My College Journeys

LINC-66E: Cloud-Based Tools
Instructor: William Cavada
Fall 2020, Foothill College

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: College is a great place for learning. I've been fortunate attending two Ivy League Colleges— Columbia University in New York City (1959-1963) and Cornell University in Ithaca, NY (1963-1970). Went to Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts for postdoctorate research in biochemistry (1970-1977). Enjoyed hundreds of free lectures at Stanford University (1986-2019). Attended Foothill College in Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto (1987-present) for continual learning. I'm highlighting what I've learned at each of these institutions of higher learning. Taught poetry writing CPITS (1991-1996).

Columbia University (1959-1963):
Majored in Chemical Engineering, and was overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. Graduated with a B.S. taking 150 units, while 128 units was required for graduation at Columbia College. Lucky to have poet Kenneth Koch as my freshman English Professor. Did better in Humanities classes than engineering courses. Enjoyed three Art History classes, visiting great museums in NYC. Lucky to attend Mayor Willy Brandt's Lecture at Low Memorial Library (3-17-1961), and had tea with Eleanor Roosevelt where she signed a United Nations envelope. Lived in Livingston Hall for 4 years.

Cornell University (1963-1970):
"Far above Cayuga's waters, / With its waves of blue, / Stands our noble Alma Mater, / Glorious to view." is Cornell's Alma Mater song. Spent seven happy years here majoring in Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules with Professor Harold A. Scheraga as my mentor. With two deep gorges and Bebee Lake on campus, it is the world's most beautiful campus, designed by Frederick Olmsted. Received Ph.D. in 1970. Began spiritual quest in 1968, reading books on enlightenment at Olin Library. Met spiritual mentors, Anthony Damiani, Satchidananda, and Master Subramuniya.

Brandeis University (1970-1977):
Brandeis University opened in 1948, named for Louis Dembitz Brandeis, first Jewish justice of U.S. Supreme Court. His motto "By the light of reason, let our minds be bold." guided me in my 7 joyous years of research with Professor Gerald D. Fasman. We developed Chou-Fasman Method of Protein Structure Predictions with highest cited scientific paper in Science Citatation Index. Still used 40 years after publication (1974). Spiritual mentors: Paul Brunton, Swami Chinmayananda, Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Stanford University (1986-2019):
After Prof. Freccero's "Dante's Paradiso" (Spring 2001), went to more Stanford lecturesProf. Scott Bukatman's "Films of Vincente Minnelli" (2006) & "Cinema Machine" (2007). Prof. Jean-Pierre Dupuy's classes "Problems of Evil" & "René Girade" (2009-2011) were most enlightening. Participated in Poetry Workshops with Robert Pinsky, Robert Bly, Mark Doty, Kay Ryan, & Stephen Dobyns (2007-2011). Went to "Another Look" Book Discussions (2013-2019) & Singularity Conferences (2003-2006).

Foothill College (1987-present):
Moved to Palo Alto, CA from Boston (1985) to care of my elderly parents. Left biochemistry career as my prediction method is used for biotechnolgy. Felt it's more important to awaken inner child within to be more creative than genetic engineering. Poetry Workshops with Dick Maxwell (1988-96), Journal Writing with Nina Holzer (1988-94), Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXpress with Mary Jane Gause, Graphic Design with Kent Manske (1993-96). Became Instructor in HTML, Internet, Illustrator and Consultant (1997-2010). Taught CPITS. William Cavada's LINC classes (2017-2020).

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