humble fool, brought out the foolishness
in egotism. Shakespeare, on the inflated ego: "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise
man knows himself to be a fool." Morrone uses these examples and more to illuminate her
overall message that recognizing folly, wherever it comes from, is the key to enlightenment.]
(PrimeZone (press release) - Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 6, 2005)
Pennock to the Court: "Methodological Naturalism is all there is, or was, or ever will be"
[He told the Court that this is the way science has worked, does work, and ever
will work, at least since we became enlightened during the enlightenment.]
(Post By Casey Luskin, Evolution News & Views, Oct. 1, 2005)
Athlete Travels into the Mystic
[Steve Haney's "A Jock's Journey to Enlightenment" tells the unlikely
but true account of an athlete's journey from the fierce competition
of the athletic world to the ancient wisdom of indigenous shamanism.]
(Free-Press-Release.com (press release) - USA, June 28, 2005)
Siddhartha suffered, Buddha detached from it
[At age 35, after assaults & temptations under that tree from the demon Mara—
Siddhartha attained Enlightenment and became the Buddha, "The Awakened One".]
(By Kate Taylor, OregonLive.com - Portland, OR, June 28, 2005)
Cultural Evolution: The Business of Saving the World
[Spiritual teacher and founder of "What Is Enlightenment?" magazine
Andrew Cohen joins Geopolitical activist & "Spiral Wizard" Don Beck in NYC
to speak about authentic leadership and the science of changing the world]
(By Prudent Press Agency, New York, June 27, 2005)
SCIENCE: Fallen angels or risen apes?
[The argument between evolutionists and creationists, Ruse says,
is not a debate between science and religion, but one between rival
religions the origins of which go back to the Enlightenment.]
(By Alan Batten, Toronto Globe & Mail, Ontario, Canada, June 25, 2005)
First Annual Walk on Water (W.O.W) Enlightenment and Empowerment Festival
Brings Together Mystics, Music and Masters of Holistic Health

[The event's creator, Reginald G. Johnson, says the idea came about
from a chapter entitled Have You Walked On Water Yet? from his book,
The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within.]
(Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale, WA, June 25, 2005)
Igor Skoglund About Britney Spears Enlightenment On Www.searchtermtrends.com
[On May 20, 2005 Igor Skoglund said: "Britney Spears is the sexiest
woman in the world. When I see her I feel Spiritual Enlightenment."]
(By Igor Skoglund, King County News - WA, June 24, 2005)
A not so practical guide to enlightenment
[Sam Martin's "How to Achieve Total Enlightenment: A Practical Guide
to the Meaning of Life"— I find it tiresome & the jokes are cheap.]
(By Jake Spatz, The Examiner, Washington, June 17, 2005)
MOVIE REVIEW: Finding film nirvana in a religious trek
[Every two or three years, a half-million pilgrims travel by foot and by truck to
gather at the tree of enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, India, where the Dalai Lama presides
over a ritual intended to reinforce the Buddhist message of peace and tolerance.]
(By Jan Stuart, Newsday, June 15, 2005)
Scientology: the doctrine of clarity
[Could there be a science of enlightenment? Centuries of philosophies, spiritual teachers,
dogmas and religions later, the only thing that we humans seem to have realized is that
enlightenment, or complete freedom if you will, is too much of a personal experience
to be achieved systematically by all.]
(By Saurabh Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times, Delhi, India, June 14, 2005)
Search for enlightenment finds expanding audience
[It's not easy to be a Tibetan yak butter sculptor on a summer afternoon in Evanston.]
(By Jon Anderson, Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2005)
Madonna's recipe for spritual enlightenment!
[The Material Girl's documentary about her worldwide Re-Invention tour is entitled
Madonna: I'm Going To Tell You a Secret, based on The Secret, by Michael Berg,
a guru for Madonna's Kaballah faith, in helping people finding their core.]
(By Ani, Sify - Taramani, Chennai, India, June 13, 2005)
Unbridled Talent: George Stubbs (1724-1806)
[Technical excellence aside, he was a painter-philosopher and a student
of science— a true man of the Enlightenment, whose work gave expressio
to numerous shifts in the very texture of European thought.]
(Telegraph.co.uk - London, UK, June 13, 2005)
History one glass at a time: Author traces society with use of six drinks
[Arabic scientists produced spirits and coffee— the latter perked
up the coffee houses of the Enlightenment producing innovation]
(By Chris Atchison, Metro Toronto - Toronto, Ontario, June 13, 2005)
* Semi Detached
[The claim of spiritual enlightenment sounds spurious to me, and how separating
myself from the world and living like a hermit devoted to prayer and inner
contemplation could be anything but selfish is beyond me.]
(By Richard Marcu, Blogger News Network - USA, June 12, 2005)
Centuries-old technique puts Eastern art in a new enlightenment
[Most of the Asian artwork on display at the Padma Gallery in Des Moines are
true to tradition: images of ancient Eastern subjects, gods and holy stories.]
(By Amanda Pierre, DesMoinesRegister.com - Des Moines, IA, June 12, 2005)
BOOKS: 'Rogue River' mixes history, philosophy, discovery
["Rogue River Journal" is history, memoir, philosophy and discovery
all mixed together into a little gem of enlightenment.]
(By Dan Hays, Salem Statesman Journal - Salem, OR, June 12, 2005)
It had to happen once ... Prince Charles talking sense
[The men of letters of the Scottish Enlightenment, sharp and privileged...]
(By Euan Ferguson, The Observer - UK, June 12, 2005)
Some gems get lost in hit parade
[The title track lasts nearly 10 minutes, but not a moment is wasted;
it's Van Morrison seeking enlightenment through being quiet and listening.]
(Rocky Mountain News - Denver, CO, June 10, 2005)
A Current Story
[The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla is powered by a chain-reaction
of mixed-media scenes, dosing the audience with that Tesla state of mind]
(By Marianne Messina, Silicon Valley's Metro - San Jose, CA, June 9, 2005)
* Spiritual Awakening and the Near-Death Experience
[After this experience, called enlightenment, illumination, or oneness with
the Divine, people feel a happiness so unlike and above any other that they
try to reach out to those still in the darkness we call everyday life.]
(By Stephen Ruppenthal, Beliefnet.com - New York, May 5, 2005)
Ask and ye shall receive— enlightenment
[Science is an adventure, intensely relevent to our lives. Ask questions.]
(By Dinesh Ramde, Daily Cardinal, University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 5, 2005)
Mirror on French fashion, a leader in 18th century Europe
[Lyonnais silks were the rage, but with the Age of Enlightenment,
cotton from Asia inspired greater simplicity of dress.]
(By Jo Biddle, Peninsula On-line - Qatar, May 3, 2005)
* CLASSICS REVISITED: Guy next door [Saul Bellow's Dangling Man (1944)]
[Studies of the great European thinkers have not resulted in any
metaphysical enlightenment or any kind of transcendental breakthrough]
(By Ravi Vyas, - Chennai, India, May 1, 2005)
* Heading east in search of enlightenment
[Kurt Kübli, Swiss monk left homeland 30 years ago for Koyasan, Japan]
(By Ramsey Zarifeh, NZZ Online - Zurich, Switzerland, April 30, 2005)
* Heading east in search of enlightenment [Kurt Kübli]
[Kurt later responds to my attempts to interview him about the path
to enlightenment by signing me up for a two-hour Thai massage]
(By Ramsey Zarifeh, Swissinfo - Bern, Switzerland, April 30, 2005)
* A light in these dark ages [Pope Benedict XVI's inspiration]
Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue (1981) argues that the
Enlightenment project to establish a rational basis for morality has failed.
He advocates a return to an Aristotelian-Catholic tradition as the only
viable alternative to Nietzschean moral nihilism.]
(By Nathan Smith, Dallas Morning News, TX, April 30, 2005)
Finding enlightenment at Moscow historical society
[The Russian American Moscow Historical Enlightenment Society— its
purpose is to resurrect & preserve the cultural legacy of Russia America]
(By Elton Engstrom, Juneau Empire - Juneau, Alaska, April 29, 2005)
Searching for spiritual enlightenment at massive Hindu pilgrimage
[The directors meet a head-spinning array of self-declared masters of enlightenment]
(By Tom Keogh, Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, April 29, 2005)
Andrei Codrescu, NPR Commentator & Social Critic, Visits the Berkshires for Talk
[Sponsored by What Is Enlightenment? magazine with 75,000 readership]
(Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale, WA, April 29, 2005)
Moviegoers still trying to figure out 'What the #$*!'
[Arntz had returned from a three-week stint at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment,
a New Age retreat that blends quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings]
(By Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder, CO, April 28, 2005)
* Whose nation under God? [What's under siege here is nothing less than the Enlightenment...
I never thought I'd live to see a time when the Enlightenment was politically controversial.
Democracy, like science, depends on debate, tolerance, and evidence. And in a democracy,
nothing is scarier than a political force convinced it is getting irrefutable truth directly from God.]
(By Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe, April 27, 2005)
WORD FOR WORD: Bad word, 'Enlightenment1!
[Courage to Know— is a translation of the Latin motto "Sapere Aude" that
Kant gave to the Age of Enlightenment. We did not know that it was subversive.]
(By Khaled Ahmed, Daily Times - Pakistan, April 4, 2005)
Maligned school welcomes visitors to learn about mind1s powers
[Ramtha School of Enlightenment opened its doors to business people in hopes
of increasing understanding and tolerance for the school, organizers said]
(Associated Press, The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, April 3, 2005)
Science: Open up their eyes
[This cogent restating of the case for science, reason, optimism and
the other values of the Enlightenment is clear about its opponents]
(By Dick Taverne, The Economist, UK, March 31, 2005)
Letters: So Many Books, So Little Time
[Re: "Grasping at Enlightenment," Commentary, March 29: James Atlas has captured
precisely the growing sense of barely controlled frenzy that each year grasps]
(By Gordon Cohn, Los Angeles Times, March 31, 2005)
Ariel Sharon1s Suicidal Policy
[In 1784, when the Age of Reason had almost run its course, the philosopher
Kant defined enlightenment as "man's emergence from self-imposed darkness"
and offered as its motto, Sapere aude— "Dare to know."]
(By Louis Rene Beres, Israel Hasbara Committee, Brooklyn, NY, March 23, 2005)
Seduced by moments of purest Enlightenment
[Handel's "Triumph of Time and Enlightenment" is a fine example
of that ancient cultural form, the moral allegory— which is
unfortunate, as the moral allegory for us is dead beyond recall.]
(By Ivan Hewett, Telegraph.co.uk - UK, March 8, 2005)
* Enlightenment is not necessarily for the unevolved
[Some would suggest that it is a result of an enlightenment of the group conscience
and our reconnection as people with who we are rather than with what we own]
(By Amanda Millar, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, March 7, 2005)
* Life with a purpose, but not meaning
[The spate of senseless killing and destruction shattered the
ideals modern man so earnestly cherished since Enlightenment.]
(By Syed Fattahul Alim, Financial Express, Bangladesh, March 5, 2005)
One magical night: Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
[Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's performance of Mendelssohn's music]
(By Geoffrey Norris, The Telegraph, UK, March 5, 2005)
* Truth-Telling is Stranger Than It Used to Be, Part One
[Modernity— the dominant worldview since the Enlightenment— has been supplanted
by postmodernism, which both extends and denies certain principles & symbols.
Modern science, itself a product of the Enlightenment, rejected revelation
as a source of truth and put the scientific method in its place.]
(By R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Christian Post - San Francisco, March 2, 2005)
Insight: the pitfalls of managing the post-materialist employee
[Do you believe that everyone must have a family and social obligations?
Do you celebrate the Enlightenment? You do? Oh dear! How old fashioned!]
(By Adrian Furnham, Telegraph.co.uk - UK, March 2, 2005)
American freedoms are based on humanistic principles
[Individual values were not mentioned or fostered in the Bible. They came
about through the humanistic principles developed during the Enlightenment]
(By Nan Owens, St. Petersburg Times, FL, Nov. 29, 2004)
Turkey in EU is start of fraternal links to Islam
[Atatürk essentially imposed the Enlightenment project on Turkey]
(By Anthony Staines, Financial Times - London, UK, Nov. 29, 2004)
* No thumb rule [Kissinger wrote: "Democracy in the West evolved over centuries.
It required first a church independent of the state; then the Reformation, which
imposed pluralism of religion; the Enlightenment, which asserted the autonomy of
reason from both church and state; the Age of Discovery, which broadened horizons;
and finally capitalism, with its emphasis on competition and the market."
None of these conditions, he said, exists in the Islamic world.]
(By Anwar Syed, Greater Kashmir - Srinigar, India, Nov. 29, 2004)
MP vows follow-up to film 'Submission'
[The subtitle to the new film will be "Shortcut to Enlightenment". Hirsi Ali
said she hopes to point out a short cut for Muslims to gain enlightenment]
(Expatica - Netherlands, Nov. 29, 2004)
* What Is Enlightenment? [Himmelfarb explores three paths to modern times]
[The phenomenon that used to be called "Age of Enlightenment" has become contested
terrain, and the dissenters from the Enlightenment project have grown in number]
(By Diana Schaub, The Weekly Standard - Washington, DC, Nov. 29, 2004)
Liberal Group, Knights Of Enlightenment, To Step Up Efforts
In Response Christian Right1s Extremism
[As a group that believes in freedom,
liberty and personal choice, the Knights Of Enlightenment will fight for justice]
(By Solon Ari, PR Leap, Chula Vista, CA, Nov. 26, 2004)
Remembering the darker side to our Enlightenment
[James Robertson's award-winning novel, "Joseph Knight",
deals with the 1778 landmark case on slavery in Scotland]
(By Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman - Edinburgh, UK, Nov. 25, 2004)
* Many thanks to life's things [What I am thankful for:
The Enlightenment. Gifted auto mechanics. Bruce Springsteen...]
(By Paul Vitello, Newsday - Long Island, NY, Nov. 25, 2004)
* The Interpreters of Maladies: Maxime Rodinson and Jacques Derrida
[Where Rodinson was a fervent rationalist in the Enlightenment mold,
Derrida relentlessly questioned the universality of Western reason]
(By Adam Shatz, The Nation, Nov. 24, 2004)
* Enlightenment for all [What drives us to get the best education
for everyone must be the certainty of the need for enlightenment for all]
(By John Savage, EducationGuardian.co.uk - UK, Nov. 23, 2004)
* The Buddha From Brooklyn [Jeff Miller to Surya Das]
[A Lama Talks About Enlightenment... With a Yiddish Twang Spirituality]
(By Jay Michaelson, Forward, NY, Nov. 23, 2004)
'Sex enlightenment' ends in jail
[Judge rejected his defence that he had been on a journey of sexual enlightenment]
(By Holly Nott, The Australian, Nov. 23, 2004)
* Hitting the Road [Comment on Garry Wills' "Day the Enlightenment went out"]
(By Chuck Colson, Town Hall - Washington, DC, Nov. 22, 2004)
The public found Bush a safer choice
[Bush did appeal overwhelmingly to people of conservative religious values]
(By Robert Royal, National Catholic Reporter - USA, Nov. 19, 2004)
* From "velvet revolution" to "velvet jihad"?
[U.S. 2004 Election: The evangelical Reds defeated the secular-
Enlightenment Blues in a largely free and fair democratic process]
(By Martin Matustík, Open Democracy - London, UK, Nov. 18, 2004)
Movies: Christia Bale enjoying weighty roles in "The Machinist"
[Actor says losing pounds for part was enlightening:
"I really did feel like I hit this point of enlightenment"]
(By Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Nov. 18, 2004)
* American blues: Our liberal cousins are in despair. Defenders of the Enlightenment unite!
[Hands need to be joined across the sea in an old cause: the defence of the Enlightenment]
(By Timothy Garton Ash in San Francisco, Guardian - UK, Nov. 18, 2004)
* An exhilarating temple of enlightenment [Taniguchi's serenely minimalist architecture draws
you gently but inexorably forward with the promise of what I am tempted to call enlightenment]
(By Richard Dorment, Telegraph.co.uk - London, UK, Nov. 17, 2004)
* The Enlightenment of Resistance [Consciously deciding to step forward instead of
facing backwards, the enlightenment of resistance must be massive, a giant movement born of
synergy, a symbiotic unity of human energy crashing head first into a system for too long
eroding the very fabric of humanity, finally awakening billions to a most troubled history.]
(By Manuel Valenzuela, Collective Bellaciao - Paris, France, Nov. 16, 2004)
Bigotry poses greatest hurdle to enlightenment
[That period in history which is the setting of "April Morning" is also known
as "The Age of Reason," "The Enlightenment" and "The Revolutionary Age."]
(Palladium-Item - Richmond, IN, Nov. 15, 2004)
* 'Creeping Totalitarianism'
[Garry Wills claimed that Bush1s re-election spelled the end of the Enlightenment]
(By Edwin J. Feulner, Town Hall - Washington, DC, Nov. 14, 2004)
A Better Enlightenment [Gertrude Himmelfarb's "Roads to Modernity"]
[Her purpose is to knock the crown of Enlightenment off the head of
the French and to return it to its rightful owners, the British.]
(By James Gardner, New York Post, Nov. 14, 2004)
Wild Girl, Natural Man, & the Monster: Dangerous Experiments in the Age of Enlightenment
Wild Enlightenment: The Borders of Human Identity in the 18th Century

[Douthwaite & Nash writes on the penetration of civilization by wildness]
(By Frank Palmeri, RedNova.com - Dallas, TX, Nov. 14, 2004)
* Thinkers Behind the Culture of Death (Part 3) [Media entertainment
is just that— a distraction from reality, but hardly ever enlightening.]
(By Donald DeMarco, Zenit News Agency - Rome, Italy, Nov. 14, 2004)
How Enlightenment Dies
[If it was the fate of the Enlightenment for which Mr. Wills feared, he would have
done better looking some 3,000 miles to his east, to lovely, wounded Amsterdam]
(By Andrew Stuttaford, National Review Online - USA, Nov. 12, 2004)
* From suffering to enlightenment
[Arpana Caur's art "Black light": the feeling of light that penetrates darkness]
(The Statesman - Calcutta, India, Nov. 11, 2004)
Unlock your inner goddess
[By writing a diary, you can express yourself without worrying... It can take
the brunt of your frustration, and won't ever get tired of listening to you.]
(By Eloise Fysh, icNewcastle.co.uk, Newcastle, UK, Nov. 11, 2004)
Why the assault on Falluja is a sign of America1s weakness
[America, with its emphasis on individual freedom within the law,
remains one of the great achievements of the Enlightenment]
(By Iain Macwhirter, The Herald - Glasgow, UK, Nov. 10, 2004)
* Bush's Secularist Triumph [All religions and all churches are
equally demented in their belief in divine intervention, divine
intercession, or even the existence of the divine in the first place.]
(By Christopher Hitchens, Slate - USA, Nov. 9, 2004)
Shades of Islamic Fundamentalism
[The attitude vis-à-vis the separation of religion and culture which began with
the Enlightenment and, therefore, of the separation of religion and politics.]
(Interview With Religion Expert Massimo Introvigne,
Zenit News Agency - Rome, Italy, Nov. 8, 2004)
Has reason left public life?
[I am disheartened that the America that I came to as an immigrant, which
I thought represented the apogee of the Age of Enlightenment, is in free fall]
(By Moin Rahman, Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale, FL, Nov. 8, 2004)
Blue America's flame-throwers see red
[Garry Wills declared this election marked "the triumph
of belief over fact" and the end of the Enlightenment]
(By David Reinhard, OregonLive.com - Portland, OR, Nov. 7, 2004)
* Taos a land of enlightenment for contemplative souls
[But it's winter, with its butter-soft snows and dazzling skies,
that captures the essence of Taos' light at its finest moments.]
(By Mary Ann Anderson, Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 7, 2004)
Adventures in war and poetry
[Poetry books on Ewart Alan Mackintosh and Joseph Lee]
(By Trevor Royle, Sunday Herald - Glasgow,Scotland, UK, Nov. 7, 2004)
Age of enlightenment: Transcendental Meditation promotes
youthful learning, advocates claim

[Skeptics say any form of meditation could accomplish the same
results touted by TM advocates -- without the religious undertones.]
(By Patrick Condon, Daily Breeze - Torrance, CA, Nov. 7, 2004)
Inside Politics: Republican terrorists
[Fundamentalist Christians who ensured Bush's re-election are a bunch of
ignorant religious fanatics— no different, really, than Islamic
terrorists— who have done nothing less than end the Enlightenment.]
(By Greg Pierce, Washington Times - Washington, DC, Nov. 5, 2004)
The Fourth Estate's dark enlightenment
[Folks like Al Neuharth— and obedient followers of his
"enlightenment"— call this "true independence." It's time to call it
what it is— an abdication of responsibility that leads to darkness.]
(By Colin McNickle, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh, Nov. 6, 2004)
The Day Principles Triumphed
[New York Times blamed religious conservatism for the victory of Bush
and ruefully titled his article "The Day the Enlightenment Went Out"]
(By, Men's News Daily - Guerneville, CA, Nov. 5, 2004)
* Fundamentalists 51, enlightenment 49
[Bush victory: Bible as literal truth trumped science & the enlightenment
(By Barry Sussman, Nieman Watchdog - Cambridge, MA, Nov. 4, 2004)
NY Times blames religious conservatives for Bush win
[That's why he lost. Then there's "The Day the Enlightenment Went Out"
by Gary Willis, an adjuct professor at Northwestern]
(By Owen Courrèges, Chronically Biased - Houston, TX, Nov. 4, 2004)
Movies: Alternative universe is lost in space
[My favorite: "Ramtha, master teacher, Ramtha
School of Enlightenment, channeled by JZ Knight."]
(By Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC, Nov. 4, 2004)
The triumph of emotion over reason: Global politics
[The basic issue at the heart of the Enlightenment was on what principles
should society be run: reason, or blind obedience to some primal authority?]
(By Peter McMahon, On Line opinion - Australia, Nov. 3, 2004)
We live under a faith-based presidency
[The reign of George W. Bush signifies the end of French Enlightenment empiricism]
(By Hollie Russon Gilman, Chicago Maroon, IL, Nov. 2, 2004)
Power, Subjectivity, Resistance: Three Works on Postmodern Anarchism
[Programs of surveillance and control do not appear as an aberration,
but rather as a logical unfolding of the Enlightenment]
(By Michael Glavin, nfoshop News - USA, Nov. 2, 2004)
Beer And Girls Trumps Enlightenment And Nirvana
[Two Buddhist monks abandoned their vows after they fell in love with a pair
of teenage girls who sold beer across from their temple in central Cambodia]
(By Robert Paul Reyes, Useless-Knowledge.com - USA, Nov. 1, 2004)
* Brainiacs Need Love, Too [Book Review: A.J. Jacobs' "The Know-It All"]
[Diderot's Encyclopédie was issued in 1751, and championed
Enlightenment ideals, such as reason and skeptical inquiry]
(By Christopher Byrd, Washington Post, Nov. 1, 2004)
Al-Quran as a torch to enlightenment, guidance
[Sultan: "Let us use the Quran as a torch to enlightenment and to get blessing
for all our work. Let us use the Quran as an everlasting and permanent guidance"]
(By Azlan Othman, Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Darussalam, Oct. 31, 2004)
Unknown faces of Tibet
[Mahayana Buddhism purpose - to bring all sentient beings to enlightenment]
(By Micha Odenheimer, Ha'aretz - Jerusalem, Israel, Oct. 28, 2004)
Going Places [Not Stewart Bitkoff, a former Yorktown Heights resident,
who wrote "How to Attain Enlightenment on the Major Deegan Expressway"]
(By Caren Halbfinger, White Plains Journal News - NY, Oct. 27, 2004)
Up and down with Christian Bale
["I really did feel like I hit this point of enlightenment," he says]
(By Bob Strauss, San Bernardino Sun - San Bernardino, CA, Oct. 27, 2004)
Up and down with Christian Bale [Mentally, I could understand why
you hear about monks fasting for enlightenment. It changes your mental
outlook and I found myself almost unable to become angry or frustrated]
(By Bob Strauss, San Bernardino Sun, CA, Oct. 26, 2004)
The election is a choice between two different philosophies rooted in our history
[The other perspective has its feet planted squarely in the enlightenment
thinking of Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu, and others.]
(By Arch Montgomery, Asheville Citizen-Times - Asheville, NC, Oct. 25, 2004)
* Kabbalah Gave Me a Lighter Wallet, But No Enlightenment
[4000-year-old Jewish mystical philosophy at Los Angeles Kabbalah Center]
(By Marianne Garvey, New York Post, Oct. 24, 2004)
What the #$*! Do We Know?
[film is like a recruiting video for the Ramtha School of Enlightenment]
(Film Review By Matt Langdon, FilmCritic.com Oct. 22, 2004)
* Über there, über there
[Ron Suskind writes: "I ... murmured something about Enlightenment principles
and empiricism. He cut me off. 'That's not the way the world really works anymore.
We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our reality. And while you're
studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating
other, new realities, which you can study, too, and that's how things will sort
out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study
what we do.'"... The Enlightenment is passé. Well, I see the light.]
(By Beau Elliot, Daily Iowan - Iowa City, IA, Oct. 19, 2004)
* Far From Being an Obstacle, Faith Seen as an Aid to Science
[Modern science "is a genuine product of a Judeo-Christian view of the world,"
and not the product of the Enlightenment, contends Cardinal Renato Martino.
He said "Man, desirous of knowing the truth, if he is able to look beyond
himself and to raise his sight beyond his own plans, is given the possibility
to recover the genuine relationship with life, following the path of truth."]
(Zenit News Agency - Rome, Italy, Oct. 18, 2004)
* Keeping faith with reason [Francis Wheen's How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World]
[It has been fashionable in higher intellectual circles—
the self-proclaimed higher intellectual circles, that is—
to declare the end of the Enlightenment project.]
(Book Review By Nicholas Lezard, Guardian, UK, Oct. 16, 2004)
Is Derrida dead?
[Alan D. Sokal heuristically challenged the dogma imposed by the long
post-Enlightenment hegemony over the Western intellectual outlook]
(By, The Times, London, England, UK, Oct. 11, 2004)
* Lifting burdens with enlightenment
[Ascending to a state of higher consciousness & self-enlightenment
Ishaya Techniques: Appreciation. Gratitude. Love. Compassion.]
(By Nick C. Sortal, Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 10, 2004)
Books: Francis Wheen's "How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World"
[The rational Enlightenment, moving forwards since the 18th century,
has been allowed to founder, and things have now reversed since 1979]
(Reviewed By Phil Baker, The Sunday Times, UK, Oct. 10, 2004)
* Indomitable spirit: Buddhist Tibet doesn't submit to China's will
[Love, hope and the ability to seek a higher moral ground,
enlightenment in the darkest of places that is the face of Tibet]
(By Joe Howell, Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville, TN, Oct. 9, 2004)
For the living, too, repose - plus fine hiking
[To wander among the stunning architecture and rich flora of West Laurel
Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd is to virtually experience the Enlightenment.]
(By Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 9, 2004)
'Princes' Lifts Too Heavy A Burden, Fails to Reign
["Princes & Principles", a dry one-act play based on dueling dialogues
between political bad boy Niccolo Machiavelli and Enlightenment goody-goody]
(By Pamela Squires, Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2004)
On the road to enlightenment
[Motorcycle Diaries to discovery, understanding and enlightenment]
(By Bruce Kirkland, Edmonton Sun, Alberta, Canada, Oct. 8, 2004)
It's in the Cards
[UK-based think tank, offers a deck of Second Enlightenment possibility cards]
(Fast Company - New York, NY, Oct. 6, 2004)
* Yin-Yang concept put on display
[Painting "Towards Final Enlightenment"-- an aerial picture of Borobudur Temple]
(By Carla Bianpoen, Jakarta Post - Jakarta, Indonesia, Oct. 5, 2004)
Noam Chomsky and the New Anti-Semitism
[Ideology drew inspiration from writings of French Enlightenment anti-semites]
(By Benjamin Kerstein, Frontpagemag.com - USA, Oct. 5, 2004)
Religion and Thought
[Philosophy becomes popular with 'Enlightenment', that were efforts by nafs
(ego in Sufism literature) to rid of religion, were as a result of this]
(By Ali Unal, Zaman Online - Istanbul, Turkey, Oct. 2, 2004)
A romp through the ideas maze [Reviews Tom Stoppard's Arcadia]
[Abstract oppositions abound - between the Enlightenment and Romanticism,
science and art, determinism and free will, proof and supposition, regimented
18th-century landscape gardening versus its gothic successor.]
(By Dominic Cavendish, Telegraph.co.uk - London, UK, Sept. 28, 2004)
* Faith and atheism in politics: The great divide
[The French Enlightenment produced a classical western atheism. The new atheism
started as a anticlerical movement within the intelligentsia. Von Brooke's
influence completed Feud's journey to classical Enlightenment atheism.]
(By Fred Hutchison, renewamerica.us - Washington, D.C. Sept. 28, 2004)
* The Tower Card: Building a Path to Enlightenment
[While each of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck offers its own insights on
the path of enlightenment, none conveys the message so strongly as the Tower.]
(By Mary K. Wilson, Llewellyn Journal, St. Paul, MN, Sept. 27, 2004)
* Asian Pop Exotic, Erotic Asia: The West's long fascination
with sex from the East has evolved and stayed the same

[As we've become more socially conscious and sexually open, we now
demand sexual knowledge from authentic sources; we crave enlightenment
with our titillation. More than wham-bam, we also want the spiritual
package the East has seemingly been privy to for centuries.]
(By Vera H-C Chan, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 21, 2004)
The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal: Romanticism Gone to Seed
[This tortuous emotional longing and loss represented the unpaid bills of a society
that had overthrown the communally held sacred beliefs and traditions of Christendom,
replacing them with the romantic individualism of the Enlightenment.]
(By Chris Armstrong, Christianity Today Magazine - USA, Sept. 21, 2004)
* Zen and the art of slam dancing
[Buddhist punks find enlightenment in the pit]
(By David F. Smydra Jr., Boston Globe, September 19, 2004)
* Hero comes to the rescue [Each story is colour-coded for maximum impact,
with costumes, settings and tints in visual harmony. It has been observed
that red represents imagination, blue is deception, white truth and green
enlightenment. Thus the journey towards enlightenment is marked by a
progression through a carefully selected colour spectrum.]
(By Allan Hunter, Scotland on Sunday - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Sept. 18, 2004)
* Running toward enlightenment
[Living god: Only 46 monks have completed the journey in the past four centuries.]
(By Mark Simkin, ABC Online - Australia, Sept. 14, 2004)
* Book Review: Too clever by half
[Frank Furedi's "Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?"]
[We inherit the idea of the intellectual from the 18th-century
Enlightenment, which valued truth, universality and objectivity.]
(By Terry Eagleton, New Statesman - London, Sept. 13, 2004)
* Beyond dentistry: John Gray's "Heresies: Against Progress and Other Illusions"
[The secular systems by which we in the west are ruled are in fact the products
of spilt religion, as was the Enlightenment faith in the possibility of progress,
"the belief that human life becomes better with the growth of knowledge".]
(By John Banville, Guardian - UK, Sept. 4, 2004)
The Poverty of Theory
[According to Gertrude Himmelfarb's publishers, it's a "revisionist history" aiming
among other things— to wrest prime credit for the Enlightenment from France]
(By Linda Colley, The Nation, USA, Sept. 2, 2004)
Meeting the virtual Buddha
[Pacific Asia Museum's Visions of Enlightenment: Understanding the Art
of Buddhism offers an introduction to both the religion and its art]
(By Jim Regan, Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 2, 2004)
* 'The Roads to Modernity'
[How much of the modern world do we owe to the French Enlightenment?]
(By Darrin M. McMahon, Opinion Journal - Princeton, NJ, Sept. 1, 2004)
* PR men of reason [Book review: "Encyclopédie" by Philipp Blom]
[We are all children of the Enlightenment, even if historical experience has
taught us that rationality & benevolence do not necessarily go hand in hand.]
(By Anthony Daniels, Telegraph.co.uk - London, Aug. 31, 2004)
A New Age of Unreason
[Bush & Co. have embarked us in a new age of unreason that rejects many
of the Enlightenment concepts upon which this country was founded.]
(By Jan Frel, AlterNet, USA, Aug. 31, 2004)
Enlightenment from the decline of China's DVD player industry
[The decline of China's DVD player industry is so quick & unexpected]
(China Economic Net - Beijing, China, Aug. 31, 2004)
* KUNGFU legends walk the boards [A young monk named Chun Yi practiced
Zen Buddhism. His arduous journey to adulthood and enlightenment had
begun— and the martial art wonder of kungfu was born.]
(By, Xinhua - China, Aug. 25, 2004)
The Sword is Mightier than the Pen
[Iranian history has stood on a proud tradition that favors reason & enlightenment.
But despite their enlightenment, they have been unable to ward off any terrorists]
(By Amber Pawlik, Men's News Daily - Guerneville, CA, Aug. 24, 2004)
* Analyzing psychoanalysis [Eli Zaretsky's "Secrets of the Soul"]
[Brief discussion of cultural modernity and the Enlightenment]
(By Cynthia MacDonald, Houston Chronicle, Aug. 5, 2004)
Former Maynooth head has role in 'spiritual' US film
[Micheál Ledwith in a new film on quantum physics and spiritual enlightenment]
(Irish Times - Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 15, 2003)
What Is Enlightenment?
[Enlightenment is man's leaving his self-caused immaturity. Have the courage
to use your own intelligence! is therefore the motto of the Enlightenment.]
(Sina, Beijing, China, Sept. 16, 2003)
Olympics 2004 were Games of education, enlightenment
[Athens Aristotle would have been proud. They pulled it off.]
(By Mike Lopresti, USA Today, Aug. 29, 2003)
* Hard Rock Holiness: Artist Tan Swie Hian carves out his beliefs
[Among the trees, he is carving images into the rocks that pay homage
to mankind's enlightenment and draw on his own Buddhist beliefs]
(By Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop, Newsweek, Aug. 28, 2003)
* French Enlightenment overrated, historian says
[Gertrude Himmelfarb's goal in writing this book is to "reclaim the Enlightenment from
the French who have dominated and usurped it" and restore it to the British and Americans]
(Reviewed by Chuck Leddy, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 28, 2003)
* Self-Help books bringing you down? Here's the antidote to optimism
[Voltaire's aforementioned satire on optimism and the Age of Enlightenment aside,
we've noticed a rash of books from this decade, which should help get you through]
(By D. Parvaz, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Aug. 27, 2003)
* Path to the truth is littered with useful failures
[According to the ideology of progress (spirit of the Enlightenment),
history is always moving towards better things and optimal ends.]
(By Umberto Eco, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, Aug. 22, 2004)
* Book festival honour for author of "Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"
[Edinburgh-born Muriel Spark received festival's first Enlightenment Award]
(By Tim Cahill, BBC News - London, UK, Aug. 22, 2004)
What we won from the Greeks
[Outer wave of the Enlightenment that brought the Olympics back to Greek shores]
(By Thomas Cahill, Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX, Aug. 22, 2004)
* The Road Less Gracefully Travelled
[She had to admit she was also slightly allured by the promise of enlightenment
that completion of the pilgrimage offered, according to certain guidebooks]
(By Jennifer Farquhar, Toronto Star, Canada, Aug. 21, 2004)
Yoga Kicked My Butt
[Writer journeys into the wilds of yoga, and barely escapes enlightenment]
(By Tim Cahill, Yoga Journal - USA, Aug. 20, 2004)
* HISTORY: The labours of Karen Armstrong
[Armstrong1s memoirs as a spiral staircase, winding up through
darkness and despair towards awakening and enlightenment]
(By Suroosh Irfani, Daily Times - Pakistan, Aug. 20, 2004)
The path to enlightenment
[Learn about Buddhism from seven Bhutanese monks]
(By Cassie Pence, Vail Daily News - Vail, CO, Aug. 17, 2004)
Discussion of diversity flows from Ronald Schechter's 'Obstinate Hebrews'
[The question perplexing all post-Enlightenment generations is refreshing]
(By David Williard, William and Mary News, Williamsburg, VA, Aug. 17, 2004)
Let us write to the enlightenment
[Come on Tibetan budding and would-be writers]
(By Tsering Dhondup, Times of Tibet - Tibet, Aug. 17, 2004)
* Five trips that can change your life: Part One
[I hadn't come to India on any kind of Mission Enlightenment]
(By Gayle Forman, MSNBC - USA, Aug. 16, 2004)
The good men of Russia
[Yet at the root of Russia's philosophical exceptionalism
lies the fact that it never enjoyed an Enlightenment.]
(By Edward Skidelsky, New Statesman - London, England Aug. 15, 2004)
The nuns' life: enlightenment without TV
[Gautama attained enlightenment while meditating beneath a ficus tree]
(By Tim Madigan, Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX, Aug. 16, 2004)
AGONIES OF THE ANCIENTS: To the Greeks, the Games were everything
[It was still there to be resurrected in the Renaissance
and exploited once more in the Enlightenment.]
(By Thomas Cahill, Houston Chronicle, TX, Aug. 15, 2004)
THE ORBIT:Incidents at the shrine
[Its origin was in the Igbo world, since the Igbo are "ndi gboo",
the ancient people, the originary of human enlightenment]
(By Obi Nwakanma, Vanguard - Lagos, Nigeria, Aug. 15, 2004)
Old enemies
[Rifa'a al-Tahtawi's Imam in Paris: Al-Tahtawi's Visit to France (1826-31),
a classic account of the encounter with European Enlightenment culture]
(By Emran Qureshi, The Globe and Mail - Canada, Aug. 14, 2004)
* Batman, Superman, Buddhaman
[At times outlandishly cartoony, Buddha is, above all, a very human story,
illustrating timeless issues on the nature of freedom, equality & enlightenment]
(By Nathalie Atkinson, The Globe and Mail - Canada, Aug. 14, 2004)
Competition stirs hearts of modern man
[Defining mankind as "men of reason" goes back to
the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries.]
(By Joongang Ilbo - Seoul, South Korea, Oh Byung-sang, Aug. 13, 2003)
* Surviving Bush: Kill the Buddha
[A monk experienced a profound revelation: A vision of nirvana.
Enthralled by its insight, he believed he had achieved absolute enlightenment]
(By Rachel Olivieri, Dissident Voice - Santa Rosa, CA, Aug. 12, 2004)
* The Collapse of Culture
[Japan could neither protect its own culture
nor make any contribution to the Enlightenment]
(By Ali Bulac, Zaman - Turkey, Aug. 12, 2004)
Time to bring a forgotten hero in from the cold
[Arthur Herman's book, "The Scottish Enlightenment", was subtitled
The Scots1 Invention of the Modern World]
(By Andrew Forrester, The Scotsman - Edinburgh, UK, Aug. 12, 2003)
Tapu Misa: For children learning is more than just going to school
[I want education in its broadest sense. I want enlightenment
and knowledge and the instilling of a love of learning]
(By, New Zealand Herald - Auckland, NZ, Aug. 11, 2004)
The Greeks invented agony and ecstasy
[resurrected in the Renaissance and exploited again in the Enlightenment]
(By Thomas Cahill, The Straits Times - Singapore, Aug. 10, 2004)
Politicians love to invoke God, but it's time
they and we embraced true spirituality.

[That illness is the excessive entanglement of Christianity
and dogma, at the expense of genuine spiritual enlightenment]
(By Armstrong Williams, Beliefnet.com - New York, Aug. 9, 2004)
Time to honour our forgotten son [Adam Smith]
[the grave of a long-dead economist and son of the Scottish Enlightenment]
(The Scotsman - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Aug. 9, 2004)
Books on Tap: Anglo Virtue and Modern Vice
[Everyone knows the Enlightenment was the Age of Reason. Compassion, benevolence,
and sympathy are not words commonly associated with the Enlightenment]
(By Kelly Jane Torrance, TAEmag.com - Washington, DC, Aug. 2, 2004)
The Need for Spiritual, not Ritual Worship
[That illness is the excessive entanglement of Christianity
and dogma, at the expense of genuine spiritual enlightenment]
(By Armstrong Williams, NewsMax.com - West Palm Beach, FL July 30, 2004)
What is at stake in Australia1s "History Wars"
[The extermination of the Tasmanian Aborigines, claims that his "orthodox"
opponents have failed to address the influence of Enlightenment thinking]
(By Nick Beams, World Socialist, Australia, July 20, 2004)
Himalyan Trek Was a Path to Enlightenment
[What do you get the man who has it all?]
(North Scotland Press and Journal - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, July 20, 2004)
Volunteers needed
[Sometimes that volunteer work can lead to enlightenment and
a better understanding of what such an endeavor takes.]
(By Carla Waters, Iroquois County times, July 19, 2004)
* May the light be with you
[For £180, you can attain enlightenment through 10 lessons at a Kabbalah Centre]
(Telegraph.co.uk - London, UK, June 23, 2004)
When Lost on the Road to Religious Enlightenment, Stop and Ask for Directions.
Since too often, the abundance of conflicting religious doctrines make
it very hard to know whose side God is really on.

[Accompany one traveler as he attempts to navigate the conflicting and
often-unforgiving interpretations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam]
(Emediawire (press release) - USA, June 22, 2004)
* Balderdashing Into Doom
[He is, rather, charting the ongoing free fall of the great Enlightenment-era
virtues of reason, skepticism and social improvement, and shining a bright light]
(By Chris Lehmann, Washington Post, June 22, 2004)
* Compassion And Mercy [Kwan Yin]
[performing deeds of compassion, she attained the status of Bodhisvattvahood,
a Buddhist who has attained prajna, pure & unqualified knowledge or enlightenment]
(By Pam Cloud, Fort Smith Times Record, AR, June 23, 2004)
* Faith is a feminist issue
[Kabbalah no doubt answers that human - and specifically feminine - need
for spiritual enlightenment, and "the path", as eastern mystics call it]
(By Mary Kenny, Guardian - UK, June 23, 2004)
You can't legislate intelligence or enlightenment
[Sports figures often prove the point]
(By Shelly Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 18, 2004)
* Education Opens Our Eyes to Enlightenment
[College students need more rigorous programs]
(By Nancy Salvato, American Daily - Stow, OH, May 11, 2004)
* Beware The Serpent1s Promises ["Final Solution"]
[a course that began with the Renaissance and Reformation, moved
on to the scientific revolution and the contributions the Enlightenment]
made toward fostering political revolutions in America and France]
(By Earl Tilford, American Daily - Stow, OH, May 3, 2004)
* Separated by Civilization
[Both children of the Enlightenment, the United States and Europe clearly differ
about the nature of this inheritance and about who is its better custodian]
(By Peter Schneider, International Herald Tribune - Paris, Apr. 6, 2004)
* A Persian meditation on Madrid in Athens
[The Greeks had full-fledged enlightenment millennia
before our modern enlightenment. Thoreau's vision.]
(By Ahmad Sadri, Daily Star - Beirut, Lebanon, Mar. 18, 2004)
A nation that knows no bounds [A. B. Yehoshua]
[Why he left behind the twisting casbahs of the Jews and chose
this simple enlightenment, this Mediterranean enlightenment]
(By Ari Shavit, Ha'aretz - Israel, Mar. 18, 2004)
Courtney Love1s Courtroom Chaos Continues
[Love gave a book A History of Women, Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes,
to a reporter behind her, provocatively pointing out that the table of contents
listed female journalists, witches and prostitutes consecutively.]
(By, Xfm Online - UK, Mar. 17, 2004)
The cowboy nation versus the axis of weasels
[Despite their common origins in the Enlightenment,
the issues dividing the US and Europe are growing]
(By Peter Schneider, Taipei Times - Taipei, Taiwan, Mar. 17, 2004)
A comedy and an error: "Six Black Candles"
[a western world lurching from the long age of the first enlightenment
towards something both new and more This is The Slab Boys meets Shameless
meets Chewin1 The Fat, with a powerful female twistancient - frightening,
anarchic, post-patriarchal, and bursting with its own life-force.]
(By Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Mar. 16, 2004)
To Serve and Preserve [All this began to change, however, with powerful
Enlightenment ideologies of positivism, capitalism, and rationalism
that first challenged, then deconstructed, and eventually eclipsed the
biblical tradition, replacing it with the heroic myth of Progress.]
(By Ched Myers, Sojourners Magazine - Washington DC, Mar. 16, 2004)
* Europe and the Clash of Civilizations
[Enlightenment has not as yet reached most Muslim people, especially the Islamic masses]
(By Helmut Schmidt, The Globalist, Washington, D.C., Mar. 15, 2004)
* Chopra has golf on his mind
[Enlightenment guru Dr. Deepak Chopra talks about coincidences
and about how "mindful" living can lead to personal success]
(By William R. Wineke, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Mar. 6, 2004)
* Chinoise utopia [The Maoist enthusiasm among Parisian intellectuals
was rooted in the French Revolution as much as the Enlightenment]
(By Ian Buruma, Financial Times - London, UK, Mar. 5, 2004)
From ignorance to enlightenment
["Giving education to a poor person is thousand times better than constructing
chaultries and temples," said the modern Tamil poet, Subramania Bharathi]
(By Suresh Kumar, The Hindu - Chennai, India, Mar. 5, 2004)
British Museum: Voyage of rediscovery
[Director Neil MacGregor is in his element, beaming and
basking amid the coated throng in his Enlightenment Gallery]
(Independent - London, UK, Mar. 5, 2004)
* Spiritual neurology: A mystical union
[A small band of pioneers is exploring the neurology of religious experience]
(The Economist, UK, Mar. 4, 2004)
* Enlightenment's dark side
[In the Jewish world, the ideas of the Enlightenment came to fruition in
the Haskala (Hebrew for intellectual enlightenment), which took various
forms - some intellectual, some political, and some revolutionary]
(By Berel Wein, Jerusalem Post, Israel, Mar. 4, 2004)
* Scholars find a unique and varied 'American' Jesus
[Jefferson used a razor blade to cut out parts of the New Testament he couldn't accept,
such as the virgin birth. He was left with just one in 10 verses, but he found in them
a true Jesus who could be reconciled with the rationalist thought of the Enlightenment]
(By Justin Pope, Associated Press, North County Times - Escondido, CA, Feb. 12, 2004)
Vive la France [The French National Assembly voted overwhelmingly to back a ban on Islamic
headscarves & other conspicuous religious signs in public schools. The law is an unambiguous
declaration that France is a secular state, founded on the principles of the Enlightenment]
(Berkshire Eagle - Pittsfield, MA, Feb. 12, 2004)
Jeremy Bentham, father of utilitarianism is back
[He is not remembered as one of the most challenging thinkers of the European Enlightenment]
(By Tristram Hunt, The Guardian - UK, Feb. 11, 2004)
London's Cultural Highlights
[Enlightenment: Discovering the World in the 18th century is the new
permanent exhibition at the British Museum's 250th anniversary]
(TravelVideo.tv, press release, Feb. 10, 2004)
Enlightenment from darkness [Stephen Sewell's drama]
["Dark Paths" is a psychological trilogy about trust, respect, lies, deceit and, in the end, love]
(By Louise Nunn, Advertiser - Adelaide, Australia, Feb. 9, 2004)
Paul Nursey-Bray: "Anarchism and Poststructuralism"
[Poststructuralist scepticism towards the legacy of the Enlightenment can be instructive]
(By Paul Nursey-Bray, Infoshop News - USA, Feb. 8, 2004)
* Not a Bright Idea [Bright people: free of supernatural & mystical elements]
[When we talk about "the Enlightenment" we are in effect accepting the
judgment of those who named it that their foes were "the unenlightened."]
(By Linda Seebach, Capitol Hill Blue, VA, Feb. 7, 2004)
State needs religious and secular efforts
[The phrase "secular religion" looks weird in a post-Enlightenment world]
(By Christopher Ashley, Yale Daily News, Feb. 6, 2004)
Rediscovering the Enlightenment
[Climaxing celebrations of the museum's 250th birthday, Prince Charles
inaugurated a renamed and refurbished Enlightenment Gallery]
(By Alan Riding, International Herald Tribune, Jan. 31, 2004)
For many, fasting leads to enlightenment, empathy
[Purify against negative karma, experience compassion, cherish others, generate
"bodhicitta": the wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings]
(By Jeannine F. Hunter, Vero Beach Press-Journal, FL, Jan. 17, 2004)
BOOK: Romila Thapar's "Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300"
[Creatures of the Enlightenment, they could hardly have succeeded in
comprehending Indian concepts, such as the cyclic nature of time]
(By Colin Donald, Daily Yomiuri, Japan, Jan. 17, 2004)
David Bullen engulfed in $180 million rogue trading scandal turns to Buddha
["I'm more interested in enlightenment... than trading, to be honest"]
(By, Advertiser, Australia, Jan. 16, 2004)
NAB trader turns to Buddha for help
[David Bullen, 31, said he would now dedicate his life to Buddha to enlighten others]
(By Mathew Charles, Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia, Jan. 16, 2004)
* Enduring dhamma [The late reformist monk Buddhadasa Bhikkhu]
[Buddhadasa himself once said that clinging to anything—
money or the concept of nibbhana (enlightenment)—
would effectively trap, instead of liberate the person]
(By Vasana Chinvarakorn, Bangkok Post, Thailand, Jan. 15, 2004)
Europe can trust in France, says French Prime Minister Raffarin
["For France, Europe is first and foremost a state of mind, a community of souls
whose aim, since the Enlightenment, has been the quest for happiness and justice"]
(By Honor Mahony, EUobserver.com, Belgium, Jan. 15, 2004)
* The Rediff Interview: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
[21 years after he emerged from a 10-day maun vrat— the definitive period
of his enlightenment, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is truly a global phenomenon.]
(By Salil Kumar, Rediff, India, Jan. 14, 2004)
Condoleezza Rice vs. Red-ucation
[An Enlightenment Western education of the kind that informed
America1s Founders is one that respects and empowers individuals]
(By Lowell Ponte, FrontPageMagazine.com, Jan. 14, 2004)
Banned by Nazis, 'Szulamit' is back
[Based on a Yiddish singspiel by Abraham Goldfadden, this unusual tale
of young love and broken vows in Biblical times was one of the happiest
products of the Jewish Enlightenment of the 19th century]
(By Octavio Roca, Miami Herald, FL, Jan. 14, 2004)
The Dennis Kucinich Polka
[The peace walkers are there. One of them, an emaciated kid with a beard,
gives a short speech about hope and stars and enlightenment]
(By Stephen Elliott, Village Voice, NY, Jan. 14, 2004)
Mad Mad House Gets Dark
[And all of us at different times as Alts had to really wield the sword
of enlightenment and cut through the crap, and that happened a few times]
(Sci Fi Wire, Jan. 13, 2004)
IBM Keeps Healthy Patent Lead
[It may not seem like an especially deep insight, but a corporate culture not
geared toward that end sometimes requires a shakeup to reach such enlightenment]
(By Jason Lopez, NewsFactor Network, Jan. 13, 2004)
* Lunch with self-help guru Judith Wright
[If you happen to know anything about self-help enlightenment,
you know what's coming next. "Something was missing," Wright says]
(By Debra Pickett, Chicago Sun Times, IL, Jan. 11, 2004)
* Why the West is wary of Muslims
[Rooted in a pre-Enlightenment worldview in which religious text has the force of law
and the Islamic community is innately superior to all others, the belief that there
is redemption for martyrs in the afterlife fuels extraordinary acts of terrorism]
(By WIll Hutton, Guardian, UK, Jan. 11, 2004)
* The future was orange
[Tim Guest's upbringing as a child of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh 'free love'
movement in the Sixties left him anything but spiritually enlightened]
(By Geraldine Bedell, Guardian, UK, Jan. 11, 2004)
* Lewis and Clark Exhibition to Open in Missouri
[Jefferson had sent Meriwether Lewis as a rational Enlightenment scientist
and observer who was to chronicle and explain all he saw for future use
and exploitation. But Lewis was learning a new way of being that valued
interdependence and reverence for nature, the sacred and the spiritual]
(By Cheryl Wittenauer, Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA, Jan. 10, 2004)
Dealing with injustice: Search for answers brings Baton Rouge monk to Buddhism
[Thich dao Quang: Simply put, everyone can reach a state of true enlightenment]
(By Chuck Hustmyre, WBRZ, LA, Jan. 10, 2004)
Books Essay: Mind the gap [Thierry Meyssan's "The Appalling Fraud"]
[If Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers were men of the European Enlightenment,
quite as much as Montesquieu and Locke, their successors had to contend with more
vulgar sentiments, which included strong doses of evangelical religion]
(By Ian Buruma, Financial Times, UK, Jan. 9, 2004)
* No Philosophy Required
[What follows is a dialogue between the author and his friends
about the spiritual search and the nature of enlightenment]
(By Josh Baran, Beliefnet.com, NY, Jan. 8, 2004)
Vacuous identities
[If the centuries since the Enlightenment show anything it is that people
are as committed to their right to espouse ignorance, narrow-mindedness &
crass stupidity as to their right to reason, knowledge & emancipation]
(By Hani Shukrallah, Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt, Jan. 8, 2004)
Getty Museum Displays Works of French 18th Century Sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon
[French sculptor who depicted America's founding fathers as well as
the great thinkers of the French Enlightenment are now on exhibit]
(By Mike O'Sullivan, Voice of America, Jan. 8, 2004)
From 'green men' to Queen Azura, the Red Planet still tantalizes
[To the masters of the Enlightenment, Mars was the world most similar
to ours, with an atmosphere, seasons, and caps of polar ice]
(By Mark Sappenfield, Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 8, 2004)
The long, bloody path that led to French secularism
[The Catholics, after being declared the enemy of the Enlightenment, were
persecuted after the French revolution and massacred in the Vendée
at the height of the ensuing Terror]
(By Diana Pinto, International Herald Tribune, France, Jan. 7, 2004)
Your Health: The Disorienting Dozen
[As recently as the Enlightenment, our ancestors eased the misery
of splitting headaches— if not the mortal plain itself—
by cutting holes in the skull to let the evil spirits escape]
(By Neal Santelmann, Forbes, Jan. 7, 2004)
Monks slow to accept female to the ranks
[She insists her path follows that of the Buddha, who declared
that women were equally capable of reaching enlightenment.]
(By Kimina Lyall, The Australian, Australia, Jan. 7, 2004)
GUEST OPINION: God-and-state, get it straight
[Contrary to so much current historical revisionism that seeks to
classify the sources for the Declaration as deism or the enlightenment]
(By Ed Moore, The Illinois Leader, Jan. 6, 2004)
AGILE Software Development with Scrum
["You must contemplate Tao before you receive enlightenment" said the master.
"But how will I know when I have received enlightenment?" asked the novice.
"Your program will then run correctly," replied the master.]
(By arvindn, Slashdot, Jan. 6, 2004)
Monks in the mist
[In search of spiritual enlightenment— and a cheap place to stay—
Arin Greenwood books into a Japanese monastery]
(Sydney Morning Herald, Australi, Jan. 6, 2004)
The Magic Flute, Opera Australia
[The set enshrines the Age of Enlightenment touchstones of nature, wisdom & reason]
(Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, Jan. 6, 2004)
RUNNING ON INSTINCT: Howard Dean1s critics say he is winging it.
Can that get him to the White House?

[For Dean1s Yale contemporaries, the spring of 1970 remains a watershed,
a reference point of enlightenment as well as disillusion]
(By MARK SINGER, New Yorker, Jan. 5, 2004)
* Once more, with soul
[Roy Porter's Flesh in the Age of Reason: the Enlightenment owed as much to
the British as it did to the French. The book is about the shifting notions of the soul
and its manifold relations to the body during the (mostly British) Enlightenment]
(By Paul Laffey, The Australian, Jan. 3, 2004)
Kirienko— future Presiden
[At the end of 18th century Catherine the Great had discussions with the
ideologists of that time, French representatives of the Enlightenment]
(By Pavel Poluyan, Pravda, Russia, Jan. 3, 2004)
GAME REVIEW: Foo-foo that grumps and frumps won't like
[As you master events, you'll progress through the game on your way
to awareness or enlightenment]
(By Bill Hutchens, Tacoma New Tribune, Jan. 2, 2004)
* The timelessness of Buddhist art
[The 50 Buddhist paintings and sculptures offer viewers a little dose
of enlightenment to help combat another year of potential misery]
(By Iris Moon, Korea Herald, South Korea, Jan. 2, 2004)
* Worried about jobs? Here's a history lesson... on nutmegs
[Scotland experienced a flowering now known as the Scottish Enlightenment,
and produced a stream of men whose ideas transformed the world. Among them:
David Hume (philosophy), James Hutton (geologist), Joseph Black (CO2),
James Watt (steam engine), and Adam Smith (economics)]
(By Janadas Devan, Straits Times, Singapore, Jan. 1, 2004)
In search of... answers to big questions
[With wonder in their eyes, the Tower School 5th grade students listened as
a museum guide gives details of the first Buddha's journey to enlightenment]
(By Bette Keva, Marblehead Reporter, MA, Dec. 31, 2003)
Adventures of a real-life comic-book hero
[A grouchy true-life misfit such as Harvey Pekar, the comic-book author
portrayed in this drama-cum-documentary "American Splendour" by both
himself and actor Paul Giamatti, can be a warrior for enlightenment]
(By Nigel Andrews, Financial Times, UK, Dec. 30, 2003)
* Buddhism in Sri Lanka
[Known as the 'poya day', the full moon day corresponds with three important events
in the life of Lord Buddha— his birth, attaining enlightenment and parinirvana]
(By Tashi Dorji, Kuensel, Buhutan's National Newspaper, Bhutan, Dec. 30, 2003)
* Ask the Coach
[The ultimate goal of spiritual transformation is enlightenment. The more
we recognize our fundamental connectedness, the more enlightened we become]
(By Dr. Raymond Angelini, The Saratogian, NY, Dec. 30, 2003)
Interview: The Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright
[Our assumptions are still those of the world of the late Enlightenment and of the
Whig idea of history that we progress constantly to a future better than the past]
(By Paul Vallely, The Independent, UK, Dec. 29, 2003)
* Quiet the mind; heal the body with MEDITATION
[Many people are taking up this practice, which the counterculture generation
embraced in the '60s, for improving their health, not spiritual enlightenment]
(By Hilary E. Macgregor, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 29, 2003)
Feminist scholars put a more personal face on Buddhism
[If the Buddha had been born a woman, would future generations
have known more about her intimate feelings?]
(Religion News Service, Dallas Morning News, Dec. 29, 2003)
Readying for quiet-- but joyous-- celebration
[On Bodhi Day, Zen Buddhists in Chicago will mark the
Buddha's enlightenment with a night of meditation]
(By Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 26, 2003)
* Tibetan Buddhism the Western Way
[Tibetans believe that high lamas on the brink of enlightenment reincarnate,
coming back again and again to help others on the path to nirvana]
(By Julian Gearing, Asia Times Online, Hong Kong, Dec. 25, 2003)
Larry Wolff's Inventing Eastern Europe: Map of Civilization on the Mind of the Enlightenment
[Eastern Europe is a cultural construction, an intellectual invention, of the Enlightenment]
(Reviewed by Martin D. Brown, Balkan Analysis, Dec. 23, 2003)
Young and swinging to the Right
[Young Republicans gaining in strength in American campuses]
(By Andrew Sullivan, The Australian, Dec. 23, 2003)
Essay: When in Doubt... Just Say 'Merry Christmas'
[My Christmas-crazy family refuses to play carols written after 1900;
our favorites predate the Enlightenment]
(By Blake Gopnik, Washington Post, Dec. 22, 2003)
Editorial: The Ideological Reconstruction of Iraq
[If it is to enjoy prosperity and freedom— and if it is to be a long-term
ally of the United States— the new Iraq needs to share in this intellectual
legacy and learn the meaning and value of the Enlightenment's respect for reason.]
(By Elan Journo, The Empire Page, NY, Dec. 15, 2003)
* Airwaves of Enlightenment: India's Gurus Take to TV to Spread Their Message
[Sudhanshu: "When that aura weakens, other people's words and actions have
a negative impact. Strengthen that aura around you by meditation,
introspection and worship, so you create heaven around you."]
(By John Lancaster, Washington Post, Dec. 15, 2003)
* Motley Fool: Let There Be Light!
[Some investors out there circled on their calendars the date when they
experienced their own financial enlightenment. Others may have noticed
that the root of stock market suffering is often desire.]
(By Selena Maranjian, Better Investing, NAIC, Dec. 14, 2003)
New Ismaili Centre symbol of peace, brotherhood - Aga Khan
[The centre in Dubai, the first in the Middle East, will be a place for
contemplation and search for enlightenment where people come together
to share knowledge and wisdom]
(By Ashfaq Ahmed, Gulf News, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 13, 2003)
Will the BBC go the way of BR?
[In this worldview, the Enlightenment might as well have never happened -
and we turn our back on the great Western tradition that asserts that the
public domain is an essential component of our civilisation.]
(By Will Hutton, Guardian, UK, Dec. 13, 2003)
* Nobel Laureates Plus-Kass
[We are, at this point, much more likely to be able to alter who we are
through the findings of psycho-pharmacology and working on the brain
than we are to do so by tinkering at the level of the genes.]
(Interview with Leon Kass, Korea Times, South Korea, Dec. 11, 2003)
Fox Hunting Will Never End - Prince Charles
[He told a guest at the opening of the British Museum1s Enlightenment
Gallery that the tradition of fox hunting would never go away]
(By Sherna Noah, The Scotsman, UK, Dec. 11, 2003)
Toward Post-Modern Anarchism
[Modernity means the abstract universalism of Enlightenment Rationalism.
(2) Economically, it means Industrialism]
(By Larry Gambone, Infoshop News, Dec. 11, 2003)
'Turning Your Eyes to China' [Address at Harvard]
[Enlightenment thinkers like Descartes, Leibniz, Montesquieu, Voltaire,
Goethe and Kant all studied the traditional Chinese culture]
(By China Premier Wen Jiabao, China Daily, Dec. 11, 2003)
Hidden treasures shown in restored British Museum
[During the period of Enlightenment, the public's understanding of the world
moved from the analysis of texts, such as the Bible and the Classics, to
understanding based on the empirical evidence of objects from the natural world]
(By Louise Jury, Independent, UK, Dec. 11, 2003)
'Wife' is raucous, fun romp
["The Allergist's Wife" changes tales in midstream and becomes about Lee's
attempt at liberating the Taubs through three-way sexual enlightenment]
(By Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post, FL, Dec. 10, 2003)
Church's mission: evangelism & cultural impact, Henry said
[Stanley Grenz have criticized your view of propositional, verbal revelation.
They believe it to be a leftover of Enlightenment rationalism.]
(Interview with F.H. Henry, BP News, TN, Dec. 9, 2003)
Repositioning India's brand
[How many Indians know that Indian social theories influenced J S Mill,
who is regarded as the founder of modern Western liberalism, and that
many Enlightenment ideas also originated in India and China?]
(By Rajiv Malhotra, Rediff, India, Dec. 9, 2003)
Annette Lu talks up second term
[Lu described her experience at the university, which started
in 1969, as a journey of "enlightenment"]
(By Lin Chieh-yu, Taipei Times, Taiwan, Dec. 9, 2003)
Visiting History
[That "enlightenment" revolution set out to destroy the monarchy.
The American Revolution set out to establish a new nation independent from England.]
(By Paula Devlin, American Daily, OH, Dec. 8, 2003)
It's yoga, baby!: Classes allow parents and kids to bond, relax.
[Classes are filling up, but not because parents necessarily expect their
kids to find enlightenment. Baby yoga class answers more immediate needs.]
(By Kate Nolan, Indianapolis Star, IN, Dec. 8, 2003)
Master and pupil
["Today's leaders would do well to remember how the Enlightenment itself
gave birth to horrors... militaristic 19th-century Prussia... slide into
Nazism... messianic quest for domination..."]
(By Nicholas Lezard, Guardian, UK Dec. 6, 2003)
University of West Florida Lecture Series: "The Buddhist Path to Happiness and Enlightenment"
[Bill Mikulas to lecture on Buddhist psychology and ways to facilitate personal growth]
(By Jamie Woodard, Pensacola Gulf Herald, FL, Dec. 5, 2003)
Visiting History: Repeating it ad nauseum
[Like these other revolutions of "enlightenment", rivers of blood
flowed as Communists and Freemasons struggled for the soul of Spain]
(By Paula Devlin, Michnews.com, Dec. 5, 2003)
Column: Government has no say in the desire of two adults
[Alexander the Great conquered the known world at the age of 19,
spreading the knowledge and enlightenment of Greek culture]
(By Kate Anderson, The Collegiate Times, VA, Dec. 5, 2003)
Yoga spirit in silver: Jewelry engraved with symbols of peace, fulfillment
[There is more than one path to enlightenment, and Vancouver sculptor
Sonja Picard has just created a new one: a line of sterling silver
yoga jewelry featuring words in Sanskrit]
(Vancouver Province, Canada, Dec. 5, 2003)
"The Last Samurai"
[Tom Cruise learns about honor, twirls those pointy sticks with
the poise of a drum majorette, and seeks spiritual enlightenment]
(By Stephanie Zacharek, Salon, Dec. 5, 2003)
UNDRESSED for success
[Carnesky identifies as an age-old division in western culture:
"Art traditionally aspires to spiritual enlightenment; entertainment
is more for the loins. Sex is what divides them."]
(By Maddy Costa, Guardian, UK, Dec. 4, 2003)
* Chinese Art Exhibit Depicts Buddhist Monks
[Buddha, "the Enlightened One" is said to have entrusted 16 disciples with the task
of guarding the faith. They were to remain on Earth until all other earthly beings
went through a series of rebirths and achieved spiritual enlightenment like themselves]
(By Carl Hartman, Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA, Dec. 3, 2003)
* The Crown Chakra and Spiritual Enlightenment
[Spiritual enlightenment is a goal that everyone should seek.
A spiritually developed or enlightened person affects the world
around them in wondrous ways. When you become enlightened,
your soul within will become a beautiful light to others]
(By Douglas De Long, Llewellyn Journal, MN, Dec. 3, 2003)
Rough and tumble Tucker smooths out some rough edges
[Darcy Tucker, Toronto Maple Leafs hockey winger says there was no sudden revelation
of the path to enlightenment, such as an off-season discussion with his coach]
(By David Shoalts, Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec. 2, 2003)
* Buddhism's Gospel: Everyone is capable of that spiritual
illumination called enlightenment— especially during Rohatsu

[Spiritual illumination called enlightenment, satori, awakening]
(By Lama Surya Das, Beliefnet.com, NY, Dec. 2, 2003)
A bitch-slap to religion
[In this supposed age of enlightenment, it is difficult to comprehend just why
any institution so important to the lives of its adherents would continue to try
to defy the normal biological urges of its anointed disciples.]
(By Dan K. Thomasson, Capitol Hill Blue, VA, Dec. 2, 2003)
As India stirs, the region must react quickly
[India's commitment to the ideas promoted by European
"Enlightenment" thinkers of the 18th century]
(By Karim Raslan, Today Online, Singapore, Nov. 30, 2003)
A READING LIFE: Capturing Scottish visions and visages
[James Buchan's "Crowded With Genius: The Scottish
Enlightenment— Edinburgh's Moment of the Mind"]
(By Katherine A. Powers, Boston Globe, Nov. 30, 2003)
* The gift of the Magic: Edna O'Brien's dramatic journey
[At that moment of enlightenment, found in the bin of an outdoor table beneath
the awning of a Dublin bookstore, O'Brien became a lifelong, unabashed Joycean]
(By Catherine Bigelow, San Franciscom Chronicle, Nov. 30, 2003)
Thai backpacking can be one long party
[They will tell her of a maniac they met on a southern island
who approached them talking about enlightenment and the moon.]
(By Stefany Moore, Boston Globe, Nov. 30, 2003)
Family Filmgoer: "Brother Bear"
[Kenai (voice of Joaquin Phoenix) is a tribal youth in post-Ice Age northern
Rockies who is transformed into a bear and sent on quest for enlightenment]
(By Jane Horwitz, Boston Globe, Nov. 30, 2003)
* Cherish the moment
[The best gift teachers can give to students is that of enlightenment.
We can bring them to a multi-layered realm of understanding.]
(BY Nithya Sidhhu, The Star, Malaysia, Nov. 30, 2003)
Entrepreneurs will find themselves in deep do-do
[Entrepreneurial Exchange has developed from a club of well-meaning individuals
into a force for good that practises a beneficence that could only have been
created in a country known for the Enlightenment]
(By TERRY MURDEN, Scotland on Sunday, UK, Nov. 30, 2003)
The Promised Land [Israeli backpackers come to India]
[They have escalated the cliché of a disenchanted soul in search of enlightenment
to a disillusioned country seeking relaxation, or just something very different from home]
(By Alex Halperin, Indian Express, India, Nov. 30, 2003)
From jam sarnies to sainthood
[Kathryn Harrison's post-Freudian biography of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux]
[Thérèse's parents emerge as obsessive, fervent characters,
'seemingly untouched by the Enlightenment's call to reason']
(By Talitha Stevenson, Guardian, UK, Nov. 29, 2003)
Rocky road to freedom
[James Robertson said, "all these people from the Edinburgh Enlightenment,
like Boswell, Johnson, Kames, Hailes, Maclaurin, were all involved in the story"]
(By David Robinson, The Scotsman, UK, Nov. 29, 2003)
A journey of enlightenment
[Port Adelaide's failing at the sharp end of the season has
only heightened coach Mark Williams's quest for knowledge]
(By Caroline Wilson, The Age, Australia, Nov. 29, 2003)
Cue the world stage
[Arthur Herman's "Scottish Enlightenment: The Scots1 Invention of the Modern World"
is a surprise best-seller now in its tenth printing in the US]
(By Tim Cornwell, The Scotsman, UK, Nov. 28, 2003)
Thanksgiving: Gratitude inspired by survival, connectedness
[Thanksgiving gives people the chance to slow down and appreciate
what he called the "enlightenment that comes from surviving"]
(By Nikki Cobb, Nov. 27, 2003)
Dr. Michael Weninger, religious advisor to European Commission
[Enlightenment would not have been possible without Christianity
and basically it is using philosophical wording which had been
created by Christian philosophers.]
(EUpolitix, Belgium, Nov. 27, 2003)
Will Blair really stick to his guns?
[an argument between two philosophies - modern capitalism and communism -
both of which were products of the Enlightenment. The dispute was about how
it was best to live: what sort of government and social arrangement makes for
a better life for the greatest number of people?]
(By Janet Daley, Telegraph, UK, Nov. 26, 2003)
Hindu center offers food, prayers for Thanksgiving
[Badarikashrama means "place of enlightenment" in Hindi, the most
widely spoken of 15 major languages on the Indian subcontinent]
(By Tasha Bartholomew, Tri-Valley Herald, CA, Nov. 26, 2003)
Spain faces Franco 'facts'
[Franco believed that Spain had been corrupted by the Enlightenment of the
18th century and that Jews and Freemasons fed on Spain's decaying body]
(By Isambard Wilkinson, Telegraph.co.uk, UK, Nov. 30, 2003)
* Starting the Osho Dhara
[Enlightenment is the culmination and ultimate blossoming through the samadhi
and satori stages, said Osho Shailender explaining that samadhi is returning
to the source and satori is getting repeated glimpses and flashes of enlightenment.
For him, meditation is choiceless awareness or a state of witnessing.]
(By, Chandigarh Newsline, India, Nov. 25, 2003)
* This religion has something for everyone, and very little else
[The story of Dorothy's journey of self-discovery which leads her to unmask
the Wizard as a fraud and declare "there's no place like home", became both
an icon to the spirit of American individualism and a template for much of
what passes as New Age enlightenment.]
(By Chris McGillion, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, Nov. 25, 2003)
From sacred to profane
[Under King Rama IV, the ultimate goal of Dhamma practice— attainment
of spiritual enlightenment#151; has since been conveniently dropped]
(Bangkok Post, Thailand, Nov. 24, 2003)
* With some books, a certain magic's missing
[The 4 Magic E's pronounced "EEEE" as in "EEEE that's good" are:
Entertainment, Enlightenment, Education and Exhilaration]
(By Myles Knapp, Contra Costa Times, CA, Nov. 23, 2003)
What Is Buddhism?
[To be a Buddhist is to seek enlightenment. Buddhists believe Gautama experienced enlightenment
and showed the way to escape human suffering by letting go of uncertainty in this world]
(By Steve Maynard, Tacoma News Tribune, WA, Nov. 23, 2003)
'A beacon of enlightenment in what can seem a tarnished world'
["Hugo Young was a beacon of enlightenment to all of us working in what can
sometimes seem a tarnished world. He was a beacon to readers and - usually,
though not inevitably - a beacon to those about whom he wrote."]
(By John Ezard, The Guardian, UK, Nov. 21, 2003)
Urgently Needed: Jews for a Godly Israel
[The light of the Menorah symbolizes knowledge, more precisely, spiritual enlightenment.
The source of spiritual enlightenment is, of course, God. This enlightenment is manifested
in the words of the Torah. As King David says: "The Word of God is a lamp unto my feet
and a light unto my path." (Psalms 119:105) Or as King Solomon has written: "For the
Commandment is a lamp and the Teaching a light." (Proverbs 6:23)]
(By Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Arutz Sheva, Israel, Nov. 20, 2003)
The day it all ended
[JFK had a rare grace, and grace means enlightenment, mehr Licht, as Goethe put it.]
(By James O. Goldsborough, San Diego Union-Tribune, Nov. 20, 2003)
Op-ed: Muckraking and the road to enlightenment
[The French revolution in 1789 was preceded by a whole array of French enlightenment
thinkers such as Voltaire, Montesquieu, and Rousseau who had envisioned a society
based on liberty and reason as opposed to the despotism that prevailed till then.]
(By Dr Abdus Samad, Daily Times, Pakistan, Nov. 20, 2003)
Why this protest is deeply shameful
[a politics that traces its origins to the Enlightenment— and raises
its voice to protect militantly unenlightened terrorists from the justice]
(By David Frum, Telegraph, UK, Nov. 19, 2003)
* Manfred Osten on the cultural history of a borderless continent [Goethe]
[In the darkest periods of the Middle Ages, it was Jewish freethinkers, scholars
and doctors who held up the banner of enlightenment and spiritual independence
under pain of the severest intimidation]
(Courtesy Deutschland Magazine, The Telegraph, Nepal, Nov. 19, 2003)
* Should the Arts Council run by a scientist?
[The Greek, Roman, medieval, Renaissance or Enlightenment creator could be
a skilled craftsman, philosopher, painter, sculptor, architect and scientist]
(By Colin Tweedy, Independent, UK, Nov. 18, 2003)
"Sharansky on Anti-Semitism--The Longest Hatred"
[Responsibility for the anti-Semitic waves that engulfed Europe from the age of Constantine
to the dawn of the Enlightenment is laid largely at the foot of the church and its offshoots]
(By JeanÊShaw, ChronWatch.com, Nov. 18, 2003)
US Gets Rare Glimpse of Koryo Treasures [San Francisco1s Asian Art Museum]
[Koryo Dynasty: Korea1s Age of Enlightenment, 918-1392]
(By Reuben Staines, Korean Times, South Korea, Nov. 17, 2003)
* Returning To The Roots
[World Relief Network. Its goal is to help relieve the sorrow, suffering
and confusion on the planet by the dissemination of genuine spiritual
knowledge and the means for individual and social enlightenment]
(By Bibek Debroy, Financial Express, India, Nov. 17, 2003)
Kemmick Column: Sage's logic continues to baffle
["I didn't come here to punish myself," he said. "I came for solitude and enlightenment."]
(By Ed Kemmick, Billings Gazette, MT, Nov. 16, 2003)
Op-ed: Causes of poverty
['Replacing ignorance with enlightenment' as a priority and have
used the number of universities as an indicator of enlightenment]
(By Anjum Altaf, Daily Times, Pakistan, Nov. 17, 2003)
The irrational atheist
[Atheism was made popular by French intellectuals such as Voltaire
and Diderot, who ushered in the so-called Age of Enlightenment]
(By Vox Day, WorldNetDaily, Nov. 17, 2003)
Tea time: Japanese tea ceremony a key to cultural understanding, spiritual enlightenment
[Chado (tea ceremony) purifies the soul through simplicity and achieving a sense
of oneness with friends and nature. The ceremony is guided by the principles
of harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei) and tranquillity (jyaku)]
(By Howard Lachtman, Stockton Record, CA, Nov. 15, 2003)
Buzz: Features: Quest for spiritual equality
[You can attain Nibbana (Enlightenment) by perfecting your job
and giving full support to your neighbours, parents and family]
(By Vivian Chong, Malay Mail, Malaysia, Nov. 15, 2003)
Empire Falls: How Master and Commander gets Patrick O'Brian wrong.
[When HMS Surprise makes landfall in the Galapagos Islands we get a beautifully
filmed sequence about how the dawn of scientific enlightenment might have felt]
(By Christopher Hitchens, Slate MSN, Nov. 14, 2003)
David Malouf speaks about Australia's identity
[Australia traces its origin to the English & Scottish Enlightenment]
(By Hamish Robertson, ABC Online, Australia, Nov. 14, 2003)
Middle Israel: What buried Arabia?
[When people are not raised to value self-development nor
led to actively seek enlightenment, they indeed avoid them]
(By AMOTZ ASA-EL, Jerusalem Post, Israel, Nov. 13, 2003)
ISLAMIC Intellectualism
[This process, under way since the late Renaissance, found its intellectual
bearings in the European Enlightenment, also knows as Project Modernity]
(By Murad Wilfried Hofmann, Media Monitors Network, Nov. 13, 2003)
Nation stops to remember Atatürk
[Atatürk was the symbol of national unity, independence, modernisation & enlightenment]
(NTV MSNBC, Turkey, Nov. 10, 2003)
* The open sea, the inner man
[Maturin emerging as the modern man, a man of the Enlightenment
and of science, of liberal temperament and progressive thinking]
(By Shawn Levy, The Oregonian, Nov. 9, 2003)
Heroes of their hour
[Were the ancient Romans better inventors than the Enlightenment French?]
(By Zoe Williams, Guardian, UK, Nov. 8, 2003)
People in History - Wordsmiths of enlightenment
[The Bulgarian Enlightenment is the term commonly accepted for the
country's process of transformation from feudalism to capitalism]
(By Velina Nacheva, Sofia Echo, Bulgaria, Nov. 7, 2003)
Snow Lion Publications: Spreading a Few Peaceful Words in Ithaca
[Jeffrey Cox described Buddhism as more of a mind-science,
taking followers to a higher stage of enlightenment]
(By Kelli B. Grant, Ithaca Journal, Nov. 5, 2003)
The Harmonic Concordance, a Time of Enlightenment and Letting Go
[A time to grow a garden of peace and inner contentment for yourself]
(By Isabelle Ghaneh, Llewellyn Journal, Nov. 7, 2003)
Self-fulfillment not always fix for running on empty
[The appetite for enlightenment in the First World has become a gnawing hunger]
(By JUDY GERSTEL, Toronto Star, Nov. 7, 2003)
Wenceslao: Waling-waling and the Davides
[Senders would ask you to pass on to others for their guidance or enlightenment]
(By Bong Wenceslao, Sun Star, Philippines, Nov. 7, 2003)
Pakistan women socialites embrace Islam
[Dr. Hashmi's explanation of their quest for religious
enlightenment is that people often turn to religion in despair]
(By Sahar Ali, BBC News, Nov. 6, 2003)
Library of Congress Announces Winner of First John W. Kluge Prize
for Lifetime Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences

[Leszek Kolakowski: This skeptical student of enlightenment thought, scholar
of the highest intellectual rigor, opponent of all illusions, played the most
romantic and Promethean of roles. He was the awakener of human hopes.]
(Press Release, Yahoo Finance News, Nov. 5, 2003)
Tales of tartan turncoats [Scotland's official history]
[Tom Devine's Scottish Nation 1700-2000 focuses on the enlightenment,
industrialisation, religion and emigration— forced and voluntary.]
(By Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian, UK, Nov. 5, 2003)
Sarah McLachlan's 'Afterglow' fails to pull listeners into her emotional world
[Seeking a gentle transition from sin to enlightenment, McLachlan too
often works from an easy listening template, which results in pleasant
ear candy that fails to seduce the listener into her emotional world]
(By Bill White, Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA, Nov. 4, 2003)
Indepth Arts News: "Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment"
[His portrayals open a window onto the Enlightenment, a momentous era that changed
the way people thought of themselves and their potential to change the world]
(J. Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles, Nov. 4, 2003 until Jan. 25, 2004)
Through a Lens, Starkly: Gripping documentaries of Brits Norma Percy & Brian Lapping
[Investigation serves the cause of public enlightenment, and public enlightenment
defeats the casual lies and quackeries that radiate from all governments]
(By Todd Gitlin, American Prospect, Nov. 1, 2003)
Ballard of an indignant man [J. G. Ballard]
["The Enlightenment view of mankind is a complete myth. It leads us into
thinking we're sane and rational creatures most of the time, and we're not"]
(By Zulfikar Abbany, The Age, Melbourne, Nov. 1, 2003)
Fundamentalism in Pakistani Society
[Alas, the "moderate enlightenment" was nowhere to be seen]
(By Hashim Syed Mohammad Bin Qasim, Pak Tribune, Pakistan, Oct. 31, 2003)
* Back-story: Beethoven's revolutionary Ninth Symphony
[The 9th included a 15-minute choral piece. The words were taken
from Friedrich von Schiller's "Ode To Joy," an Enlightenment poem]
(By KORRY KEEKER, Juneau Empire, Alaska, Oct. 30, 2003)
* Monks work to construct mandala
[Buddhism— the fourth-largest religion and only one with enlightenment
as the goal— seeks to break that attachment through meditation]
(By ANTHONY BESSETTI, The Penn Online, Oct. 29, 2003)
* Crying out for some stirrers of the old school
[Titillation and lifestyle is what mostly sustains our newspapers.
T.M. Fitzgerald died in Jan. 1993. Insiders could not afford to ignore
his expertise and outsiders read him for pleasure and enlightenment.]
(By Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 29, 2003)
* Notable psychic Edgar Cayce also was a healer
[Founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, said dreams
are important tools that could be used for spiritual and psychic growth]
(By Larry Hall, Richmond Times Dispatch, VA, Oct. 29, 2003)
* Literature Is Freedom
[Nowhere in the world does the Enlightenment dream of progress
have such a fertile setting as it does in America]
(By Susan Sontag, AlterNet.org, Oct. 27, 2003)
70 Hindus convert to Buddhism in Bodh Gaya
[Buddhist monk Bhante Pragyasheel performed the ceremony under the
sacred Mahabodhi tree, under which Buddha attained enlightenment]
(Hindustan Times, Oct. 27, 2003)
Tired stereotypes sell Marlins short
[New York-driven media refused to remove their blinders to let enlightenment in.
Thank heavens for the Marlins, who proved that publicity is not destiny.
The Marlins collected their laurels the old-fashioned way; they earned them.]
(By Karen Crouse, Palm Beach Post, Oct. 27, 2003)
* Bags of enlightenment
[Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes hoped to wake the sleeping poet
in every reader, and to combine learning with pleasure]
(By Seamus Heaney, The Guardian, UK, Oct. 26, 2003)
* 'Stairway' to the light ["Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure" exhibit]
[Bodhisattvas delay their own enlightenment to help others achieve it]
(By Joanna Shaw-Eagle, Washington Times, Oct. 24, 2003)
Hurdle to 'Enlightened Moderation'?
[No enlightenment is conceivable in a society where the public discourse remains
hostage to various kinds of threats... Enlightenment precedes education.]
(By Shahid Anwar, PakTribune.com, Pakistan, Oct. 24, 2003)
* Civilise or die
[Communism is as much a child of the enlightenment as liberal capitalism]
(By Robert Cooper, Guardian, UK, Oct. 23, 2003)
Eclectic Mix of Exhibitions & Events usher in the New Season at Getty
[Come face to face with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,
Voltaire, Moli?re, Denis Diderot, and other heroes of the Enlightenment]
(Art Museum Network News, Oct. 22, 2003)
A look into the Nation of Islam
[It will not only be a day to have your questions answered but it will be a day
of enlightenment & solidarity among women who are willing to be open-minded]
(By Arianne Alexander, The Southern Digest, LA, Oct. 21, 2003)
Justice Anthony Kennedy speaks on Law Panel
[Anthony Kennedy: "The framers were children of the enlightenment. It introduced
the idea that you could create your own destiny, build your own life."]
(By Whitney Sado & Camille Ricketts, Stanford Daily, Oct. 20, 2003)
Enter the fat lady [Opera must be of the world]
[Perpetuating the civic heritage of the 19th century: a privileged elite opening
doors of its great institutions for the education & enlightenment of the people.]
(By Graham Vick, The Guardian, UK, Oct. 20, 2003)
Debate over the Scottish empire turns nasty
[Fry criticizes Devine "The book completely misses the point that the Scottish
enlightenment was in large part anti-imperial: David Hume and Adam Smith feared
that the British Empire (like the Roman), would descend into tyranny & corruption]
(By James Doherty, Scotsman.com News, Oct. 20, 2003)
Hold the Enlightenment - Tim Cahill
[Cahill's speciality as a writer-for-hire is the
sort of place where others would dare not go.]
(By John Henzell, Stuff.com, nz, Oct. 16, 2003)
Ancient Ways offers connection to ancient beliefs
[Halloween, or Samhain— the time in the earth's cycle when the walls between
the worlds were thinnest and when contact with an ancestor could take place.]
(By Christina Smith, Des Moines Register, Oct. 16, 2003)
The original theory of evolution... were it not for the
farmer who came up with it, 60 years before Darwin

[James Hutton formulated the theory of natural selection
more than 60 years before Charles Darwin]
(By Steve Connor, Independent Digital, UK, Oct. 16, 2003)
Sri Lankans take up Vajrasan renovation
[Project to renovate Vajrasan, the seat of Buddha's enlightenment
under the Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya some 2,500 years back]
(Times of India, Oct. 16, 2003)
Osho's brother to hold camp in city
[Basic precept that differentiates Oshodara from Buddhism is that it calls
for attachment to life and all worldly beings and attain enlightenment
through that. While Buddhism calls for detachment and renunciation]
(Times of India, Oct. 16, 2003)
Reading Trees
[Branching out to learn lessons from nature]
(By Douglas Jones, Christianity Today, Oct. 2003)
* Asian Art walks fine line with Korean exhibitions
["Goryeo Dynasty: Korea's Age of Enlightenment, 918 to 1392"]
(By Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 14, 2003)
Feinyal Society of the Gambia Launched
[Education and enlightenment are the basis for progress and development of a nation]
(The Independent, Banjul, Oct. 13, 2003)
Inside View: Everyone's a minister!
[Urgency and desirability of working for political enlightenment...
not much hope that we are going to have greater enlightenment
on the part of those who will be ruling us in the future.]
(By R. K. Raghavan, Newindpress, India, Oct. 12, 2003)
Tastes may change, but emotions are timeless
[Denis Diderot - a central figure in the Enlightenment -
called for a greater moral weight in art.]
(By Nancy Forgione, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 11, 2003)
Enlightenment, Buddha style
[f India's east is to emerge at all, Kolkata and West Bengal must be the engine]
(By Shekhar Gupta, Indian Express, Oct. 11, 2003)
Hoax most perfect
[One does not need a close knowledge of the surrealists, European Enlightenment
or German philosophy to enjoy Bleeding Napoleon: Art of Johann Dieter Wassmann]
(By Ashley Crawford , The Age, Melbourne, Oct. 11, 2003)
Tabloid obsession: painful addiction or key to spiritual enlightenment?
["By admitting to sickness, we are seeking a cure."]
(By Scott Bennett, Montana Kaimin, University of Montana, Oct. 10, 2003)
The Socialist Roots of Anti-Semitism
[The Jews who provoked the most anger were those who embraced
cosmopolitan, Enlightenment values, and who achieved economic success]
(By Tyler Cowen, FrontPageMagazine.com, Oct. 10, 2003)
* An ancient spin on enlightenment
[The whirling Sufi can leave Western audiences in hypnotic rapture]
(By Stephanie Bunbury, Syndey Morning Herald, Oct. 10, 2003)
Imperialism as modernity
[Taoism and modernity & Enlightenment and modernity]
(By Henry C K Liu, Asia Times, Oct. 10, 2003)
OPINION: An Inquiry into the nature of Political Morality, part III
[Europe lived in desperation until capitalism and the enlightenment sprouted in
the western hemisphere and lifted the civilization from the plains of barbarity]
(By Fisayo Adejuyigbe, The Gateway, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Oct. 7, 2003)
The Enlightenment and the Modern Origins of Orthodoxy
[Lecture series follows Jewish experience over time]
(By Barbara Wolff, News@UW-Madison, University of Wisconsin, Oct. 7, 2003)
Our Culture And Its Relation With Power And Legacy
[An educated person's relation to political-social power & 'enlightenment' of the masses]
(By Edward Kharrat, Dar Al-Hayat, Oct. 6, 2003)
Bodily functions: Roy Porter's "Flesh in the Age of Reason"
["Fleshing out" the thinking that shaped the age of Enlightenment, and out
of which our own self-understanding came, is exactly what this book does]
(Review By Lisa Jardine, Guardian, UK, Oct. 4, 2003)
The unflinching eye: Robert Hughes's "Goya: A Biography"
[Goya's portraiture became a small anthology of the socially responsible
aristocrats who took an interest in practical, prudent enlightenment]
(By Robert Hughes, Guardian, UK, Oct. 4, 2003)
Learning from a temple's colorful walls [Korea's Jogyesa Temple]
[Suffering is caused by desire, likewise desire for enlightenment. Just let go.]
(By Stephen K. Roney, Joong Ang Daily, Korea, Oct. 3, 2003)
Commentary: America's Theologian turns 300
[Jonathan Edwards challenged the Enlightenment's grand idea "that humans would find
it possible to establish on scientific principles a universal system of morality
that would bring to an end the destructive conflicts that had plagued human history"]
(By Gerald R. McDermott, UPI, Oct. 1, 2003)
YATE searches, strives for divine enlightenment:
Band's eclectic music set to video images

[YATE searches for enlightenment for themselves and for their audience
by building their show around the Indian philosophy of finding one's
individual center of spiritual and physical balance]
(By Timothy Saffles, The State Press, Arizona State U, Oct. 1, 2003)
Benjamin Franklin, Civic Scientist
[Historian Garry Wills: "men recognized Franklin's genius because he moved
faster and farther by his native skill than most of his Enlightenment peers."]
(By Neal Lane, Physics Today, Vol. 56, October 2003)
* Save the dharma for your mama: Rocking Chair Confidential
[I achieved a state of enlightenment, buying Tyco's official Dalai Lama Beanie Baby
for $5. The 5-inch stuffed kangaroo rat "Cetasika" is made of a batik cloth
to resemble Tibetan Prayer flags and each one is personally blessed by the
Dalai Lama, guaranteeing enlightenment and almost doubling its resale value.]
(By Dylan Tanner, Daily Vanguard, Portland State University, OR, Sept. 30, 2003)
* Why now is bliss [Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now"] & "Stillness Speaks"]
[Teaches others how to attain enlightenment, including Gillian Anderson of
The X Files, Cher, and Meg Ryan, who introduced Oprah Winfrey to Tolle's book]
(By Claire Scobie, The Age, Australia, Sept. 29, 2003)
Fugitive pieces [2000 year old Buddha sculptures from Amaravati in London]
(The Guardian, UK, Sept. 25, 2003)
Ignite the new enlightenment [It was the 18th and 19th century Scots -
not the Italians of the Renaissance period - who invented the modern world]
(By Jim McMahon, Scotsman.com, Sept. 21, 2003)
Monk completes 24,800-mile 'enlightenment' running ritual
[44-year-old monk, Genshin Fujinami, completes feat in 7 years]
(Associated Press, Ananova News, Sept. 19, 2003)
The hidden significance of a number
(By Stephen K. Roney, Joon Ang Daily, Korea, Sept. 19, 2003)
* 12 year old Wins Poetry Award [Ayesha Shah's poem on "God"]
(By Pam Dixon, kplctv.com, Lake Charles, LA, Sept. 18, 2003)
Jean-antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment
[Portrayals open a window onto the Enlightenment, a momentous era that changed
the way people thought of themselves and their potential to change the world]
(J. Paul Getty Museum, Art Museum Network News, Sept. 8, 2003)
My Path to Enlightenment
[Finally, on the first day of January, 1997, my consciousness merged with the light
of the eternal, and I became enlightened. At the age of 34, after 15 years of seeking,
I found a piece [sic], bliss and love for life which I had always longed for.]
(By John T. Houseman, Enlightenment.com, Sept. 11, 2003)
What Enlightenment Is
[Enlightenment is a whole new way of being. It is the way of unity,
the way of oneness. It is the release of the illusion of separateness.]
(By John T. Houseman, Enlightenment.com, Aug. 8, 2003)
UCLA hosts unique conference
[Scholars to address impact of Enlightenment, 18th century film]
(By Jonathan Young, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, Aug. 4, 2003)
Christianity's Free-Market Tradition
[Some see economics as a product of Enlightenment rationalism, along with deism,
the chaos of the French Revolution and other un-Christian aspects of the modern age]
(By Stephen W. Carson, Mises.org, Auburn, AL, July 14, 2003)
Castles in the Air
[Absent from the American city is the opulence of pre-Enlightenment religion:
we have no St. Paul's, no Sacre Couer, no rooflines bedecked with steeples
and minarets. The American city was from its inception a center of commerce,
and commerce builds idols to itself and no other gods]
(By Michael Manville, Freezerbox Magazine, Feb. 12, 2003)
The Gathering Storm
["civilization," as we in the West know it, is based on Enlightenment principles,
and at the root of the Enlightenment is a deep-seated capacity for empathy—
the ability to identify with one's fellow man, the idea that no one human is better
than another, that every life is equally valuable]
(By Michael Manville, Freezerbox Magazine, Jan. 23, 2003)
Palestine By George Lucas
[Enlightenment philosophers, Rousseau in particular— insisted we
were wonderful, righteous creatures made of pure sunshine and goodness.
Evil came from faceless institutions: cities, laws, governments]
(By Matthew Callan, Freezerbox Magazine, May 22, 2002)
* 'It was as if I heard the heartbeat of eternity' [J.R. Ritman]
[Hermetica: "He who knows himself, knows the All"]
(By Liesbeth Koenen, Akademienieuws 67, April 2002, pp. 2-5)
Students resurrect campus Buddhism
[Buddhist techniques and mantras all surround the basic idea
of achieving spiritual enlightenment by ending suffering with
personal discipline, ethics, mental purification and wisdom]
(By Peijean Tsai, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, Jan. 15, 2003)
* Our Genius Problem
[Over the years we have increasingly tried to analyze, codify, and even
quantify "genius," the post-Enlightenment equivalent of sainthood]
(By Marjorie Garber, Atlantic Online, Dec. 2002)
Look in mirror to find your sexual soul mate
[Expressway to enlightenment: Ask yourself this most basic question:
"What makes up The One for me? What do I want in a partner?"]
(By Ben Lee Handler, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, Nov. 7, 2001)
* Hand yoga can bring health, joy
[Sabrina Mesko "Healing Mudras", the Hindu & Buddhist art of precise
finger-positioning may produce enlightenment among the dedicated]
(By Megan Dickerson, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, May 19, 2000)
* What is Enlightenment? [an Interview with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi]
['Enlightenment' means lack of darkness, absence of darkness—
means no mistake, no weakness, no shortcoming success everywhere,
fulfillment of desire everywhere that is enlightenment]
(By Rachel Kelly, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, June 1998)
'Dharma' lacks power to enlighten readers
[Jack Kerouac's "Some of the Dharma" was written after "On the Road" (1958)
It is a collection of notes, observations and instructions on the Buddhist faith]
(By Michael Gillette, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, Jan. 29, 1998)
Yoga: More than a hippie relic
[The goal of practicing yoga is self-realization, or samadhi.
This state of bliss, or oneness with the Supreme Being]
(By Meghan Ward, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, Nov. 5, 1997)
Taking a breather from the hectic pace of daily life
[When you just need a moment to think, consider The Stall...
a psychological purging should occur more often in the stall]
(By Josh White, UCLA's The Daily Bruin, December 2, 1996)
Westerners Seek Eastern Enlightenment
[California has the highest number of Buddhist including
Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Peter Matthiessen, & Tina Turner]
(By Terri Keefe, World Tibet Network News, July 12, 1994)
* Enlightenment Is No Big Thing
[To think of enlightenment as an object, a goal achieved, is to miss the unifying state
altogether... On the inner path there is a beauty, perhaps even a necessity, in smallness.]
(By Sivasiva Palani, Hinduism Today, April 1992)

Enlightenment Articles from the New York Times

Barbara Marx Hubbard, 89, Futurist Who Saw 'Conscious Evolution,' Dies
(Her book Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential is a core
text among those who think the human race is on the brink of an enhanced way of existing.)
(By Neil Genzlinger, NY Times, 5-15-2019)
* Swords and Shouts Next Door, but Don't Call 911
[The money manager, Raymond Stewart, said he started learning kendo 25 years ago
to help him handle his stressful finance job on Wall Street. "I manage more than
$200 million and have to make the right decision about what to do with it," he said.
"Kendo teaches you to wait for the right moment and then strike with total conviction."]
(By COREY KILGANNON, May 28, 2006)
* BOOKS | 'The Great Transformation': The World's Spiritual Awakening, From Gods to God
[After an inspirational journey through more than two millennia of profound thought,
struggle and enlightenment, the reader gets a fortune cookie at the end.]
(By WILLIAM GRIMES, Apr. 21, 2006)
* How a Japanese Master Enlightened the West
[Exhibition at the Phillips Collection here illustrates the influence
of Japanese prints on early European and American Modernists.]
(By KEN JOHNSON, July 1, 2005)
OP-ED: Liberals, Conservatives and Aid
[Jeffrey Sachs is a child of the French Enlightenment. At the end of his new book,
"The End of Poverty," he delivers an unreconstructed tribute to the 18th-century
Enlightenment, when leading thinkers had an amazing confidence in their ability
to refashion reality so that it would conform to reason.]
(By DAVID BROOKS, June 26, 2005)
* OP-ED: Under the Cover of Islam [Many Western Europeans feel that
they're losing Enlightenment values amid the flood of "people of faith"]
(By IRSHAD MANJI, Nov. 18, 2004)
* LETTERS: Did Belief Win Out Over Reason? (6 Letters)
[As long as there are enlightened individuals, the Enlightenment lives.]
(By Paul Alan Laughlin, Howard Berman, et. al., Nov. 8, 2004)
* OP-ED: The Day the Enlightenment Went Out
[Can a people that believes more fervently in the Virgin Birth
than in evolution still be called an Enlightened nation?]
(By GARRY WILLS, Nov. 4, 2004)
'The Roads to Modernity': Freedom Philosophers
[Gertrude Himmelfarb, The British, French, and American Enlightenments]
(By SCOTT MCLEMEE, Oct. 24, 2004)
FIRST CHAPTER: 'The Roads to Modernity'
[The British, French, and American Enlightenments]
* ART: DAN FLAVIN: To Be Enlightened, You Pull the Switch
(By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Oct. 1, 2004)
* CONSUMED: The Alienation Market
[In their 1944 work, "Dialectic of Enlightenment," Max Horkheimer & Theodor Adorno
advanced a theory on the far-reaching power of "the culture industry"]
(By ROB WALKER, June 13, 2004)
OPERA: A Relic of an Enlightened Age, Led by a French Harpsichordist
[Charpentier's "David et Jonathas" (1688): David defeats Saul & Jonathan]
(By ALLAN KOZINN, Mar. 27, 2004)
* ESSAY: Across a Great Divide
[Both children of the Enlightenment, the United States and Europe clearly differ
about the nature of this inheritance and about who is its better custodian]
(By Peter Schneider, Mar. 13, 2004)
MUSIC: SARAH BRIGHTMAN: Longing for Transcendence and Enlightenment
[It was a show of stateliness and purity, with Ms. Brightman as a goddess
who could transcend everything except a deep streak of kitsch]
(By JON PARELES, Jan. 29, 2004)
Peace, and Kucinich, Gets a Chance
[Through yogic flying, a kind of seated hopping levitation
that practitioners believe can lead to enlightenment]
(By JENNIFER 8. LEE, Jan. 18, 2004)
POLITICAL POINTS: Dean's Odds? Surely, 50-50
[THE Grocery Guru of Concord (Mary Hill) hath spoken.
But did the pilgrim appreciate the enlightenment?]
(By JOHN TIERNEY, Jan. 4, 2004)
THE HIGHS | ART: The Art and Artists of the Year
[Special Effects: In a year of old master standouts (El Greco, Titian), the exhibition
of the French Enlightenment sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon at the National Gallery in
Washington reminded us what extreme virtuosity looks like in the service of humanism]
(By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Dec. 28, 2003)
Under Pressure to Change, Saudis Debate Their Future
[Music— considered sinful under Wahhabi tenets— could aid spiritual enlightenment]
(By NEIL MacFARQUHAR, Nov. 23, 2003)
LETTER FROM EUROPE: Continent Wrings Its Hands Over Proclaiming Its Faith
[European constitution leaves out Enlightenment & Christianity as its heritage]
(By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Nov. 12, 2003)
FILM: 'THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS': The Game Concludes With Light and Noise
["The Matrix" was so absorbing because the viewer's initial disorientation
and gradual enlightenment followed Neo's own initiation into the film's
vividly imagined layers of reality and meaning.]
(By A. O. SCOTT, Nov. 5, 2003)
MUSIC: In This Clash of Church and State, No One Wins
[Enlightenment & post-Enlightenment warnings about fanaticism lie near the opera's surface]
(By DIANA HALLMAN, Nov. 2, 2003)
SPORTS: When Inner Peace Is More Important Than Victory
["Inner peace?" Torre said. "Absolutely."]
(By IRA BERKOW, Oct. 28, 2003)
'A Venetian Affair': Covert Operations [Andrea di Robilant]
[Andrea & Giustiniana's affair teeters between Enlightenment
and Romanticism, intrigue and authenticity, love and honor]
(By ANGELINE GOREAU, Oct. 26, 2003)
* Faith Fades Where It Once Burned Strong
[21% of Europeans, 58% Americans said religion was "very important" to them]
(By FRANK BRUNI, Oct. 13, 2003)
* LETTERS: Spiritual Values
[Pilgrims of all ages suffer the challenges of desert, mountains,
minefields and an illegal border crossing for a purpose that is
spiritual... there can be more to human life than the acquisition
of possessions and consumption of the world's resources.]
(By GINGER BAHARDAR, Oct. 12, 2003)
PRIVATE SECTOR: Closing His Eyes, He Sees a Path
[Lawyer Jonathan Fields changes career to teach Sonic Yoga in NYC]
COCHIN JOURNAL: This Guru Hugs a Lot, and Gets Lots of Love Back
[50th birthday of guru, Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma, or Mother]
(By AMY WALDMAN, Sep. 29, 2003)
BELIEFS: An Audit for the Soul
[Maimonides: "Awake, O sleepers, awake from your sleep! O slumberers, awake
from your slumbers! Search your deeds, repent and remember your creator."]
(By PETER STEINFELS, Sep. 27, 2003)
LETTERS: The Dalai Lama's Fans (By DAVID BARIO, Sep. 25, 2003)
NY REGION: Tardy Sharpton Charms Dalai Lama and Crowd
(By MICHAEL SLACKMAN, Sep. 24, 2003)
OP-ED: Dalai Lama Lite [The Dalai Lama has become whoever
we want him to be, a cuddly projection of our hopes and dreams]
(By PATRICK FRENCH, Sep. 19, 2003)
The Futile Pursuit of Happiness (By JON GERTNER, Sep. 7, 2003)
Kathleen Raine, Scholar and Poet With Mystical Bent, Dies at 95
(By WOLFGANG SAXON, July 10, 2003)
In Training War Leaders, the Lessons From Poetry (By CHRIS HEDGES, Jan. 17, 2003)
POETRY: Poetry That Captures a Tough 87 Years (By DINITIA SMITH, Dec. 10, 2002)
EDITORIAL: The Gift of Poetry (NY TIMES, Nov. 20, 2002)
POETRY: Lilly Heir Makes $100 Million Bequest to Poetry Magazine
(By STEPHEN KINZER, Nov. 19, 2002)
Swami Satchidananda, Woodstock's Guru, Dies at 87
[Ramaswamy was born in Chettipalayamm on Dec. 22, 1914
founded Integral Yoga Institute in NYC on Oct. 7, 1966]
(By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Aug. 21, 2002)
Philip Whalen, an Original Beat Poet, 78, Dies (NY TIMES, July 2, 2002)
Satguru Subramuniyaswami, Hindu Spiritual Leader, Dies at 74
[Born in Oakland on Jan. 5, 1927; leading dancer of the San Francisco
Ballet Company at 19; initiated by Yogaswami in Ceylon at 20; founded
Himalayan Academy in Nevada in 1965; moved church to Kauai in 1970]
(By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Nov. 18, 2001)
WRITERS ON WRITING: Alice Walker: After 20 Years, Meditation Still Conquers Inner Space
(By ALICE WALKER, Oct. 23, 2000)
Marie-Louise von Franz, 83, A Jungian Legend, Is Dead
(By ROBERT McG. THOMAS Jr., Mar. 23, 1998)
Dr. Viktor E. Frankl of Vienna, Psychiatrist of the Search for Meaning, Dies at 92
(By HOLCOMB B. NOBLE, Sept. 3, 1997)
Allen Ginsberg, Master Poet Of Beat Generation, Dies at 70
[6/3/1926-4/5/1997] (By WILBORN HAMPTON, April 6, 1997)
OBITUARY: Hammarskjold Greatly Extended U.N.'s Scope
Through Leadership and Personal Initiatives

[7/29/1905-9/19/1961] (NY TIMES, Sept. 19, 1961)
Dr. Carl G. Jung Is Dead at 85; Pioneer in Analytic Psychology
[7/26/1875-6/6/1961] (Associated Press, June 7, 1961)
Dr. Albert Einstein Dies in Sleep at 76; World Mourns Loss of Great Scientist
[3/14/1879-4/19/1955] (NY TIMES, April 19, 1955)
Gandhi Is Killed By A Hindu; India Shaken, World Mourns
[10/2/1869-1/30/1948] (By Robert Trumbull, Jan. 30, 1948)
William Butler Yeats, Irish Nobel Laureate Poet, Dies at 73
[6/13/1865-1/28/1939] (NY TIMES, January 28, 1939)

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