Hike: Muir Woods National Monument

Marin County, San Franciso, California
Saturday, November 21, 2009, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: My college friend Richard Hanauer (Columbia School of Engineering) and his wife Arlene from Furlong, Pennsylvania came for a visit. They brought their friend Elaine from Oakland, picked me up in Mountain View, and drove to San Francisco for a visit to Muir Woods National Monument. I recall visiting here with a Cornell friend Warner Lee who lived in San Francisco when presenting a talk on "β-Turns in Proteins" at the 1976 ACS Meeting. So it's refreshing to come here again and walk among these giant redwoods. It was surprising to see a Bohemian Grove sign with Info Board on the September 1892 gathering of the Bohemian Club of journalists, artists, actors, and musicians. It was dominated by a huge 70-foot-high Buddha statue. Nowadays, the Bohemian Grove members are wealthy businessmen and heads of state. During the secretive two weeks gathering in Monte Rio, California, they perform a ritual "Cremation of Care" with pyrotechnics. Alex Jones infiltrated the Bohemian Grove on July 15, 2000 and filmed the ritual. He claimed that President H.W. Bush and Germany Chancellor Helmut Schmidt were present burning fire in front of a 40-foot Owl statue worshipped as Moloch. Arlene made a wrong turn coming back and wound up on Highway 1 where I took some wonderful sunset photos by the ocean. We had a nice dinner (8:00-9:45 pm) at Chef Chu's eating my favorite dish Pan-Fried Noodles with Scallops, Shrimps, and Vegetables.

View of San Francisco

View of San Francisco

Richard, Arlene, & Elaine

Richard & Arlene Hanauer

Muir Woods Sign

Condor Wing Span Info

View of San Francisco

Crow in Tree

Redwood & Maple Tree

Redwoods to Sky

Info Board: Visiting Muir Woods Map

Peter at Muir Woods Entrance

Richard & Arlene at Entrance

Richard & Arlene at Muir Woods Entrance

"Redwoods & Their Relatives" Info

Tree Rings with Historical Dates

Info Board: "A Tree for the Ages"

Info Board: "Survivors from an Ancient Time"

Info Board: "Family Circles"

Redwoods to Sky

Mushroom Fungi on Tree

Info Board: "From These Small Seeds"

Info Board: "Saving Muir Woods"

Redwood Trunk Bottom

Logs in Creek

Third Bridge on Trail

View from Third Bridge

Tall Redwooed

Another Tall Redwooed

Ocean View Trail

Maple Tree & Redwoods

Another View from Third Bridge

Station 7: Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Trail

Cathedral Grove to Sky

Station 9: Platonic Lambda Λ in Redwood

United Nations Plaque (May 19, 1945)

Canvas of Ferns

View of Creek

Rotted Redwood Root

Silhouette Tree

Cathedral Grove

Fire-Scarred Redwood

Tall Redwood

Rotted Redwood Root

Redwood Burls

View of Creek

Info Board: Bohemian Grove 1892

Redwood Lambda Λ in Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove Sign

Tree Stump in Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove: Redwoods to Sky

Info Board: "Naming Redwoods"

Bicenntennial Tree Plaque on Rock

Info Board: Sunlight & Shade

View of Creek

View of Creek

View of Creek

Info Board: "Creek of Life"

Info Board: "Timeless Journey"

Info Board: "Spirit of the Forest"

Giant Rock on Trail

Giant Chopped Log on Trail Sides

Bridge 1 on Trail

Bicentennial Redwood Tree

John Muir 1890 Quote

View from Bridge 1

Tree Reflections in Creek

Info Board: Forest Primeval

Mangled Branches of "Medusa Tree"

Hole in the Tree

Highway 1 Bend

Sunset on Highway 1

Ocean Sunset on Highway 1

Sunset Clouds on Highway 1

Ocean Sunset on Highway 1

"Airplane" Cloud

Peter Photographing Sunset on Highway 1

Peter Eating Pan-Fried Noodles at Chef Chu's

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, November 21, 2009
     Last two photographs by Richard Hanauer

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