"First Day of Birth" Cover

Custom-designed cover using postage stamps issued before birthdate.
Kuan-Yin painting & stamps scanned & re-sized in Adobe Photoshop.
Circular cancellation postmark designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Back of Birthday Cover written for my niece.
Send information about your birthdate & place for a similar write-up.
I will find & scan stamp(s) closest to birthdate for the Birthday Cover.

Also: Dates, Numbers, Number Poems to celebrate birthdays.
Hundreds of books are consulted for inspiring quotes from poems,
philosophical and sacred texts relating to your birthday number.
Web links and book references are included for further studies.
The aim is to experience enlightenment so you will find much
insights, inspiration, and illumination for the coming year.

Prices on a sliding scale basis. Send email inquiries for a special
birthday gift that you and your loved ones will truly treasure.

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