Pablo Picasso (1904-1989)
Face Of Peace

Peace Resources
on the Internet

Edited by Peter Y. Chou

Thousand Cranes Peace Network: Peace Talks - Teaching, Action, Justice

Home Page for Peace: What Is Peace?
( insights into over 500 human values)

Peace Resources: The Children's Music Network
(Songs about Peace, Justice, Compassion, Nonviolence)

Poetry & Mindfulness
(Words of Peace: Poetry, Buddhism, Zen)

Prayers for Peace
(Peace prayers from 12 spiritual traditions)

Commonplacing in the Spiritual Traditions (By Norman Elliott Anderson)
(A Bibliography of poetry and books on the spiritual life)

One Humanity (Shai'yah Raz Son of David)
(Personal & Global Recommendations, Recommended Reading,
Recommended Music, Movies, Documentaries)

Pathways to Peace
(Culture, Education, Governace & Law, Health & Relationships,
Spirituality & Religion, Science & Technology)

The World Peace Prayer Society
(Peace Prayer, Prayer Ceremony, Peace Pals, Peace Festival, Youth for Peace)

Peace On Earth
( embraces common themes found in Judaism,
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism)

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