three Angel Cards Dad picked at random from
my web site and now each angel seems to speak:
Humour pricks knowledge when it soars too high.
Simplicity sweeps clean the cobwebs in our life.
Inspiration gives skill that polish which is art.
Now we search the museums for these images.

Humour— at the Art Institute of Chicago,
we find Miro's Kerosene Lamp— this quirky
whimsy cartoon-like bazaar— a giant strawberry,
a spiraling snake, wildcat with long whiskers,
snails, flags, pennants, framed portrait of Dali,
a giant hand, a spiked mace, and flames rising.

Simplicity— ah! Brancusi's Bird in Space
at New York's MOMA— no beak, no feet,
no wings, just its essence— a sleek polished
bronze soars to the skies, a golden feather's
homage to the One, an incandescent curve
carving space, this swoosh of evanescence.

Inspiration— Van Gogh's Starry Night pulls
us inward— Saint-Rémy, south of France,
quiet village at night under a churning sky,
swirling clouds in violet haze, the cypress
ablaze soaring to Venus, the morning star,
then to Aries, the constellation of his birth.

Miro's humour, Brancusi's simplicity,
Van Gogh's inspiration— three paintings rising
upward— a kerosene pipe's flame, a bird's flight,
a cypress's ascent to the stars— each touching
our heart and from that simple point this cosmos
is born in joy and the stars laugh, swirl, and dance.

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, Nov. 9, 2000

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