Meditations on 55: O Light forget not my song

O Light, forget not my song of praise—
Eroica music, Nightride and Sunrise
Embrace Oneness and the timeless pearl,
marble monuments shall not outlive this rhyme.

Pure mind like pure gold— a sky without clouds
heaven and earth spread out, rivers on all sides
thunder and lightning— image of abundance
air meets sunshine rising high in the sky.

Monday morning— a time of seeking, finding,
being sincere, communing with the Father,
the need to touch my hand to the snow
to tune myself in harmony with the stars.

The nightingale whose beauty is all song
never to be forgotten, back to back
beyond or around as poems are made
feather rain dreaming field over forest.

Look straight ahead where Nature leads you
the Good is close at hand— purity of thought
surrender all desires to find joy and peace,
the scent of virtue more fragrant than jasmine.

The stars hide in the light before daybreak
flood of stillness widening the lake of sky
light breeze and dew in the early morning
hidden away under the leaves— a blossom

of tiny flowers exquisitely blue
vast starless sky, the dark woods around us,
rows of green pines rise over the valley—
What a bliss! spring rain & refreshing breeze.

The sea yields its color to the clouds
its liquid language of shine and spark
a sorrow rises and falls into deep sleep
this almost invisible perfect stillness.

Don't let events bind you, but never withdraw
from them— stay tranquil and be diligent.
Live in the sunshine of the Overself—
find beauty in nature and in yourself.

Mystery of spirit transformation in
Consciousness— the inward & outward blend
in emptiness— don't worry about nothing—
good cup of tea, the cat mewed in answer.

Temple bells ring and a white dove descends—
hear the voices as saints would have heard
the message that is formed out of silence,
hear the streams in the flowering meadow.

Speak well of others and you're in a garden
of flowers and herbs. Speak ill of others
and you're in a patch of thistles and thorns,
the saints love everyone, see all as good.

Reason from heaven enlightens all things
from disorder, order grows— grows fruitful
two fountains flow— palms and pomegranate
speak of love of which who knows the meaning.

Platonic Lambda— soul of the universe,
sum of one to ten, Aristotle's spheres,
stars Dante scattered in his Commedia
55— our hands touching in prayer.

Poetry— humming of moths circling the flame
the autumn moon, evenings of springtime breeze
milky light flows slowly through the branches
stars grow faint, crows and magpies fly south.

This shimmering of wind in the blue leaves
flocking in clusters gathering for their flight
flying off alone in my soaring, dreaming
wings like a dove— go far away from here

above great mountains and the Wind River,
the flowers reign in splendor among the thorns,
seeds of smiles planted blooming in the dark,
the harp breaks out in sweet music of pain.

Be not sad— be like the sun at midday
always giving but remaining the same
like God gives love as the sun shines forth
on the newborn babe— virtue in abundance.

When mind is pure, the universe is pure
When mind is happy, the universe is happy.
Mind is like the great sea where all rivers flow
Keep Buddha Mind— the great sea of wisdom.

One who knows learning will surely love it—
The Awakened One knows that infinite
enlightenment is really simple—
our doubts & concepts make it difficult.

You live and dwell in your lover's eyes
see straight to the bottom— open secret
our treasures— the pearl in a seashell,
phoenix in flight, and honeysuckle vines.

The moon mirrored by a mind free of all
disturbances, even waves reflect its light
the living light pouring out from God's Word
light blends with light merging into Oneness.

Each moment— a hundred messages from God
He answers a hundred times “I am here.”
The hills and trees all break out with singing,
the fog disappears, the hawk soars skyward.

Lament not the descent of the sunset
for within you a lamp is always lit
that surpasses the splendor of the stars
guiding us upward to our celestial home.

I'm sailing on the void, riding the wind—
sprouting wings, realizing the eternal.
Smile! rise and rise again— Life refreshed
this need to pray, to dance— Yes Yes Yes

                    — Peter Y. Chou
                         Mountain View, 8-28-2006

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