Foothill College Children's Computer Activities Workshops

June 29 - August 7, 1998

Instructor: Peter Y. Chou

Navigating the Internet

Room: Library 25
Monday-Friday, 3-5 p.m.
Session 1: Grade 4-8
June 29-July 10 (No class July 3)

Information at your fingertips— almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, geographical & historical factbooks just a mouse-click away on the Internet. Students will learn how to use Netscape Navigator, Internet search engines & directories effectively to do their homework and research their favorite hobbies. Topics covered include Gopher to satellite weather maps, Telnet to libraries, FTP to electronic texts and downloading software. We'll also visit online museums, magazines, newspapers, and cool sites on the World Wide Web. You'll learn to bookmark your favorite sites. The final project is a one-page HTML document “My Favorite Websites” assembled into a class book Internet Resources Guide to be distributed to every student in the workshop on the last day of class.

Class Date Topic
1 Mon. 6-29-98 Internet Metaphors & World Wide Web
2 Tue. 6-30-98 Netscape Navigator & Search Engines
3 Mon. 7-1-98 HTML & Web Publishing (Starting your web page)
4 Wed. 7-2-98 Telnet to Libraries: Who has the most Internet books?
5 Thur. 7-6-98 Gopher to CIA Factbook & Satellite Images
6 Tue. 7-7-98 FTP: Electronic Texts & Software
7 Wed. 7-8-98 Museum Visits: Art & Science
8 Thur. 7-9-98 Reference Books & News Resources
9 Fri. 7-10-98 Biographies & Tell About Your Favorite Sites

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