1923 postage stamp from Azerbaijan

Rushing and roaring—
sailing eastward sights more sweet
a thousand bright streams

My eyes on the sun
O Sky-dweller, Wealth-giver—
and God saw the light

Maiden of the world
sees the small, protects the weak—
the Supernal Mother

Recall gratitude
give reverence, honor your friend—
the Child before you

Sing praise when you rise
kindness— the highest wisdom
white light everywhere

Whirlwind brings me west
the mountains all pass away
as wax before the fire

Waxing and waning
nature in proper measure—
the Eternal Pastime

Darling of the moon
pine trees speak & birds whistle
love— the fire of life

Beautiful flowers
a quiet English garden
a green olive tree

Devoid of desires
the Great Space— no mind rising
mind utterly freed

The silent stilling
balefires blaze— let them be seen!
mountains standing still

The great sea of Zen
mystic eye, enchanted isles
eternal blissstuff

White notes, stones of worth
spring time, white snow, blessed key
stone bridge of Joshu

— Peter Y. Chou
     Mountain View, 8-5-2003

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