Lunar Eclipse: August 28, 2007

Moon of the Green Corn,
Sturgeon Moon, August Full Moon—
on Goethe's birthday.

Shadow is passing
over you as brightness dims—
Eclipse is coming!

Ink of the Dark Moon—
Brushstroke of the Earth hides you
from the Golden Sun.

O bright Sturgeon Moon,
your shining eye is blinded—
Cyclops in his cave!

Where are you? Can't see you.
Can't find you in my mind—
Blackness everywhere!

Full Moon of August—
This is your time of sorrow.
Dark night of the soul!

A glimmer of hope—
a crescent of light appears—
soon you'll see again.

O Babe in my arms—
each moment you grow brighter—
one step at a time.

A slice of orange
in the pre-dawn sky— Breakfast
for the morning Sun?

Wonder of wonders—
the Moon growing to fullness
right before my eyes.

O Hare in the Moon—
send your elixirs to Earth
and blessings for all.

That is full. This is full.
This fullness comes from that fullness
and everywhere is fullness.

     — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 8-28-2007

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